Giraffes café.

Unsure what to title this one as I start off, you know when those little incidences happen & I don’t know about your family but as for ours we have a very quirky sense of humour both dry & very visual. Imagination is everything. Here goes.

Its midnight of course its dark & in our house its pitch black dark. we don’t have street lights or a lot of traffic passing with head lights gleaming (is that even a word)into our home. Its total darkness, like complete blackout especially if its cloudy or all the curtains are closed so not even the moonlight can light the way. Now you have the gist of how dark it is here. You can now imagine the silence other than the odd cricket or frog or night-bird its pretty quiet.

Not this night.

This night, not too long ago, I awoke to the sound of what I thought was water gushing from a tap in the kitchen, I lay still listening for a moment, trying to hurry my brain awake from a half sleep foggy haze, then I pounced out of bed imagining a burst pipe & water completely flooding the kitchen floor. Call the national guard we have a natural disaster immersing our kitchen…..

Now you need to remind yourself its dark & I mean dark, I am in pain most of the time with my feet, etc. so bouncing out of bed is not great & does not conjure up sounds of delicate ballerina like tip toeing. No its more like a majestic giraffe trying to ground itself after tripping over well…. nothing(add vertigo to top that off).

This is where having a narrow hallway comes in extremely handy, as you wont fall over, no way, now put that giraffe into a pin ball machine & hopefully by the time I’ve finished my great tripping giraffe dance I have pinged myself into balance & the pain in my feet has now moved to my hips, back, shoulders & elbows depending on what has taken the blow to steady myself the best, as I have so elegantly ricochet my way up the hallway.

I finally reach the dining room & its at this point that I think to myself how handy it would have been to grab my phone so I had some source of light….mmmm.

Patting the walls till I found a light switch, my eyes taking a moment to adjust, focus, as they are yet to stop floating around in a vertigo hazy roller coaster. The kitchen, the sink is not gushing or spraying water all over the place no nothing. IS IT NOTHING. I can still hear the funny gushing like sound, I get closer & closer to the sink & nothing.

Nothing but the bread board in the sink leaning up on the edge; wait…. its fully shaking quivering, slightly bouncing around the sink. Ohhhhh it must be a really big bug caught underneath flapping around frantically thinking its stuck(did it forget a light too).

Not knowing what was going to fly up at me & possibly send me into a screeching dancing now add ninja to the giraffe, I slowly & carefully with one finger lift the bread board up. Focus…. oh its the little battery-powered milk frothing stick. You know, they look like a pen with a little whisk on the end for when you  want your milk in your coffee or hot chocolate a little frothy, it had fallen into the sink obviously pushing the on button, OOOOh is that all…wait….hang on a minute…. but how did it fall off the shelf into the sink?

Just as I pondered & wondered & questioned this very intriguing midnight dilemma that was before me, the curtain at the kitchen window above the sink moved.

Ok so that reaction was more like a startled horse, I nearly sat.

I tugged on the edge of the curtain, it moved a little more & there was a long greyish brown tail, upon recognising the scoundrel responsible for this late night disruption. I proceeded to demand it show itself, which it did by scurrying up the inside of the curtain & onto the ledge of the architrave at the top of the window. Where it sat for a minute or 2 I made eye contact looking for a hint of humour of inner hilarity rapture, I saw it that glint in its eyes. You rat. The only reason the curtain moved is because it was laughing hysterically I’m sure of it. I chased it round the kitchen for a bit asking the obvious, trying to make a coffee were we? in my house? one lump or two? you rat, till it disappeared behind the wall oven cupboard. I can hear its whole family laughing now.

Can you imagine a sleepy giraffe chasing a laughing rat around the house? Well there you have it no national disaster, just a rat trying to make a coffee.

How elegant are you finding your way around the kitchen trying to find a coffee making rat?

You see now all I can picture is a rat & a giraffe sitting at a café having a cuppa whilst the whisk & the bread board are dancing in the sink…….


Hi Pie

Ok, so reading my kindred bloggers doing a little catch up, I love all the celebrations & well wishes.

The last few months have been a little hectic normality or something akin to it is coming back into play, so here’s a little story to well, hopefully entertain.

I am sitting in a new posy, I have a large glass sliding door in my room that opens onto the verandah out back, quint essential Aussie home. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep my desk here but a change is as good as a holiday. I can see the chook cathedral & hear the new chicks & the amazing screeching hiccup crow of a young rooster. There is a huge gumtree amongst many on our land but there is one down the bottom corner that at the moment is catching the morning sun highlighting the intricacy of its branches & little pom poms of greenery. Just magnificent.


No I haven’t taken down the Christmas lights yet that’s a job for today. haha

Haha well it’s the next day & the lights are still up, I’ll get there hopefully before next Christmas.

We have a shortage of good feed at the moment. I am yet to do paddock fences & rearrange a couple of gateways to allow tractors, horse float & trailer through & although I was hesitant to use round bales due to mould  & not a natural food source, we have found a wonderful man with impeccable produce so I know no weeds, very little mould spores which I remove if I do find & what I can’t use goes on the garden & breaks down beautifully. The horses get the majority of it & as I haven’t organised gates & fences yet for now we either bring the horses up for feed or drag a whole heap down to the paddock. It is crucial to open it & let it dry out for about a week before feeding if you can. I was very tempted to put a couple of eyes on the bale & call it cousin it, you know from the Adams family. But no for now it just puts a  smile on my dial whenever I look at it.



3 cheeses & spinach Christmas tree fun & yum

Walter & Edward his pet cat turned 1 this Christmas & as you can see they have both settled in well, that’s my bed Edward sleeps in well Walter, Edward & Turbo all crash on my bed. I am NEVER alone. lol


I’m sorry this picture does it no justice at all but Christmas lunch was amazing some of the veggies in the salad were from our garden hopefully next year I can say it was all from our backyard but it was such a great day with the family.


Our desserts top & bottom



And Christmas chickens we had 4 hatch a couple of months ago, 4 more a few days ago & another 4 or 6 on the way even with the huge electrical storm we had they all survived. All the new chicks will add to chook tractor that will be rotated around the property to clean up & fertilize where needed, so excited can’t wait, in the mean time we get to watch them play & grow & crow, well some anyway.

So the lightning storm I managed to screenshot these from a video I took of the storm from our back verandah, this only shows part of the amazing light works, the air was so thick with electricity, the brunt of it hit a couple of towns not far from here taking off people’s house roofs it was so powerful, thankfully no one was hurt.





Playing on the property we have a new Joey. I am yet to catch a picture of the Wallaby & her Joey I caught the Joey frolicking around the other day but I annoyingly didn’t have my phone or camera on me. I so did want to go play though, we are truly blessed to have living amongst us what we have. Cant wait to show you all.


Mums spider lilies put on a show.



Pies family has returned with a new addition, who came to visit us. Looking a little bedraggled after the rain & very kindly cleaned up the dog biscuit that were spilt everywhere from the dog.

From Tweetsville Tops where frolicking & feeding & siestas are the way, hope your new                                                          year is totally great.






Delicate strength.

Good morning beautiful people it’s so good to get back to the little land of blogging.  I have been reading everyone’s amazing stories sorry I have had no time to respond.

Life has been a little hectic but all is on its way to wellness. My amazing Mum had a fall & needed shoulder replacement surgery home now we all get to enjoy up & coming Christmas together. Yay

I’m not great with crowds but put me out on the land & I breath. I know there are eyes watching me & all around me there is a busyness that I can almost hear if I am quiet (or the neighbours dogs & trucks are quiet). There is a comfort in knowing that even while I sleep our little land community, committee, council  is busy keeping the delicate echo system exactly that, a system each one enhancing the work of the other.

A delicate web of activity.


I love these early mornings, we are very much a in bed, when the sun goes down & up when the sun comes up, kind of people, sometimes just before the sun comes up. Best time.


This morning was no different to any other morning where our little community put on a beautiful show. Really Edward you choose now to groom.(sorry)

There was a beautiful mist & the light was just glorious, with the rain we had last night just shows the strength & resilience of all of these dwellers.



Our land is never overrun with insect & its moments like these we see why. It’s the delicate strength of a fully functioning community keeping the balance of this glorious echo system alive.

I have sooooo much to tell you all & now I’m back in the zone I will endeavour to not overload or be too verbose, I am afraid though there is no guarantee that I wont get carried away.

Prepare for the verbosity.

Just a touch of dusting

Don’t panic it has nothing to do with housework. I love my home & appreciate what I have but who has time to dust & why???? If you saw the state of the animals when they come into the house & the humans as well, its like “really you dust haha”, oh dear some people are funny….


I know right how amazing does it look. You see I had to start here to show you the need for dusting. So this is the work in progress, the market garden & oh my, it looks amazing. So on contour the beds are laid out, Cuz measured width & worked out where to start & finish each bed. Where the paths are the soil is dug out down to the hard surface, basically as deep as the ripper went, the soil dug out is placed on top of the garden bed. Using a rake & level, each bed is raked removing all loose weeds(no chemicals or man-made fertilizers are allowed on our land) & leveled, the soil is amazing & we’ve got worms haha.. Such excitement. With all the levels, its steps, they are perfect for the giants who may visit us at some time, as long as they tread lightly..

See the little wagon with its precious load of sawdust….


A touch of dusting now that’s more like it if we could just run a pipe for about 5klms to the pipe that’s here at the cutest little sawmill ever that would be great. Of course we parked on the wrong side of it as far as the breeze was blowing that day, so it was like a sprinkling of fairy dust. On its own each spade-full wasn’t heavy at all, thank goodness as it took a few, but as a bulk collection the little trailer was a touch weighed down nothing too dramatic though.

Funnerer fun.


The second load was just as funnerer. The colours were amazing in the layers of dust.  This was the better side & we were having a laugh at what we would do if the little mountain collapsed, would have saved us a whole load of shoveling & if Cuz was buried (I would have driven off with his toes twinkling out the top & unloaded him when we got home.) That’s the thing I love about our family nothing is seen in a boring light, everything has a hilarious imagery attached to it…

The sawdust fills the paths between the garden beds, over time the dust will break down & become beautiful soil that can be put onto the garden if you like or not.20181009_094547.jpg

Well that’s it for now, so much has been going on I have much to tell you all, for now the giant steps have been started toward our dream of living.

Wait till you see my new toy….

Be well.




Four in the nest & the other one said…

Cutest thing ever & it never ceases to both amuse & amaze me. I’m pretty sure I blogged this photo before. Just checked; yes I did…. how adorable are they.

20180929_0951471-e1539380552542.jpgThe even funnier thing is they never kill a chick even as crowded as they are, they don’t fight, even after the chicks have hatched they all share the mothering.

Takes a cackle of clucks to  raise a chick.

Look just how adorable are they.



We have 2 yellow/white, 1 black & a mulch coloured one cause it is completely camouflaged in the mulch.


We have had chooks ever since I was little there has never been a time when we haven’t had them & I never ever tire of these moments. Cant wait till they are big enough to try the swing. Oh what fun they’ll have.



How do you start a post, blog or letter that keeps you reading on, this I have no idea about what I do know is its spring, I love spring, it’s now 6:30am been up since 4am; why? you say, I say “I have no flamin idea” but its cold I have gloves & a dressing gown over winter pjs. I will tell you this though its been raining yes our drought stricken little part of the country is finally being replenished. Its great rain, I know after drought isn’t all rain good? yes! but this rain came on gradually just enough to hold the top soil & give what is alive sustenance to get strength to stand up to the bigger down pours.

Our newly plowed land is soaking up the water beautifully & because it is all on contour the moisture will hold for a lot longer thus sustaining growth & promoting continual health within the soil. (photos pending) I do have a confession to make its tragic & I did show remorse & apologised, I killed a worm, the first sighting of a worm in our newly turned land & I killed it. So no photo moment, was a bitter-sweet moment, ooooh look a worm how cool a worm (probably only very few get excited about having worms) very short-lived excitement, I did thank it for its contribution to our hope in the land & where there is one there is bound to be more, thank goodness.

Nap time in the paddock. With all the rain the horses managed a little lay down in the warmth of the middle of the day, so I took the opportunity to get a little closer to our newest family member Zena, just to see how much trust she had in me, so far she has been very cooperative & the little ride around the driveway the other day was a perfect starter, I led her up to the arena & we had a little run around the tyres, on the ground she is great & responded well to what I asked (never demand) of her. I am so happy with her & my confidence is growing daily, starting to feel like me again.



Our little selection is improving daily.

I had to take a little trip to Port Macquarie yesterday (20mins away) I dropped off a saddle we had sold; anyhow I ask my Cuz & Brett to come with me as I didn’t want to go on my own to an unknown, well we had a great little detour on the way home!

Black Duck no not a new breed of poultry rather an award winning amazing industrial rustic quaint little brewery at the back of the industrial area.


Old crank it up truck parked out the front, the other item I didn’t take a picture of was some-ones Harley parked out the front dream things for our driveway, yes please.


Perfect little bar.


Perfect tasting brew.


There is more….




How could I forget to mention this one this is so exciting. We have a new family member. It has taken a little while but she’s finally here. Meet Zena…

1 (4).jpg

It’s not my best picture of her this was when we first met, I had a little ride on her & she was just beautiful a little high-strung but she hadn’t been ridden for about a year. Zena has been around cattle & out & about on the roads cars, truck don’t seem to bother her.  My friends father used to ride her as well as the grandchildren.

1 (12).jpg

Before I brought her home we took her to cutting practice a couple of times & she was a little defiant (a typical mare)but did what she was asked to do, she is Australian Stock Horse about 14 hands,  perfect height for me(I don’t bounce like I used to),she’s 9yr old.

1 (6).jpeg

We were also able to take her to a stock horse clinic held in our little town, there is another one in a couple of months we will hopefully get to so much fun & the couple that run the clinics are just beautiful people.


Zenas home she looks like she’s been here forever. Zena didn’t take much notice of the other horses although it was quite funny, you can see Marlo & squirt in the back ground see how Marlo is looking at squirt, well that’s because every time Marlo went to whinny something to Zena Squirt in a fit of jealous rage attacked him, poor Marlo couldn’t breath in Zenas direction without getting attacked from squirt. Talk about a female putting a male in his place was hilarious.


We had to wait a little to bring Zena home as I had to get her paddock organised, here’s a little tip. I purchased this solar battery electric fence battery off the internet for about $100 Aussie dollars, I wasn’t sure about it at first but I figured I couldn’t make a solar panel that cheap & I can recharge the battery electrically if I need to, it came with a plug-in charger as well, I’ve had it for over a year now & it works beautifully. You can see in the background of the photo of Zena in her paddock, Squirt & Marlos paddock is about an acre, this little battery has given Marlo a couple of good zappings, he like to test the fence every now & then, silly duffa. It has kept Zena safe & secure, I am going to invest in another one eventually to borrow a neighbours bit of land to feed the horses on for a while.

So glad I remembered to share this event I will have more photos up of Zena as we get to know each other a bit more. Can’t wait.