Where will the water come from next.

The smell of eucalypt hangs strong in the hot dry air its mixed with the smell of burning bushland both near & far, its 8am & the smoke is thick again


We have our home & our livestock & our little family & the fireys are amazing. It is usually fire season for us now, although not with drought this bad, to back it up thus intensifying.


Our poor magnificent gum trees are dropping not just leaves now but many twigs & branches from dry & heat stress. The little seed pods are just gorgeous like little dried flowers straight out of Alice in wonderland.

To make as much use of the water as we can, the dishwasher water goes to the daisy garden & the hose gets moved around the area as needed. I have drilled a hole in the wall for the hose, as to drill through the floor would be too hard to patch if needed & I can easily check for leaks. I didn’t have a straight joiner for the hoses, so this joiner did the job anyway. We keep a little water in the bird bath & shell pool the finches & wrens love it.

IMG_20191206_102643    IMG_20191206_102551


For some time now the shower & bath water has gone onto the back garden that is just below the verandah via a hose that I have attached to the drains under the house. This goes onto sweet potato, mandarin, lemon, passionfruit, mushroom herb & an array of natives all goin mad.

The funny thing is our little council banned the use of waste water on the garden but now we are on level 3 water restrictions its allowed, wouldn’t you think if we were allowed to use our waste water we would be better off as far as our water supply goes. mmm. There are some mysteries we will never solve.




There is you can just make it out, a series of trenches I have dug that take the washing machine water to the fruit tree & vegie patch area. I will plant along these edges as well eventually, for now though it can feed the fruit trees that are looking a little desperate. 





As for our little vegie patch this is one of 3 little patches, (water restrictions) easy to manage this size, I only planted seeds yesterday, so I am excited to see what comes up. 2 buckets every morning I fill at our dam. I have string attached so all I do is toss the buckets to fill & carry them up to the garden, its not far to walk & incorporating it into my morning menagerie feeding, makes it easy to manage.


As you can see below, well below, speaking of low our dam has never been, you guessed it, this low. When things are good this dam is usually up to Walters tip top of his tail, we are still very fortunate though to have water in our dam its pure management really. We have a managerie of wildlife that frequent it for water & for food as there are loads of little fishes & other insects in it.



Still great for a cooling dip, its keeping him out of the house after the swim that’s tricky.


She a little too old & delicate for a swim in the dam now, so digs a hole where she can, no matter the weather she has to be close, our Princess.

We are expecting a little rain next week according to the local                                                                               wildlife & weather bureau.



Crazy Days

Hello beautiful people, well I don’t know for some reason I’ve woken up on a high today. Loads of energy I have no idea why. Probably a combination of things really, life has been pretty hectic, well…. ok….. so…. for the last I don’t know how many years. Recently I guess has been a little more so. Having PTSD doesn’t help. Often after a shock, trauma or stressful time their is a euphoric high time, which I think is where I am now. It is very important for me to take it easy during this time as I have a tendency to go flat out like lizard runnin, or the squirrel on Over the hedge is probably more accurately my kindred animal at this time.      thWe had gale forced winds yesterday & of course i did a whole lot of clearing the day before, Lol. To turn a negative into a positive if i didnt do that bit of clearing & ended up sick with heat stroke there would be twice as much clean up to do after the winds. Dont you agree?


This picture doesn’t do much explaining of the amount of work I had done, but the berms are about 2ft deep & the space between is as wide as a fire truck. For obvious reasons.

There are little shoots of grass where once there was just clay & soil lots & lots of top soil naturally provided not bought & trucked in, so as a result lots & lots of beneficial bugs & wait for it more & more…..



No not baby brown snakes which is what I thought first (which we have had here) ok so I need to get glasses….

IMG_20191129_120425I had accidently raked up a herd of worms, or whatever this many worms together are called a wormaville?. We are on level 3 water restrictions but we still got worms. I apologised for the disturbance & promptly placed them in a new location to continue to live & grow from a wormavillage to a wormanation.

I wonder what their flag would be?

Their neighbours the Dragon lizard sunbathers are a constant companion to all who enter the woods & give me such a look of gratitude for their smorgasbord of meals.


I have much much much to do today & with no winds so far now is the opportune time to get out & recover what top soil I can that blew off yesterday & plant vegies. A new way I have never tried before I promise to keep you posted. Whatever you do today may it be full of love, life & maybe just a few worms & a sunbaking lizard.












Blue skies & stars & hot water.

The sky is now blue & there’s stars at night we finally have hot water(solar hot water). Its been I think about a month now that the fires began & most of them are out now well in our area any way.. West of us it flared up again & the army has been brought in to help. The helicopters getting water are still back & forth from our oceans as the rivers inland are completely dried out. The days their not flying is a reassuring peace & when they are flying their is also reassuring peace that our amazing fireys will never quit on us.

Wil (son) & I went for a little drive yesterday.

I wish I had photos of the adorable simple signs that people had made & put out the front of their homes to say thankyou to our fire fighters as they go in & out of the areas that continue to burn.


The road out to Willawarrin was closed, fires flared up again, there are road workers everywhere cleaning up debri & taking down dangerous trees.

There is a property that we are eying off & have been for some time, 100acres & we had heard that the road it is on had been closed due to fires more than once. We decided to go for a little drive to see how the area fared in the fires.  mines road 4

Above is just a little way into Mines Rd.

mines road d.jpgA meer 20mins from town, this is the northern boundary of the property we are hoping to get. The property itself amazingly the fires were stopped on its boundary all the way around. I don’t think there were any houses lost in this area & to drive through & see the ferocity of devastation just goes to show how amazing our fire fighters & locals are.

The earth

I know some of you may be thinking why would you buy land that looks like that, we are not driven by fear, natural disasters are called that for a reason. I have friends in the city who are on watch for fires. Our little town also gets flooded nearly every year as well, we get tornado like winds, earth tremors, hail the size of golf balls, extreme heat. No matter the weather we are never alone always supported & our Faith gives us reassurance & hope in every situation.


A Cat named Edward

The add picture, how could we say no.

1 (1)

1 (22)


Exploring his new home & meeting the outside family.

Putting up with his pet dog.



To being a dog


Never too far apart


Always up for a snuggle or a cuddle

1-40-e1574109262565.jpg      1-8.jpg

Chill out anywhere anytime, even when I turned my back for only a second as i was changing lounge covers ,


I had to wait til he’d finished his nap, i couldnt disturb that.

IMG_20190415_112857 (2)


Hanging around on Grandms swing was best fun on a windy day.            1 (135)

895ea28d915a4d402954add4a6d417bd.0 (3)
Helping the family unload 

He was always stunning ever present if you weren’t sure where he was he would let you know.

1 (59)

A little bit of squish & fun has now gone.

RIP our Henry

Koala, carrots & teddy


                                            Not a Bear

Can you make out the shape.Taken before the fires & smoke. We are on a Koala path which just means that our property is where every year a Koala colony passes through & as they do they feed. It is rare to see them on the ground, I had heard this one grunting for a couple of days, a male calling his girls. So I went for a wander just on dusk, I looked like some sort of weird dancing ninja fighting off mosquitos (photo is taken with my phone) & found him all on his lonesome, well that’s not to say his girls weren’t too far away, I just love how they perch their butts in the fork of a tree & are completely chill. You think so soft cute & cuddly, they are not a bear they are actually related to the wombat. Yes they are soft, but razor sharp front teeth & claws. Having volunteered at Australian Reptile park, Koalas were on my rounds of tourist talks, feeding & clean up duty. Best part was playing with the babies.


We are amongst the most fortunate ones no fire damage (still watching) so I am hoping to see or hear them passing through again soon.

                                 Drought Carrots


Ok so they are a little old, & thats a blue berry to give you a sense of scale, too adorable for words. However they are not weird in shape & reasonably straight. Which shows that the soil is good as far as having the right nutrient & density balance & if we had the water to keep up to them they would have been amazing. For now we have cute carrots one day it will be amazing.


                                   Tough Teddy

From the day I brought Walter home there have been many a story to tell as all animal lovers know. This story goes out to all the toys, balls, ropes, tyres & sticks all the torn clothes, dirty lounges & bedding, puddles on the floor, walls of artwork, plants pulled out & amazing excavations.

Teething teddy


Intruder teddy (must be attacked)



To “just try take teddy from me” gamesimg_20191118_083354.jpg


To quiet cuddle time


Teddy has survived it all & almost 2yrs on now & teddy is still there whenever Walter      needs him after all isn’t that the job of teddys all through history all over the world.

Say thankyou to your teddy today.



From the heart

Well things are settling down although we are still on fire watch. I frightened the life out of myself yesterday I haven’t had much sleep of late & my body tends to say crash now so I crashed, yesterday arvo only to be woken up by a loud rumbling sound & a bright red haze. Now having just been woken from the deepest sleep to a glaring bright red haze & what sounded like fire moving through the trees & a Smokey red sky. I flew out to the verandah it honestly look like the whole place was alight, but no, much to my thumping hearts relief it was a thunder storm with gale force winds & the sun still being blocked by smoke created this red freakish atmosphere. Not to great for the PTSD so having had a complete internal meltdown my jittering stopped after a few hours. Guess what, did it rain? well did it? ah Nope, but thankfully west of us got the storm including hail which wasn’t great (damaged vehicles) but was great as far as the fires go. While my heart & nerves settle here’s a heart warming story.


1 (13)

This is my sons horse, 12yr old Quarter horse x the butt is a bit of a give away, out of Acres of Destiny. William my boy all grown up age of 21 & working hard, had been trying to sell him. A combination of drought & nosey negative people sadly Marlow didn’t sell.

With the fires we had recently a lot of people lost all their livestock, cattle, sheep & horses. William came to me with the idea of giving Marlow away, we talked about it & he put up a notice offering Marlow to a family in need. He had so many responses, Marlow is a strong horse & requires a strong confident rider. One family who’s knows a lot of people in the fire damaged areas is going to help Wil find the right family. I could not be prouder of my boy He has such a caring heart & soul.

1 (31)Pony club


1-129.jpgEven a stock horse clinic

1 (67)Rides with friends

1 (165)Quiet trails on our own

1 (159)Led by many

1 (74)Not always agreed but eventually did.

1 (15)First time bareback for Marlow & Wil

1 (187)Shared everything

Loved to be close

1 (38).jpg

I look forward to sharing how this all goes & we are praying for the right family for our beautiful Marlow.

Our little town of big Hearts.

IMG_20191111_161315My Zina in front & Williams Marlo peeking round from the back on their way to safety. We haven’t had them on the float for a good 8 to 9months I was a little worried about how well they would load but no need. I love their intelligence & sensitivity just a couple of firm reassuring words from us as to why & they were on. The beautiful family that offered us their spare paddock also have other horses as well for safe keeping, our gratitude is beyond words.




Who knew chooks would love traveling so much, they were quite content watching the world go by. Usually we can see mountains in the distance.


We had to evacuate although the fires were still 20mins away given there is no moisture on the ground or in the leaves of the trees the risk of embers igniting is all too real. Weather predicting 100klm hr winds it was not worth waiting to see what would happen. Loaded up the trailer, no we didn’t take our rubbish, the green lidded bin has all the tent gear kept in it for occasions such as this & its kept weather proof & dry. The little red bin has ropes leads & other camping paraphernalia.


The view from our camping spot looking south towards our property, the view was like this South, west & north of us.

We had no idea what was happening & the road up from our property was closed. SO many people have been stuck here for days as the fires have gone through their properties & they have no idea of what their going home to or when they can get home.

The big arch hall was where everything was provided, I mean everything, meals were cooked, clothing, shoes, water pet food for every pet imaginable. There were 2 big tvs one for the kids (movies) & one for the adults to (fire updates). The other smaller hall on the left was completely decked out in donated mattresses that were laid out & made up so you could sleep there if you had no shelter or choose what you needed & use it in your own accommodation  not to mention the extra mountain of blankets & pillows to choose from. All the volunteers were calm & friendly & did rounds of the grounds to make sure everyone was ok. They had pens & yards for livestock & our undercover arena was full of hay & round bales & large stock feed. We could see our Dannys yard from our site.

Our trusty tent, its over 30yr old I bought it from an older couple who had traveled around Aus. We have had it for about 18yrs now, good strong canvas & if your wondering why no pegs in the ground. We’re in drought so the ground was basically cement, but with all our gear in it no worries, its not going anywhere. We had 2 other families come & help us set up just precious people.


I’m trying not to make this all too wordy.


It was quite funny how the sleeping arrangements ended up, so all the girls, Mum, Laura, Princess(jack russel) & Turbo(cat) & myself in the tent, the boys William & Walter(rottyX) bunked in the float. The one that had the best sleep out of all of us was Turbo the cat curled up on the end of my bed in tent, as all cats own everything apparently.

We were able to borrow mattresses from the hall & extra pillows for mum.

We are so far amongst the more fortunate & were given the all clear to go home the next day, obviously still be vigilant & watch our surroundings. All was well at home. We are leaving the other horses where they are & brought Danny home with us.

This morning the smoke is super thick, but no wind is fantastic really as that means not so many flying embers.The updates are few & far between & as the fireys are so flat out at major fires we have been told many of us may be left to defend our own land or leave its up to our own discretion. Tomorrow strong winds forecast again so we’ll just wait & watch.




The main street of Willawarrin our old pony club grounds behind the shop were spared & you cant see it in the photo but this little shop of everything also has 2 petrol pumps. Amazing Fireys & locals.



This is an area of Willawarrin half hr from us, No lives lost the house is still standing amazing stories like this everywhere. 



Till then be safe & heres a nuzzley kiss from a soft squishy muzzle.