Smoke screen.

A little update, the smoke is thick this morning it catches my breath as I open the door to survey our surroundings & check floating embers. Its traumatic in effect even without the site of flames.

About an hour & a half drive inland of us the 2 major fires joined yesterday & our precious fireys named it, “the gates of hell“. Our little showground in town has many bleary eyed volunteers, precious people waiting to hear news of their properties.

Roads closer to our town in all directions are closed now. We feel safe enough & when the smoke clears I get out on the property & do a little more cleaning up & clearing. I’m a little hesitant to crank up the chainsaw as any spark would ignite everything at the moment. The ground underfoot crunches adding to the eeriness of the atmosphere, a tormenting sound.


I started this blog yesterday I think I don’t know I cant keep up with myself.

The latest is we have moved our horses to safety except our old boy Danny he would die of stress being away from us so he will go where ever we go, the cars & trailer are loaded up with a few bits & pieces the float is hooked up to my car & everything else is at the front door ready to go. Food, pet collars, leads, cages the little blue chook house is already on the trailer & the chooks look ready for their possible adventure. Everything we need is at the front door ready to go.

Huge winds predicted this arvo for East coast of Aus, catastrophic conditions & with fires in a arc 20klm away pretty much in all directions, our biggest threat is flying embers, spot fires.

There are many stories of bravery & survival, I look forward to sharing them with you.

We do not live by or are driven by fear but rather a rationality that is faith driven, we have no control over the outcome, so lets just be sensible & hopefully help calm those we come across.







Pray, please

For our farmers, our fire fighters, our residents in neighbouring towns, our wildlife & livestock.

This was I think around lunch time today, would you believe this smoke is caused by an arc of fires in areas 1hr to 2hrs drive from here.


20mins south of us & 1hr south of that again, on the coast, these fires loop around us following a trail inland 1hr West of us then come back in to the coast 1& a half hrs north.

I have just finished hosing the garden & house & shed as a precaution as some of these embers are still hot from the winds.


we are fortunate to be this far away from the fires as footage we have seen from a town 2 hrs away had fires in the trees on their main street. The dilemma with these types of fires & the gale force winds that keep whipping up is that spot fires are starting as far 12klm away from the original blazes.

IMG_20191108_141509 It is very eerie the birds are very quite & had a tentative flutter as I was hosing the yard.

The left side of the picture is to the west of us & the panoramic shot follows around to the south in the middle & the corner of the house is the East. The smoke & heat you can see is actually 1 hr away.

our outlook

We live in the little town of Kempsey, you can see what I mean by an arc around us. This is only a few of the 109 fires burning up & down our East coast.


A big big blessing & thankyou to all the fire fighters & volunteers involved in all aspects through this tough time.


A performance here & there.

Our little world never ceases to amaze me. Even in drought & now on water restrictions, we are careful anyway, nature still shows its amazing resilience.



Our first cherry blossom

The leaves are a little yellow not surprisingly I have given it a water & mulch since hopefully it will improve.



I know it looks ginormous, its only about a metre in length, a teenager, poor thing was being harassed by the crows so I chased them away & had a conversation about bullies & not to let them dictate what you are in this world. It seemed reassured & grateful.



I know right your thinking here she goes again showing us another dirt pile, I’m telling you if you knew this land & labour that went into it you’d understand why. This has been a couple of years in the making, a swale filled with mulch & manure. Below minus the glary thumb, lol,  is a picture of the soil that is being produced from just under the surface & to top off all this joy its still damp even in drought.



It kind of compensates for the glary pavers council chose, now everyone has to wear sunnies. lol. I wish we had smell o blogs that (we could turn off & on) as our little main street is putting on quite a show & the smell is amazing, star Jasmin.


These absolutely glamorous combination of colours are proudly presented to you by nature at our riverside park. I want to paint it to canvas.


For some reason I am unable to crop the local dunny doorway from the pic.

Colour of this tree is stunning & I love the murals on our local amenities no one has graffitied on any artwork around our little town. Are your local amenities cleverly decorated?









Danny Boy

I love our Danny boy,(clarifying he a horse) he’s in his early 20s taught us all lots of lessons, he’s done cutting & pony club & sporting & lots of trail rides, been many places & met many other horses not all did he like. He is very connected to us & will listen to anything I say; poor darlin.

When Danny first came into the family his first winter i loved how woolie he got just so fluffy & soft & squishy I never understood the show world for not wanting woolie squishy horses they should have their own class! then our first spring arrived & when i gave him his usual brush oh my goodness i thought we were all going to die, call the farrier, call my friends, call the vet the national guard everybody to please save our pony, something is terribly wrong.

Really you flamin drama queen, Danny would’ve said if he could have spoke. Its just his winter coat & true to form every spring he would worry the oh my crickey out of me.

How & what is the best way to rid our Danny of all the winter fluff, tried washing it just turned into wet heavy balls of fluff & left him & the ground all patchy, any brush was warranted useless after the first swipe. Then a few years ago now I found on line these foam rubbery blocks I wasn’t going to pay what they were asking, let me look into this. I cant even remember how I came about getting them? you know those foam clip together squares you can get for your kids floors, like big rubbery jigsaw puzzles. That’s all it is & its magically amazing at removing the excess hair, doesn’t get clogged up caught or break & will last forever & leaves a nice sheen to his coat without washing. You’ll see below how much it removes.

You can see all the hair on the ground it only takes about 10mins of grooming, now I’m looking for a use for all that hair, haha.



It is the worst angle, he doesn’t look that skinny nomally. You can see the shine on his coat. Our days have been odd weather wise lately too cold to wash in the morning & too hot too wash through the day, a wet coat on a hot day can scold the skin so when I get a chance I will wash him but there is no hurry with all the excess itchy hair removed.




I love his shiny mane its always been really thick & whenever we went on our night rides it always glowed in the moonlight it is beautiful. I am sure if he could he would be a unicorn. I have coloured him in with chalk, next time I’ll take photos & he has even been pink from the dye running through a coloured canvas rug I had on him.


Our newest girl Zina is settling in beautifully showing us her sweet personality. With this horrible drought we’re in a lot of horses are developing coughs from all the dust especially at feed time, so do we have enough string? sais no horse owner ever, took about 20 minutes to make up a hay net & no more coughing from our Zina. It was quite funny at first she had never seen a hay net before & with me pulling the hay out for a little bit & feeding her & after a few beautiful roll backs every time the net moved when she took a bit, she’s all relaxed now & we don’t have to worry about dirt colic or that nasty coughing sound.



I am a little excited we just found out there is an adult pony club starting in our area cant wait to check it out & share some horsey fun.

A little crooked tail.

1 A love heart on her belly

She’s made of all things squishy & has a love heart for a belly.

                A little ball of sunshine.                                 Amazing little features

2 a little ball of sunshine3 amazing little features


7 & a Turbonewest look

A Turbo                         now add                one Walter


& the adventure begins…..

9 A Walter running for his life




running for his life round the mean streets of his yard, but from what or from whom?



8 & its on the hunt begins

The hunter, with a tail straight up & in full stealth mode, nothing gets away from this femme fatail.

10 He has nowhere to go                                              He has nowhere to go, the panic sets in.

11 Turbo just keeps on coming

Turbo just keeps on coming

12 A hunter never gives up on its prey

A hunter never gives up on her prey.

13 the hunted always watch

14 Always prepared

The hunted must always be on the look out always be prepared.

15 danger is ust around the corner

Danger lurks just around the corner


The hunter ever persistent

17 Are we still playing

                                                                        Will it ever end

How will it end                                            the chase begins_Moment


forever the hunter


Who knew

6 Take a Walter

Rest well worn out Walter who knows what dangers tomorrow may hold.

The End



Its not about how you dress.

As our house is on the market I am still cleaning up for prospective (is that right word) buyers. Thus far I have taken around 6 loads to the tip. We haven’t had a safe burn off season for about 3-4 years now. I don’t like to burn off rubbish if I can help it there are enough toxins in the air as it is, hence the abundant rubbish runs. Ok so I just spent 20min trying to find a photo of our local tip but of course why would there be one, lol.  

The area I needed to go to is a big cement pit with a large cement wall in the middle dividing it into 2 halves. On the right is everyday rubbish pit, on the left is the metal pit. There are other areas for recyclables.

I reversed the trailer up near the middle as I had a bit of both. The area to park in has enough parking for about 8 cars on a busy day if need . There was just me. Well I’m busy unloading & catch movement out of the corner of my eye, like right at the corner of my eye. I had to move my tarp under the trailer a bit & wait while the precious darling reversed his trailer to the pit. Now I’m country & not very peopley at the best of times, this precious nitwit parked so close. We had to bend over our trailers to pass each other. lol……………..

You see I wasn’t sure what type of person to expect to get out of the car,  this fella was dressed up like posh tottie, all in white, dark sunnies, had a posh car, spiffy shoes & his girlfriend was also dressed up & spent the whole time on her phone. I just mentioned for him to be careful & not trip over my tarp indicating how close he had parked, “no worries love I’ll be right” he says, he didn’t move. Yes I could have moved over but being exhausted, every joint paining & I would have had to have tied everything up again.

At one point I felt a whoosh past my head as he threw a piece of metal over the top of me as I was bending over the trailer, thank goodness I didn’t stand up.

I didn’t say anything as people can be pretty volatile & I was on my own. I dropped the tailgate of my trailer down to sweep it out to which he promptly came over & started to try & do it up, I thanked him, said it was fine as I needed to sweep it out first so debris wouldn’t fly out & damage anyone’s vehicle behind me on the road. That was kind of him though.

I just needed them to hurry up & leave so I could breath. Did I mention he left his car running the whole time & which direction was the wind blowing, guess can ya?

So I’m literally running on fumes by the time they left. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t like to judge as I know what that’s like to be on the receiving end. Drive & wear want you want to the tip, I’d dress up just for fun. Please turn off your cars if your parked near anyone for any length of time & not so close if you can & oh my crikey don’t throw metal over anyone’s head for any reason at all.

My angels were flat out that day I’m sure of it.



The wall & strikes.

We were at one of our most treasured besty friends house yesterday arvo; they only live around the corner. I mentioned yesterday that the Black cockatoos were around again a true indication of rain, not to mention the pain in my hands which at times makes it hard to pick up anything & wow were all of the signs correct.

We Bestys house has panoramic views & by the time we arrived the mountains in the distance were just a thick wall of grey cloud with a slight haze indicating rain for them. We were chatting away & slowy but surely it rumbled its way on in: the only time something dark & loud & ominous holds hope.

Between 5pm & 7pm there is usually plenty of daylight as it is daylight saving now, you can keep working or playing outside.

Sorry for the blur

screenshot_20191017-075745.pngIn the centre of the top picture you can see in the background a line of haze thats actually a wall of rain coming our way.



You can just make out the edge of the storm how much daylight we did have.

Here it is…. minutes later




Right over us it is & the wall of water is now in front of us complete with lightening.


With panoramic views at one point there were 6 lightening strikes at once, just wild & mesmerising & full of hope.

Funny there is a property down the road a little way that is called lightening hill & accurately so i’d say.

What ever your up to today may your day be great.