Poor little darlin.

Hello beautiful bloggers, I do hope you are all well, I love reading & catching up with my peeps, all my follow family friends.

As some of you may know, my son( A hard working lad whom I am very proud of) moved to the Central Coast a couple of months ago, time flies. He took this photo sunrise at Avoca beach not far from where he lives. Only 4 hrs from us. The cloud formation is magnificent, it looks like a huge bird. What do you think?

From our veranda our sky did try, not wanting to be completely out done. This one seemed to be thrown from the distant mountain tops. I’m thinking for this one a dragon lizard with its mouth open?

Now my peeps will know from my last blog, I’m in the process of redoing my kitchen. Whilst building I try keep all my tools central to where I need them, for family safety & convenience. I work hard at what I do & am trying to get the place to where we can just relax & things be functional & logical in terms of how we go about our day.

Well, she was a little disgusted & threatened to move out. She took her blanket & headed to the front door. You see, she likes to be close, where she can see me or someone in the family. Nearly completely deaf(clapping our hands is the only way to get her attention now) & her vision, I think everything is a bit of a blur?

She started out in her usual comfy morning place & she seemed content although, you see, the table under which she resides at times was central for all my tools & well central for a lot of bits & pieces really, during the kitchen rebuild. Photo was taken after she moved out.

I’m working away circular saw, grinder, drill & multipurpose cutting tool. I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye towards the front door.

Here she stopped worn out, a little disgusted, letting me know enough was enough. Poor little darlin.

Princess, had snuffed & pulled & pushed & dug her rug out from under what I can only imagine to her was a mountain that eventually would collapse & our little Princess was having nought of it, really.

Such a sad old little old Dame of our selection. The “woe is me” of it all. Princess stayed there for the remainder of the day. I must say knowing she was just laying there looking at me like that did make it a little hard to relax during the rebuild. when does it all end? Actually that kind of sounds like the whole family. I smile tentatively as I type. lol

Finished soon I promise!

I was a little excited at hearing the chorus from the chooks the other morning. I had to buy eggs for the first time in ages. Extremely hot humid days they have shade. I think they would be happier with an in ground swimming pool & floaties, anyhow. I try buy “free range” which by definition by Aussie standards means no more than 10,000 birds per hectare. Anyway I wont get started on the ridiculousness of these requirements. I reluctantly paid. Every so often I have scrambled eggs on home made grain bread for brekky or brunch 2 meals a day does me fine. Well I think I will search a bit harder for a local with backyard hens as check this out.

Store bought, paler than a cowboys knees in boardies.

Home grown a beautiful sunny sight on your plate.

The girls must have listened to my lecture about what we were having to eat & the living arrangements of those hens less fortunate than them. 2 days after I bought the eggs, I collected 9 from our girls. I did hesitate in giving the store bought eggs to the dogs. ugh…

As for the youngins that hatched a while back, it’s too hot humid & drenching wet to grow much at the moment. I put protection over what is surviving. Mum cut off some fodder pea foliage, fantastic soil nitrogen fixer, I threw this around the dome patch. Made a temporary little house & put the youngins to work.

I figure by the time we get some mild clear weather the youngins can graduate to the big pen growing my layer flock from 13 to 19 then eventually add 2 new chicks not long hatched & 3 on the way. Ever growing family fun.

May the adventures of your days be sunny side up

Sunset yesterday view from the paddock. WOW

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Too Aussie really.

Goodness me I’m gonna find some eggs this morning, you should hear the chooks, it’s hilarious, I love it, they announce everything.

One of my dearest friends sent me home with a jar of her, oh my crickey, it’s delicious passionfruit butter. Amazing bestie of mine is a jam & pickle winner at our local show every year. This time it came with a little extra friend. Long story short , as I was getting into my car, I noticed this little darlin on the ground, it didn’t look well. My friend said “you have to take it or I wont sleep tonight” she is such a treasure. The things we do for our bestie, home the little birdy came & here we are the quintessential Aussie kitchen table décor.

No vets open, so I fed the little fella some Grevillea nectar popped into a box warm snug & dark. Alas it died through the night at least not cold & threatened. It’s just natures way these things happen & my bestie need worry no more.

1 week later & the passionfruit butter is nearly all gone, no apologize it’s just too yum.

There are a lot of these little darlings around our property at the moment,

so adorable & fantastic garden bug eaters, these precious little lizards will come out if I am weeding, they actually get quite close will turn their little heads & focus on me, we converse for a while about the weather, their family & the insects I disturb, we thank each other & go our separate ways.

Walter the dog growled a deep deep threatening growl & he grew 3 times his size, his hackles stood tall as he looked down from the back veranda. I hesitated to look as what on earth was it that got him so disturbed? It was this little adorable baby. I was in such a rush to get a photo of it I forgot to take one of Walter the giant dog. haha

Red Belly black snake, (I use the old meat trays in the greenhouse for seedlings, in case your wondering)which I tried to get rid of but it escaped me, I don’t mind them being around to keep mice/rat population down & they do tend to move away rather than attack if disturbed(we were always riding past them on the trails, even the horses never worried). But with all the family loving the garden as we do its safer if I can get rid of them when found. Now a carpet snake on the property would be perfect, please.

Who knew & this is why I am happy to see a snake on the property. Did you know a rat could rearrange your kitchen. Fair dinkum it’s true, I’ll prove it to ya. A few years back when I first built the kitchen I had an electrician hook up the wall oven, I had put chicken wire across the air vent at the top of the wall unit to prevent the rats from gettin in. Not realizing the electrician had made not one but 2 large holes in the wall to access the wiring, this extra hole being behind the wall unit I wasn’t aware.

Now I had put baits out from time to time, not for the electrician, for the rats, haha. There was the occasional odour as per usual when baiting. On this particular afternoon, I had just put a roast in the oven & went to lay down, resting my still recovering back. (hurt moving a large locker into my new shed)My daughter came in to tell me something didn’t smell right & I rose up carefully & woh…. I’m sorry but a roast is not meant to smell like that, that’s for sure. Roast out of the oven wait for the oven to cool turn off the power & the hunt begins. Where is the little flamin rat…mmm? Oh yes, so a wall oven by design did you know has a hole for a handle on either side of its frame not to make for easy carrying, its for the RATS TO ACCESS, it may as well have an exit & entry sign lit up for them. So folks here it is the after math, don’t panic I didn’t take a pic of the rat. This is gross enough.

After I took the outer frame off, finding we are so fortunate that the house hadn’t burnt down, we have a safety switch but looking at this damage, wow right.

I was not ready to do the kitchen yet. I had been drawing up plans for some time. According to the intruder I was ready. My back not so bad but feeling the twinge, alas the show must go on, so far this is how far. This Thursday the new oven gets hooked up. This one has no rat access, very very important manufacturing detail to look out for. Lesson learnt.

I will be moving the plate rack & putting pretty brackets up to hold it & all the bits & pieces. I just can’t wait I’m so excited. Can you guess how big the oven unit is? It has a gas stove top & electric fan oven. Not sure what I will cook up first, 3 loaves of bread & 3 cakes passionfruit cordial, jam & syrup, all at once just cause I can. To share with friends of course, I am beyond excited. And all thanks to the dear departed rat.

My Daughter took this photo from my car whilst we were heading into town, you can just make out the reflection of another 2 rainbows above it.

May your life be ever full of rainbows(Gods Promises) no matter what rats come your way.


I am so excited, yes I am paying for it now. I have pulled muscles in my lower back. Slowly recovering, at least I am able to enjoy what I have completed so far.

Believe it or not folks I have 2 sheds now, ok so I’m yet to put the doors on the second one. They are fully functional & dry inside though. Everyone seems happy about it. The dogs have a new area to inspect daily, the mice have a new shelter to call home(til I get rid of them) & the hornets & wasps zoom in & out building their little clay nests, keeping the spider content to a minimum, except for the occasional huntsman that help keep all the other insect invasion to a minimum. I love my new sheds & their amazing little echo system, who knew!

I am yet to add flooring , I know everyone would be like wouldn’t you do that 1st? Nope not here. I am not going to move the sheds location but rather they are light enough to lift. We cannot afford a cement foundation which is fine & when the land settles with its new layout & form then I will know what will drain & hold best. I didn’t have the finances to hire machinery to alter everything to what I need, so I shift & move a bit of soil, wait for it to settle & the land lets me know what will work best. I have learnt a lot about what not to do, from whom ever built this house & land layout for drainage & low maintenance functionality, but that is fine as I would be completely bored really.

Can you see Zina in the background she’s like really your gonna take a photo before breakfast.

Look out Turbo’s coming in for a cuddle.

I have to mention, “oh my crickey”! In the morning just as the sun sneaks through the trees & gently wakes up the sunflowers. (Giant Russian, seeds will be kept & planted out next year to add to feed for all the menagerie, slowly increasing supply).

I am awakened by the most beautiful variety of bird songs. It’s like a Cinderella moment. I know right! just dreamy & so magical & no I don’t sing along with them, hilarious. (one day I may awaken the locals in this way, that would be fun). As the air warms & the humidity settles in for the day then the aroma that wafts through its just like a candy store. That’s the best description I think. It’s all because of our magnificent gum trees, well the variety that flower there are over 700 species of eucalypt/gumtrees, you would think it would smell like eucalypt but nope, it’s just delicious candy.

You can just see the blossoms at the top right hand side of the tree.

The base of this magnificent specimen of a tree is still recovering from the drought. It’s so important to have this kind of roughage available to the horses during tough times. There wasn’t a tree in our town where horses were, that wasn’t stripped like this.

The little blossoms are just adorable they look like little funky fairy hair do’s. Yes the roses are from our garden doing beautifully. They are also great fodder for the horses (& the goats when we get them).

It can be so hard to concentrate at times & is it any wonder. The ever patient Walter, well maybe? I am so conscious that he is there & he is trying to be very patient but sending me hurry up stares.

On that note, I must be out the door & tend to our extended family.

May your day be full of sunny flowers, happy bird songs, cuddly cats, loyal dogs, patient ponies & a candy aroma that fills yours inner child with mischievous fairy fun.

You get it don’t you?

Alrighty just a quick glimpse although it is pretty awesome really.

So pretty the Orange blossom keeping the pumpkin vine company & you can just see the corner of the strawberry plant filled wheel burrow tray. With occasional yummy treats of 3 varieties of strawberry. Mums been pulling & cutting up nasty stringy grass, leaving room for the good native grasses or maybe we’ll just turn it all into garden. mmm what to do, what to do.

I just love how the flowers sprinkle down the pumpkin leaves, like a magical fairyland flowerfall.

Its so awesome to have a wonderful, daughter who has a very Edwardian romantic, fantastical imagination. Who prepared for those of us that toil at our selection under a sun that provides no respite from it’s ever heat. To sip on cold & taste the sweets that twas prepared & set upon the table before us. Oh well you get the gist. Which would not be complete without the KFC wipes.

We sat under the fruit trees in our Little Tuscany part of the yard so pretty & relaxing.

You see I had about half a foot of soil to shift in an area about 3mtrs x 4mtrs including 2 small struggling trees & their root systems so I couldn’t use the rotary hoe who’s embarrassing little mishap I have fixed. shh enough said about that. haha

This one was twice as quick to put together & I didn’t need to use props as logic was my main defence with this one. I managed to get all the walls done & the roof frame up all in one day this time even whilst the wind was tossing things at me from the trees above. There will be a picture of the completed project in upcoming blog.

Whatever your life has for you today, may you be surprised with the beauty & strength of all things wild, the fantastical joy of family & or friends & the promise that all things can come together for good, no matter what nature throws at you. You get the gist of it don’t you?

Shoes or no shoes

This is the question. I had a little laugh to myself this morning, oh, by the way Hi everyone. I hope you are all keeping well & you have much joy.

Anyway I was thinking of how to start this post & thought well its not raining that’s new, oh wait! just as I start typing it starts, to rain. hahaha. We so need all this rain to fill our aquifers as things were extremely dry. It’s just brilliant really.

This is so much fun best mineral absorption for your body & we don’t even pay for it.

You can even do a comparison with the picture at the top of the blog page.

Mum has planted different herbs throughout the mud, in between showers, so as we will have a lovely smelling walkway.

Horses are such creatures of habit, I put Danny into this paddock & he stood at the gate for ages as that’s where he got fed everyday. So I gave him good bucket of feed & then he was more than happy to graze. There is no risk to him foundering as he doesn’t have enough teeth to gorge himself. At this age they tend to use their tongues to gather the grass so I’m relieved that we have this much growth for him to get in touch with his younger horsey side.

So I went through both horses new paddocks & did some weeding, they followed closely & I’m sure to the locals it looked like we were grazing together.

“The family that grazes together stays together”.

I did wear boots for this adventure as there are some prickly weeds that like to hide. I was very excited to see native grasses, the summer grass had gone to seed & broadleaf paspalums are thicker & lushier. A beautiful salad of a paddock. I could even lay down in it, felt like a beautiful soft squishy fairy land. Never been able to do that here on our selection. I really know why the horses get so excited & go straight for the roll. Have a scroll through I know it’s a little repetitive but this is exciting when you work so hard on the land & nature all of sudden decides to go “here I’ll give you hand”.

On another subject, we caught her. The elusive hen that we, we being Walter & I, had been trying to catch for months(came from neighbours that are a little frustrating, mmm). I had been watching her for a couple of months now, I wasn’t overly concerned as she was spreading the horse manure over the paddocks beautifully. I just didn’t want her to discover the garden in the yard at any point or get taken by a fox or pack dog. Anyway, I was burning the weeds in the horses previous paddocks & the hen was hanging close, so I let Walter out with me he had a quick swim in the very full dam & then we went to work “again”. This time he was onto it, the hen tried to take off way down the bottom paddock but Walters skill full roll backs & turning were perfect, in hindsight I should have saddled Zina up. lol. Hen ran back towards me changed her mind & nose dived straight into the wood pile. Just in case you are wondering, I will be getting rid of the old lounges this winter. lol.

Where Walter was quit happy to await further instructions, can you see a little brown feathery bum tucked right under the pile.

I have taught every dog we have had, to round up the chooks, no matter the type of dog, Walter is Border Collie x Rottweiler, there’s a little hunter gatherer in him, even Princess our little Jack Russel was a great rounder in her day. All the dogs we’ve had, have had a gentle kind spirit. I told Walter to sit as he shakes with excitement & me telling him to sit is telling him his job is done. He relaxes. After a job well done there is always a reward, so another dip in the dam, Walter was more than happy to return the stick for several dips after a job well done.

As for hen it was into the trampoline chook tractor with her, to be with her rooster, Wheezy & the other hen, Dot. Not sure what to name hen maybe that’s it? we’ll just call her Hen.

We had a blow out

I know right a funny way to start a blog but this was hilarious. I have a very odd sense of humour. Everything we have on the land has character, or I see character in everything. And, yes, I do talk to everything.

Lets start here, we have a stunning view (take away power lines there’d be no view)from the middle of our property, it is stunning.

Yes, that is more rain coming.

I put up a post back on Dec the 12th, about putting together a shed, before the rains were due, so that was last month & it hasn’t stopped raining since. No kidding, it really has been raining everyday since, we’ve had areas flooded bridges closed & reopened & then closed again. A little town west of us is cut off due to a landslide, if you can believe that? in what was our little drought, fire damaged region. We get a little reprieve from the rain maybe a couple of hours a day & of course all the animals are enjoying the green.

I just love our old Danny boy, his middle age grass belly. I had just moved both horses to greener paddocks (in between rain) & Danny always has a run a fart & then drops for a delicious roll. The bet is whether or not he manages to roll all the way over. Scroll through to see, such fun. does he?

Yesterday was the longest we had no rain. From 9am till 3pm. I have had on my list for some time now to plough an area for corn. I had trialled a smaller area but it was just a little too shaded. I need to fence the area off so if escapee menagerie, eg chooks, cant get in & do what they do best. The old duck pen was no longer in use, the ducks have run of the yard now. The pen is about 4mtr w x 5mtr l. mmm what to do with it?

So now really is a great time to rotary hoe where needed as the soil is completely pliable & the grass is easier to pull out. Still cannot believe we even have soil to plough. Out I get, the trusty rotary hoe, start him up, “Roger that, all systems are a go”. Get it “Roger the rotary hoe”(sorry)lol. Off we rotary hoe, its going great guns, had to untangle the grass a couple of times no biggy. Doing a beautiful job.

I stopped for a minute to assess our progress, when I notice a screw & washer on the dirt, too shiny to be old. I did a quick glance all over the rotary hoe as there were a lot of bolts & nuts & washers to put it together to start with. It seemed quite sturdy still, so off we went again & I swear its butt dropped. As it is already a reddish colour it seemed inevitable it was going to embarrass itself & “plop” a piece of machinery landed at my feet. I so wish I had a photo.

It was one of the rotary hoe blades, it had ploughed itself loose obviously having to work a little harder in the dampish soil. I laughed probably a little too much, told it not to worry we’ve all had our moments. As the elastic in my baggy yard shorts had busted earlier & as it was I had the top of my shorts rolled over to hold them up. hahaha. We kept on going. Cause on the farm that’s what you do. We got the job done.

Now all I have to do is drag/ slide the old duck pen over.

Everything is just growing so well & we have never had greenery round us like this before.

Only had a few minutes, almost there, then it started raining again. To make it easier to move I’m going to keep a look out for a couple of trailer jockey wheels screw them on the middle on either side so I can lift & roll it to where I need with ease.

When the rain stops.

Colour me frog & call me green!

Everything is green or looks great in green or is enjoying the green. We even have a gecko first one ever sighted in the 15yrs of living here, how exciting & I don’t have a photo yet as it is very camera shy. One day I will grab a happy snap.

Ok, lets deal with the noise before we go frolicking & feeding today. The cicadas are unbelievably loud, I think they are happy with all the green to see as they sip on the sap of the trees.

They are flamin happy to tell everyone in a crescendo of a chorus that can make the dogs howl & the horses ears twist ever so slightly. If I thought ear plugs would be safe for the menagerie they’d be wearing them, even the chooks. I do try to entice Walter into the laundry for a little reprieve, which he is very obliging, at times & on special occasions he is permitted to come inside if only for a moment, before his tail starts wagging everything off the coffee table it’s back out he goes again.

I didn’t have earplugs for myself, what to do? what to do? I was using tissue, it made a funny sound in my ears when I moved, like fingernails down a chalkboard to my senses. I heard of putting a bit of vaseline on the tissue, ugh that would be too goopy, I know fussy fussy. I found an old pair of ear headphones that no longer worked, cut off the plug part & presto ear plugs that hang around my neck for the purpose of not losing them, unless I put them down somewhere & forget where(on a regular basis).

Now we have volume control sorted lets go.

Say hello to my little friend or is that a different one? I don’t know we have an abundance of them.

Those big gentle eyes how gorgeous. Did you know there is a frog dance? Have I mentioned it before? You may unexpectedly feel the slap on your leg or arm, oh you’ll dance, like an Emu before a take off, flailing around, you won’t fly no matter how hard you flap & leap. The initial sensation, is that this thing is going to eat you up. I have had my fair share of offended stares from these big eyed beauties. But fear be gone here’s another critter happy to be green,

so pretty, I think it turns into a moth from what I have researched. I don’t like to eradicate all bugs as we want the birds & bats to come, as close to a perfect little eco system as we can get.

Look how adorable it’s a little squeaky toy with legs, it’s sooooooo teeny tiny fluffy cute.

Green is to be celebrated

a yummy harvest that turned into? well I’ll show you in a bit, yes, I did scrub my hands before cooking, haha. First little onion harvest, sorry to the garlic, it turned into mush in the ground after all the rain & humidity, they were great full garlic, the positive is, its proof that we can grow it here.

We are all enjoying the fruits of all this rain no guesses for who enjoys it the most. Walter the wonder dog,

I often wonder what is going on in his imagination, I so want to join in, it looks like such fun. At the end of our frolicking day we have a feed of spinach & 3 cheese pie.

There is no more to do but rest our weary crazy heads on our favourite bed & dream of the fun with all the green we will have in the morning sun.

If it’s not raining. If it is we don’t mind we frolic in it anyway.

Ya Big Drip

The dam 4 days ago, sorry its a bit of a blur.

Soon you’ll see just how much rain we had in 2 days. I’m not sure of the mm, I tend to just go on how full the wheelbarrow is or now we have the tanks how full have they gotten & we have always had the dam to go by.

We had our own mini white water rapid.

That ran all the way to the dam, where the water is bubbling around the trees is the edge of the dam, it was so great too see so much water.

It’s nice to see the old blue board floaten again. Now we need a good wind that can bring some good waves to the dam, lol.

How awesome is this Mum & I had just gotten back from town & had to wait in the car for a little bit til the rain eased.

I have made my own gutter guard using a roll of chicken wire cut into lengths & bent into the gutter, so far so good. So much cheaper.

We’ve had a bit of flash flooding around town, it has been talk of the town for some months now, how we are overdue for a flood.

This little street has a bit of a dip to it, so at the time this pic was taken it would be double over head well & truly. Of course with the rivers all around us & the dips & gullys lead to the rivers so most areas are quick to fill & thankfully quick to drain.

There was a moment where the rain stopped & the poor Geese were desperately preening their feathers, I know they call this great duck weather but I think this deluge was just too much for the geese. They do have shelter & during a couple of deluges they were bathing in their paddle pools, funny duffas.

Our gutters freaked out at all the rain, drenching the verandah where our Walter usually takes shelter, one good downpour he actually didn’t have time to get off the verandah & hide in the laundry, the rain came hard & heavy. I had to let him in. I couldn’t stand his sad face lookin through the back door any longer. Upon entering the house he came to me for a reassuring pat then growled & moaned his way to Grandma too tell her of all his woes. Whilst Princess looked at me as if to say “well that’s just a little embarrassing representation of our species, really”

I finally got our Christmas tree up & Mum & I decorated it was such fun, a little odd as this was the first time without the kids being home to join in the fun, (a new chapter in all our lives). I was admiring everyone’s Christmassy blogs & pictures. I was reminded by one of my beautiful blogger friend of different Christmas collections some of us have. For me its horses, you see we have a little quirky humorous thing in our family where if something is desired that we just cant afford we find an ornament of that item. For quite awhile the kids as teens got toy cars. For me it was horses, having wanted one my whole life,not that I ever went without, family & friends had horses. I was truly blessed where that dream was concerned. Mum gave me a horse for Christmas every year for about 12 yrs, now thats where the real blessing begins. There is even a reindeer when a horse couldn’t be found. Not sure can you ride reindeer? Do you have a Christmas collection?

Whatever Christmas brings your way this year, whether your family & friends are near or far, I pray your heart overflows with much peace & brings you an abundance of joy & lots & lots of love to you all.

4 bandaids & 2 days.

Yes it did take 4 band aids & 2 days was a bit of hard yakka.

I checked out on line, all the feedback & what was within our budget, as well as providing what we needed that was functional & would last.

I don’t just look at the first few feedbacks on an item, especially if they are really negative. I will search through, as some of the feedback is, well illogical & ridiculous. I found one feedback from an elderly gentlemen(legit) whom said take your time, it goes together quite well & once together is quite strong & sturdy! That was it I plunged in put in the order for not one but 2 & a few weeks later they arrived, 4 large flat boxes & 2 long rectangular boxes.

Friends had not long put one together & so kindly offered to help suggesting that it cannot be done on your own, mmmm…..

Challenge accepted!

Some of you may think Im as nutty as a galah dancing on a footy field, but I have always been a all my byself kinda chick even as a youngin.

So here goes

Electric fencing curly rods actually have many uses & the sheets were thin enough to have a bit of give so that a bit of swaying & bending did no harm.

The instructions said to put all the corners up first & I could see where some would say you need extra hands. Where there’s a will there’s a way! By taking my time piece by piece it slowly came together, no matter whether I started with all the corners first or not.

This is of course day one. How about a break check out the garden just for a bit.

33c steamy heat, the sunflower was trying so hard & still managed to shine.

Ok back to it. With the walls up finally, yep it seems ok, pretty sturdy so far, I still had all my fingers & toes. It was recommended in the instructions to wear gloves. The only dilemma with that was that the all the screws & nuts & bolts were too small to hold & screw in with gloves on & the metal so sharp you would need a butchers glove really for protection. Slow & steady wins the race.

Day 2.

The walls held up beautifully over night with gusty winds as the forecast was for rain, rain & much more needed rain, due to start this afternoon. Can you see the nose of the rotary hoe bottom left hand corner, was the most awesome way to turn the soil before raking & spreading the soil to level the area as much as possible to begin the build. No need to hire a bulldozer all is doable with what we have.

Roof trusses together, wasn’t really heavy at all, I managed to lift it up rom the middle over my head on my own, carrying it to the front of the shed almost traveling down hill with the momentum lol, once I got the swing up right, off we went & up & on.

Here another moment in the garden, this stunning little grub on the grape vine will eventually be a beautiful little moth. It’s not destroying the vine at all, the colours are so strong.

More than half way there & by this time it was steamy hot & the metal sheets were a tad warm to handle. Some of the holes weren’t lining up, but with a bit of pulling & pushing I got there. The front door frame was the hardest to workout & I did leave that till the end not as the instructions suggested as step 4 in the process, I just made it step 6. haha. Much easier to work out.

Would you like a fresh strawberry from the garden to keep you going nothing compares to the sweet warmth of garden strawberry to lift your spirits & give the natural sugar high as only a strawberry can.

By now it has taken me all day. The work more fiddly than heavy & strenuous. I am yet to put the front doors together & the roof ridge cap & trim on. There is no time for that as the rain is coming & the sky is talking in rumbles. A couple of bits & pieces here & there to help secure it for now the new shed ain’t goin nowhere. Time to tend to the menagerie.

You can see we have had some rain in the above photo & inside is nice & dry a couple of drips here & there as the ridge cap isn’t up yet, it has so far withstood gusty winds & day 2 now of constant rain 250ml in 12 hrs, flash flooding in areas & the new shed still stands. Already showing its strength & character. When it is all together & complete I will slide it back into position & fill the floor with woodchip, crusher dust or ????? will have to look into that one a bit more.

One almost done & one more to go. The next one will be easier as I know where all the pieces go now & how they go. Here is a little diagram of what my intentions are with the overall function & look that I am after. Obviously not to scale, haha.

Essentially it will create 3 shed areas 2.6mtr, w, x 4mtrs, l, & 2.2mtrs, h, & be so functional I am soooo looking forward to putting a comfy chair at the front with a table to sit have a cold drink & enjoy all fruits of a bit of hard yakka & a few bandaids.

Oh by the way, i am still ecstatically back in the saddle horse happy.

Zina is going so well I totally forgot to hit the record button for this ride but she is asking(even with the funny angle of the picture) how gorgeous is she.

With all the rain though no riding or working on the property for a few days as can’t see for the wall of water that is the rain at the moment. Awesome much needed.

Please be inspired, never doubt & may your life be filled with the smile a little sunflower, the sweetness of a strawberry, the vibrance of a caterpillars colours & the majestic of the equine.

Up & at em

Are you awake yet? Have you got tea, coffee, cocoa, maybe it’s your bedtime & your all cosy & comfy? Well wherever you are in this big beautiful world of ours sit back prop your feet up & welcome to a little of my life.

I am usually up between 5am (sometimes 4) & 6am, if I sleep any longer I feel like half the days over, haha. I love getting up early as the sun shoots a glimmer of precious shimmering light that reflects of some of my precious treasures so beautifully. It lightens my soul, a perfect start to any day.

I open the front door immediately as our old dog Princess & old cat Turbo are busting to do their morning business, their little faces often pressed against the glass door, the anticipation can be pretty intense. Or if Turbo is outside & Princess is in, it can almost be a head on collision as Princess is busting & Turbo is apparently starving. I love the hilarity of our morning routine.

I put the kettle on the stove & get Mums breakfast things ready & my morning water & plunger coffee prepped. And so my day has started. I cannot remember if I shared about my new toys for the land. Given that our land is inundated with trees & the drought being what it is, even though we have had some rain to fill the tanks I wouldn’t say the drought has broken yet. With the stress of that & trees doing what they do, there are branches dropping all over the place, as a result we would have on average…. mm what’s the best way? oh a semi trailer’, yes imagine a semi load of timber & that’s about roughly what we have throughout our 5 acres.

The majority of timber is creating berms around the place but with rainfall being what it is or rather not, it is not moist enough to break the timber down quick enough to eliminate a fire danger. Some timber piles are, yes, wet beneath the surface & have made beautiful soil but a lot of areas need a little helping hand so here, introducing

“Mitchell The Mulcher from Michigan”.

At just over $1000 i think it cost, it works like a charm well almost.

You can feed thicker branches through the top.

Some pieces flick out quite chunky which is fine, I just put those pieces through the smaller chute on the side.

It munches them into the cutest little sized wood chips. It seems like double the work but & here’s the positive to the dilemma, it creates the perfect size timber chunks for the fireplace in winter, saving me hours of physical hard labour with the chainsaw, sure I still have large tree trunks to cut, the smaller pieces are so tedious to saw.

Working with the land you have to find the positives in everything you do or we wouldn’t survive.

The end result is a beautiful bed of perfectly chipped wood mulch that over time will create perfect soil in a weed free garden.

Which is always a plus in any garden large or small.

Ok so I was going to save this for another day you know a series of photos day 1, day 2. I am beyond ecstatic. It was 2 days ago now, its since been way too hot & now its raining, not that i’m complaining.

I am picking my times for both the safety & comfort of both, dare I tell you? oh ok, you’ve probably seen the photo, yes, My horse(Zina) & I. Im back in the saddle again, yes there is a lot of tweaking to do with the fit of the saddle & the amount of weight I have to lose, at my age it all takes time. Have no fear I am harshest critic. But i am soooo happy.

Zina went beautifully considering it has been I can’t remember the last time i rode, a bad fall (conclusion & torn still not healed ankle tendons, ligaments) took the wind out of my sails & the joy from my soul. I found it again, yay.

Zina tested me a couple of times but as soon as my butt sunk into that saddle I was home. The white on the picture is a plastic bag I had tied my phone to the rail with,lol, I will try better angle next time.

Zina is a pure bred Australian stock horse roughly 11yr old, she is in her prime & I must say I am feeling little spring chickeny myself.

So no matter what your up to this weekend may it put a canter in your step &

light up your soul.