Electric fencing

Well sometimes there is so much to do & little time or money to get things done, this has never stopped me or slowed me down though (which sometimes is a good thing)but never stopped me. Pray for what you want or need, I do all the time & let me tell you… I now have everything I have asked for, with the exception of a tractor, I’m still praying for that one still. are you hearing me still asking?!

I am doing everything by hand even without a tractor so we are not completely stuck. To get to todays story I don’t always have the money for the things we need & there have been times when the kids get frustrated at my collecting things or buying things extremely cheap from the men’s shed monthly garage sale, they know me well there now, always trying to sell me things they’ve had for a while & they have also given us things as well.  I love my men’s shed sale beautiful generous people.

I am no hoarder & have a clean up every couple of years as with all the projects I have done there are left over bits & pieces, some things I keep some I don’t. We have been over the years trying to get the property growing enough fodder for the animals horses, chooks won’t get goats until we have established fodder for them, plus I have to finish their fencing.

Yesterday was a beautiful day sunny with a slight chill in the breeze at my age that’s a treat, makes for a more functional me. I gathered together my little army of tools; rakes metal & plastic & poop a scoop, chopper chainsaw, about 20 wire electric fence twists that I had cut & bent up the day before



& always a tool I cannot & will not go without my cockatoo tool. When you have to do any work on your property,  in the back yard or even in the house this amazing little tool makes light work of it.

wire tightener

wire wrapper



wire cutter


even dig out weeds

bright red handle so you can see where you put it down, is best feature of all I think.






does everything makes fencing a breeze . Put it all in our trusty wheel burrow with a flat tyre I’ll show you how I fix that without a pump in another blog no more flat tyre. Anyhoo….

Off to the top of our property, the upper East side, it is well & truly ready & beautiful & lush full of feed for the horses, native grasses mainly a few weeds but nothing major. My son & I both share the buying of horse feed equally so this fortnight instead of him buying feed I suggested he use that money to buy electric fencing as when we move the horses they wont need the extra feed not for a few weeks anyway. So he came home with wrong fencing so we all went to the produce & had a sticky beak & drool at everything then swapped tape over & came home. We couldn’t afford to buy more black electric tape clips & where I can I try to hang it off wire twists, well off the fence.

So I take a wire loop attach it to the fence however best is needed I give the loop a extra couple of twists to tighten where the black clip will eventually go.


Sorry the above picture is a little blurry but hopefully you get the jist. I have had to add a bit of wire behind as I have made my twists a bit short not realising who ever put up the fencing didn’t place the wire fencing through the holes in the posts. I will eventually replace the post with star posts, no rot or termite worries then.


20180605_111025.jpgI cut a split in the hose & slip it over the electric fencing then with a bit of electrical wire, kindly left on our property by the electricity guys, I tie the wire tight around the hose then go nuts with knots attaching it to the wire loop, works great & lasts a lot longer than you think.

The below picture I have used some plant tie back rubber coated wire, again this can be untwisted if I ever need to move electric tape or replace it with a black clip, if need be. So as you can see the possibilities are endless & I’m sure there are others that have even more amazinger ideas…. Please share.



Sorry again for blurry photo I do tap on image I want it depends on what my phone feels like doing. gotta love technology.


So as you can see there are many different methods, ways of going about things when you are short of funds, I am conscious of trying to make things as  neat as possible as our neighbours have to look at this everyday, as do we & if I had the money to do it all “professionally” Id probably do it on the cheap anyway & pay for some body else’s fencing or food on their plates…. more so.

The tricky thing in all this is that whoever put the fencing in to start with put the star posts around the wrong way so the holes I needed are the outside of the property, I like the fact that if the local kids want to reach over and pat the horses they can, (one of my best child hood memories) hence the need for wire loops to begin with.

I had made my way almost too the halfway point of the job not realizing what time it was & why my body was shutting down I had started at 9am, I have to make sure Mums ok before I can do anything, Mums looked out for me my whole life now its my turn to look out for her, just as it should be! So 9am start & at it till 3 – 4pm; oh that’s why my body was shutting down & cramping…. no brekky worked through lunch & forgot to take water with me. My daughter being home meant I could relax a little whilst working knowing someone was looking out for Mum. I guess I got a little carried away.

I mentioned chopper the chainsaw didn’t I? I did cut up firewood & clear the fence line of branches & cleared up a large fallen tree as well as the fencing & raked & cleared part of the arena. A job halfway there & raining today so will finish off next clear moment.

Did you know that with timber posts the acid in cement can actually accelerate the erosion of the timber & you do not need to use cement at all if post are dug in properly, think about how our ancestors put up fencing & housing no cement.

Thanks reading please share any fencing ideas you might have would love to see..

Be well…….













I know I had covered a little of this endeavor in a previous blog but this will blow your mind.

We had three huge beautiful trees just outside our back door close to the veranda & the largest one closest to the house had been swelling & bulging in different places from the termites that had taken up residency within it. I had also removed all of our guttering as it was starting to rot, also I would have to be on the roof every second day cleaning them out,  it was just a fire hazard in the making. I have developed a system for new guttering I may patent it….

I had searched the internet for tree felling people & 3 got back to me, they were all great except 1 block quoted me $10.000.00 for the complete job then when I uttered a wwwhhhhaaatttt he all of a sudden changed his quote to $3000….. huge drop right & that was with the same amount of clean up, Rude, imagine if I didn’t have a money problem how many other people had he sucked in?  if you are looking at having work done please question EVERYTHING especially if you are a single women.

I ended up hiring a wonderful family man lives a little out-of-town, but he was just lovely, treated us with respect not like some workers who just because we are women think we are  clueless & can be walked all over, how bout joining this century fellas such an outdated mentality & attitude.

He quoted me a great price that I had to question as I didn’t want to take advantage of him, he had all his insurances been doing tree lopping for years. Him & his coworker were also careful with what plants & garden we had around, we had to move a few things but nothing major & when I understood what clean up was required for their safety as well as our own it was all underway.

We parked ourselves ready to watch out on the veranda a safe distance away from the work & I with phone ready for capturing the moment or for emergency contact in case something went wrong. Plenty of cold water on hand & cooked lunch & up & at it they went…. 


You can see from the picture above just how dangerously close to the house they are. To start with the only things we had to move were the potted plants & the little bit of fencing around the garden you can see.

tree felling 7.jpg

These fellas were just amazing I so wanted to climb the tree with them, the view would have been amazing & also what’s incredible as the limbs are lopped off the more groaning & crackling the tree does, as if it was going to give way all of a sudden. tree felling 8.jpg

This is just a little of the treasure from the first tree, just the first tree, not all 3, just the one. Before they could start on the second tree we had to move the chook pen & my little tool shed no drama though I have built everything to be moved anyway. I also cleaned all of this up within a week didn’t take long at all that’s where working in acres not hours comes into play as sometimes you can’t put a time frame on some jobs,  it depends on weather & family commitments as to whether or not you can even get a job done. You can see by all the trees surrounding us there is no way we can work outside when its raining or windy & even on fine days you still have to be listening & watching for those dreaded widow maker’s they can actually drop silently.


If I could I would have put in a little video clip of these trees being dropped the tree you can see the lopper up now they actually found had rot in it about half way up so it was only a matter of time before it dropped….. so dangerous. I cannot even work out how they did this but when they dropped the really big tree, they dropped it in such a way that It also took out the smaller tree that the lopper is up, not while he was up there of course but it was just amazing to watch & they made it all look so effortless.


It was a stinking hot day & it only took them probably about 3 hrs tops to drop the last 2 you can see where the fella is standing there is a termite bait box but also that bulge to the right is actually termites & there are more bulges further up the tree, it is amazing how the termites will actually alter the structure of a tree or anything they decide to call home for a while.


The treasure mound is huge. I will get some pretty good post out of some of it & as for that huge trunk you can see the termites have had a lovely time. It didn’t take me too long to have this sorted & we have loved watching the small lizards & birds flit & play amongst it all.20180530_082817.jpg

The laughing log…..This is today I have done all this clearing using my trusty little chainsaw & pure hard work. No tractor or moving machinery. I have already cut a few posts just have to strip the bark & split the logs & let them dry. I have also created a few firewood piles you can see the small one on the right there so next winter they will be ready for the fire-place.

I have had so many people say where are you going to put the rubbish to burn off, how many times do I have to say it the proof is in the pudding… in 3 yrs roughly those piles of timber I have placed around the property will have rotted down creating beautiful top soil full of beneficial bugs & worms!!! In the 10 years we have now been here there are clay areas that now have 1 foot of soil or more ready for planting & in the mean time a beautiful little habitat for the wildlife to play in.  No burning off on my land. ….

The placement of the treasure is crucial to the fire fighters if we ever have a fire go through ,they will create fire break walls to help stop a fire from spreading. Ask your fireys advice on this they are or should be more than happy to discuss this with you.

No huegel gardens or whatever there called they restart fires as the treasure underneath gets extremely hot drying it all out & can restart the fire after a few days. 

I hope my story wasn’t too long-winded & has encouraged you in knowing that whatever is taken down, fallen or given is never waisted & is placed where it will be beneficial not only for us but for future generations to come. 

Happy treasures to you…….














Never Rubbish

Good morning beautiful people, sorry to be so cheery….it’s my daughters birthday & she’s coming home from Melbourne for a few weeks. My favourite things my Family, friends & birthdays. Have to cook one of my Pavlovas…  The table is decorated whether we sit at it or not, whoever’s birthday it is chooses what they want for dinner & pressies gotta have pressies wether handmade or purchased, $1 or more, always comes with lots of love…. it is big tradition in our little fam. So that’s my morning hope yours is enthusiastic & joyous too… Now that I have annoyed you with my joyous rantings let me share a project.

My boy gets a little annoyed at my always creating something out of rubbish, I just cant help myself I don’t see rubbish I see potential.

Like our round yard will be made from truck trailer rails that I have purchased from a recycle centre & 2 of the panels are the exact width of our driveway entrance. All for a 10th of the cost of brand new proper panels & gates.

The greenhouse & chook pen frames are old marquee frames purchased from our men’s shed monthly garage sale & there are many bit & piece s from here & there that I have repurposed over the years & one such project is my horse garden…..

So I had a small pile of rubbishy chicken wire than I could no longer use as fencing & a couple of odd metal pieces, I had been pondering for quite some time what to do with it, in between my son trying to convince me to add it to the tip pile….

Whelllaaa I had it, so placing 3 metal pieces strategically in the ground as small support posts & with the wire, wrapping & bashing & pushing & pulling & weaving & moulding ,I had created my very first wire vine frame.

So when I show you the pictures you have to imagine the vine all over it & trimmed to shape, it’s getting there very slowly patience is crucial when you have creative foresight.

So at this point it just looks like a jumbled tangled mess the dead vine was already tangled up in the wire & it was just a matter of adding layer upon layer & wiring bits & pieces together first the body.


And then the head & tail. You can’t really see it from this photo but there is a piece of wire that I thread through from the back of the head to the tail to stop the head from drooping too low.


Sorry about the glare…… as you can see I need to do some more threading with the vine at this point it is starting to take shape.


I love that it even has expression totally by accident, again I need to do vine threading. Don’t disregard the rusty tin on the ground in front, which at one time was a metal drum it is almost the perfect shape of a western saddle, which by the time I have finished with it will look exactly like that, a western saddle.    



It is quite funny the vine on the top of the butt looks like a pretty flower opening or a propeller. I have a pole up through the tail which I will remove once it is thick with vine.

I have had so much fun creating this horse, who knew from a pile of wire & tangled vine & a few metal pieces  it could create so much character, I haven’t named it yet I might wait til it has finished growing. Unless someone has a suggestion?

If you have a little pile of rubbish on your land or in your yard don’t think tip think character, you may surprise not only yourself but friends & family as well.

I also have a pile of rusty paddock wire that at the moment Is looking like a, no I wont tell just yet…..wait & see.

Have an inspirational creative day….. 

To My Girl have a magical beautiful day. Love  from ya Ma. xoxoxoxoxo 



This Wild Life!

I know some of you who have read a few of my stories & shenanigans on our little treasure plot would be wondering what about disturbing the inhabitants ?

Well let me reassure you that while some have moved on, some do still dwell or drop by. Though we do have more dwellers than ever before, it’s proof that all  of our work has healed & created new, safer, cleaner habitats.

2017-01-14 14.04.54Sorry it’s not the clearest picture if only I had sound to go with this, it certainly had us laughing, you can make out the attitude by its stance, this hilarious bird spread its wings threw its head around as only a gala does & squawked its head off ,but only when the rooster crowed. This all out authoritarian noise war went on for at least an hr so Gala, Rooster, Gala Rooster…. I can tell you no chores were done in that hour, sometimes you just have to stop & watch a gala.

2015-11-12 07.46.52We wondered what was eating our passionfruit vine & chokos, the most adorable thieves ever… meet Stuart & Katherine.


2017-09-12 13.01.42

Sorry it’s not the clearest these little sweet birds follow me around the property & watch everything I do in waiting for free unearthed treats.

348                          Sitting on my sons thumb, nature never ceases to amaze me.


2017-12-11 18.50.49

It wasn’t until after we had cleaned up & created berms that we had a little echidna visit, haven’t seen it since, but they do bury themselves very well.


SAM_0197A pewee almost as chatty as our magpies, they loved to round-up our cat Garrie.


20170616_120259 We always gently introduce ourselves & then place whatever creature we have found back where it was. This one obviously a bit of an adrenalin junkie, in its teenage cowboy phase, I’m assuming, had placed itself on the windscreen of my car… much to the amazement of my old mate holding it, so a tree of matching colour was chosen for this little stick insect to dwell in, a safer choice we thought.


 20170921_101717 (2)

Our permanent residents every year producing an offspring. We get very excited whenever we hear their gentle hoot hoot to each other at night & the next day we search the trees, to see where they may be nesting this season, they are just gorgeous. We are so privileged that they have chosen our place to call a (hoot) home.



From one of the trees we had felled, how minuet is the coloured detail. I apologized profusely for the displacement then chose another dwelling of the same type for it, I hoped it was relieved.


 SAM_0268 - Copy I am not sure if I mentioned these beautiful wallabies (wallaroos) in a previous blog. Every year we get to watch the Mammas pouch expand, then a tiny little nose & claws droop out of the pouch & then a scrawny  little weed of a wallaby wobbles its way around finding its hop, then it goes berserk, hopping & somersaulting all over the place on every trip it rights itself & looks around for its Mum as if to say “what was that that just flipped me over Mum” I can see her roll her eyes & shake her head as if to imply, as every parent of a teen or toddler does “oh dear yes that’s mine”, “your fine dear off you go”.  


Sorry not all the above photos are very clear. Can you believe the array of colour we are blessed with. The little butcher bird at the sitting on the back of the chair found his way into the house not worried or fearful at all, said hello…. then flew out on its way again. This is just a drop in the ocean of varieties of birds we get I have started a book of the visiting birds we get just for our own reference.


 Screenshot_2017-03-31-17-45-02I know right! this is just one of the moments I get a sense that I am being watched, I have learnt to very casually just take in my surroundings, of what may or may not be near by & my instincts often sight our local goannas. I love them they are so annoyed looking all time & struts up the tree with such an air & waddle of indignation.   


I know we don’t always look busy here but let me tell you there is always                                                                                          something going on.

Always someone watching!

Sorry for layout mismatch site mucking up today.



Warning spider content.

It s true every where I go on our property I am watched, some days its the creepiest feeling. Hang on I have just thought of a funny story to share! sorry my brain has many conversations often all at once. Be ready its a good one.

It was 7 maybe 8 years ago, we had only been living here  for a couple of years. We had spiders huge; like bird catching spiders(I’ll just call them that cause that’s what they caught) all along the verandah making their amazing webs, (they looked like a trianchular but built webs)some mornings there would be little bats(not to be confused with the flying fox so many people get confused) or tiny sugar gliders in a mummy type cocoons, looked like something out of  a horror movie. Amazingly beautiful creepy spiders.

Chainsaw chopper & I were chopping up a storm down the back paddock, taking out dead trees that were capable of dropping the life out of some unsuspecting creature or human, brave enough to walk these arid grounds.

Upon dropping one of these, (a widow maker) as they are called, I proceeded to slice it up ready for the firewood pile when…… I just caught movement out of the corner of my eye, almost literally the corner of my eye. I swung the chainsaw around screaming, as I was eye to eyes with this flaming bird spider sitting,  now perched upon my right shoulder, I think its head was even tilted as if asking me “what ya doooiinn”  right on top there just watching!… my shoulder had morphed into this huge amazing creature….I not sure if I had unbeknownst to me just destroyed its habitat….or I was standing right near its burrow, in hind site I should have studied up a little more.

It was instinctive to brush the flaming thing off as quickly as possible, wouldn’t you? the beautiful creepy critter,  but the ideal thing to do I have discovered over the years is to not panic; not recommended with a chainsaw in hand, especially with a chainsaw in hand. I had swung the now revving within an inch of burning out the motor on my chainsaw, chain spinning psychotically, I was then in an instant looking very closely at the chain, flicking oil onto the side of my face it was so close.

I have pretty quick reflexes thank goodness so chopper chainsaw was the first to go in one mad dance off the chainsaw went flying in one direction & the poor unsuspecting spider I grabbed it…..was like grabbing a really creepy tennis ball it took up the full circumference of my hand, I flung it off into the other direction whilst I continued my ninja  dance well into the next week, well possibly months.

I never did see it again It probably moved to Sydney (I’ll fill ya in) & yes my trusty chopper survived. I shakingly wobbled around, following the sound of its bubbling traumatized little motor, it continued to work for many years there after until it was sadly stolen from us.

God & His angels were mighty busy that day.

The continuing story goes; my city dwelling Cuz came for a visit with her two kids, we always have a great time hanging out together great for a jolly yarn. They arrived in there tiny little city bubble mobile & we talked forever & I shared my land loving antics & educated the kids on the importance of  wearing shoes & not touching anything that wiggled, hissed, crawled or slid without pointing it out to me first. A few uneventful but great days later they headed home. The day after they left I received a phone call from my cuz.

Arriving home they unpacked the car & settled back into home routine. The next evening she had put the kids to bed & was sitting on the front porch, when she noticed something hanging from the bottom of her car, thinking it was broken, that some part of her car was falling off,  “great where am I going to get the money to fix this”? she decided to have a closer look, maybe something had just come loose on their travels! but upon closer inspection she found it was one of our locals a bird spider…… she didn’t freak my Cuz just never freaks ever. Most people would scream & run or reach for the bug spray, not my Cuz.

Cuz didn’t know whether to ring wires or the RSPCA or the zoo as this thing was sooo huge she didn’t want it to come to any harm, she went inside to get the phone & phone book & on coming back out it was gone. Cuz had a quick look where she could but nothing. The car was booked into the mechanics for a thorough search but alas nothing ( would have loved to have seen city mechanics tackle that one).

Sad to say over the years the number of bird sized spiders has dwindled. I have found the occasional hole, but no web dwelling spider, I am guessing with the arrival of bigger birds & predators as our land heals, balancing out the delicate echo system in which we share. That’s not to say that the huntsman & cockroach fighting on my bedroom ceiling & dropping onto my bed,  in the middle of the night with the thud of a small weapons operation wasn’t huge, but alas no bird spiders for a couple of years now. I am hoping to find one, one day.

2015-12-13 06.46.45This one , first in a few years is hanging on our shed awning, its legs would have easily stretched to the circumference of my open hand. Sometimes we would have these with small birds in their webs!

ed548d2577048b440e65d343edf7f297This picture is compliments of Pinterest search, the one on my shoulder was shaped more like this & about the size of a tennis ball.

On now being sufficiently creeped out just telling this story I will leave you! as I am going to find a thought pattern a little less creepy crawly. Nobody touch me……

Secret window & Pies approval

                                                                                                                                                                 +20180503_115549.jpgGood morning beautiful people, it is a little crisper these mornings we are having! My apologise for my poor writing skills, word placements & tendencies to be a bit wordy, I am no literary scholar this is just a smidgin-y peek of my adventure, my life. Are you ready to be inspired?

I mentioned that my Mum suffered a stroke a few months back, progress can be slow when suffering such life altering episodes, I have been making paths & leveling areas out so as Mum can get around with her walker without the worry of stumbling, all using permaculture principles. Well I am now onto the property the area outside the house yard. The land I have divided up into 5 paddocks is functioning beautifully, very happy horses we have now, native grasses provide a healthier diet & the rotation method is quite adequate on our arid little 5 acre plot. 


m1.jpgJust look at my soldiers all lined up there ready for duty for 10 years this is all I have used on our land replacing handles & a sharpen is all they need from time to time. The only thing missing from this family portrait is trusty Chopper the chainsaw & Betty our Greenfield ride on mower named because it hits obstacles & debris with a resounding boop that travels for acres.


The mound was as you can see a very crumbly clay like mix, will be great for making seed planting balls with, have saved a bucket full, so this was reasonably easy to excavate & I have incorporated a bench into the landscape as it will be a nice little viewing area when the surrounds are established & a spot for Mum to rest.

m3.jpgThis photo is where I stopped work to go have lunch & check on Mum & let me just say that if the wildlife don’t give you approval you may as well give up, back to the drawing board. My little magpie friend was the first to try my path, he/she actually wandered from the gate right up the path towards me tilting & nodding his/her head all the way, stopping & snacking on whatever unsuspecting insect I had unearthed in my efforts. It wasn’t long before the whole family had arrived, so with pies approval I finished that section off neatened it up & headed in for a break.

I will at times be riding a horse through our little woodland(eureka I just named this area of our land, our little woodland. must make a sign! yah another project to add to the list) sorry a little side tracked, where was I oh yes, well not only riding horses, as I have followed the flow of our land with the A frame the paths will also aid in slowing the flow of water down throughout to the dam & by placing native fodder below & above the paths in areas that will be easily accessible to either allow our menagerie to wander & feed at leisure or physically trim off fodder to drop into paddocks, pens & holdings. The possibilities are endless really.

Starting where I did gave me better footing so as on my return to the house carrying tools isn’t fraught with danger .

20180503_115512  I have done quite a bit more now it is kind of hard to make out with the shadows & dappled light but you can make out my bench seat out, to the right in the distance.

 20180503_120940.jpgfacing south-east you can either meander your way up around the tree or down to my new secret window taking me back to my Romper room days or was it Humphrey that had the, “which window will we go through today”? anyway a secret window it will be, the heading photo is where this path ends & I will be carving another bench seat there as well as it over looks the gully & dam.

I hope I haven’t overloaded you too much, with Pies approval the only vote of confidence I need!

Have happy ventures, until next time.  



I know right!

The top side of our property the East end. The start of the slope. It has taken 10 years blood sweat & tears to get to this point &  it may not look like much but the proof is in the tiny unseen details. This was once a very very very arid  land all that debris was scattered everywhere & with every rain precious soil would disappear taking debris with it making the dam grotty.

But wait there’s hope. 

i know right 1.jpgLooking north

It doesn’t look like much, I know, you can make out the lines, berms, treasure mounds whatever you decide to call them, that Mum & I had fun creating using the A frame. Little pockets of green seem to burst through the surface with endearing hope of survival, yes I talk to the grass & wildlife as if it has feelings I’m odd, I know right!

I have had so many people tell me to clear all these trees & I will have a great deal more feed for my horses, yes maybe this is true but realistically the result would be very short lived. Run off  would be greater, would take a lot of work to try & retain my top soil & beneficial creatures would die off for lack of resources, in short, land left exposed would dry out quicker in the drought & runaway with the wet.

We are on the Koala path which I love, they migrate through our property every year & every year the Tawny frog mouths (not owls) in September nest in a different tree, I swear I hear them laughing at me every year I search & call for them. The chicks are soooo cute.

I want to reside with the local wildlife not drive them away, so far so good.

i know right 2.jpg Looking south east

There are a couple of gnarly trees in the distance that I will drop eventually, if they don’t drop on their own. I think I am the only person that gets excited in strong winds & hears a tree drop as that’s one less tree I have to take too with the chainsaw. I love it when nature intervenes.

I have made the distance between the treasure mounds a little wider purely for ease of access with the horses, the ride on or maybe even one day a tractor. The fireys can get through too if they need.  There will be natives planted amongst the treasure mounds as the amount of natives that are good fodder for any livestock is great & natives will be the only plants that will grow here, this is where working with nature comes into fruition as opposed to imposing something completely unnatural to it & wasting time & money for a short lived expensive time consuming result.

i know right 3.jpgWow right

Be amazed.

I know right, your thinking at what, ok here’s the story this land was once clay, just clay that foreboding orange caramel coloured mix of solid ground that immediately brings pain to your entire being. You know the work ahead of you is gonna hurt. Yes this area is in the in the same area as the first two photos.

Here’s the tip no pain, no digging required no top soil brought in no money spent, all we did was rearrange debris, yes that in itself is work but its free.

No machinery required just a metal & plastic rake & a (A) frame & whella turn it into treasure, the proof is in the pudding, the branch you see in the picture above has stopped the runoff & only after about 2 years has all on its own created soil, there are now worms under this soil & you can just make out on the other side of the branch the soil is building their as well & holding moisture we haven’t had rain in a couple of months.

i know right 4.jpgCan you believe this is the same area, this is just one pocket of grass that is coming up right next to the treasure mound. The grass is starting at the mounds top edge & slowly as the soil develops the grass spreads, no watering very little maintenance the area is able to be cleaned up using our trusty little old  ride on which I lock the blade up as high as it will go, (we trying to grow grass not mow weeds & dust) mulches the leaves & if coordinated spits the mulch onto the  treasure mounds so they are continually fed, which then continually feeds the surrounding soil that continues to produce.

I am having so much fun can you tell. So I hope this gives someone out there hope that yes this method does work & its a beautiful process. I can hear the thoughts & whispers now; the proof IS in the pudding.

I know right!