Its that simple!

I haven’t made pasta in quite some time, I found a really quick way on an Italian cooking show. On a clean bench put 2 handfuls of strong flour, 2 handfuls of semolina, give it a little mix up, create a well, then place in 2 eggs & a pinch of salt.

Yep that’s it, don’t be shy or fussy, honestly just grab two handfuls of flour, & two handfuls of semolina, that’s all you need for measuring.

Stir the eggs with a fork, till it collects enough flour from the edges, so it doesn’t run everywhere. Then knead in the rest of the outer edges of the well, till the dough is smooth & springy.

I found slicing it into thin strips, then rolling the strips out easier. If I wasn’t so rushed, I would have organised more room, to spread out the dough & roll it a lot thinner. I have packed the pasta roller into the obis, that is the now almost half packed, shipping container, for moving eventually, I am not unpacking the container to find it. haha.

Now it is not pretty straight pasta, & there is a bit of variation in the thickness, don’t judge, lol.


My dilemma was where to hang it, of course, I had, you can finish the sentence(packed the pasta tree in the shipping container). So where oh where was I going to hang it, there wasn’t much as the dough wasn’t real thin. Looking, looking, looking, ahha, there right there. It doesn’t get used very often, its the perfect height & its right near me. You will never guess where, really we are only limited by our lack of imagination.

IMG_20200221_172455_9                                                   Yes you are looking at the right thing.

IMG_20200221_170936_6Now with a bit more time & thought, if this wasn’t available, I would have just grabbed a stick from the property & had the same result, but this was available & as there was no one swinging from it, I thought ‘well the pasta may as well have go’. For obvious hygiene purposes I draped a piece of baking paper over it. It worked great.

making pasta_MomentInto the salty boiling water it went. Due to the thickness, being what it was, it did take a little longer to cook. I was worried about it being thick & gluggy but it cooked up perfectly.


Topped off with Curry garlic prawns another of my very simple recipes.                                                                            Dinner is served.

“Bon Appetit” hang on that’s French, I think, is it?




Oh I wish

I so wish you were all here, come with me for a moment, leave everything & just listen.

Wake up stretch, are you awake? if your feet & joints are anything like mine, place them gently on the floor give your body time to take in the morning. I make my bed task 1 done. Good morning to Princess our old long haired jack russel, arthritic joints & hard of hearing doesn’t seem to stop her rustling, snorting & rummaging up my freshly made bed, its amazing how much damage she can do. Funnily enough my joints seem to limber up with hers.

Smell the coffee as it brews, or watch your tea bag swirl & sink in your cup as you pour in the steaming hot water. Wait, just wait for a minute, maybe 2 for that perfect morning brew. Now sit, close your eyes & listen.

Oh how I wish you could hear.

The cicadas song is distant as the sun hits the garden, this morning it reflects off the raindrops, creating a magical sparkle of twinkling early morning light. Everything is green, so many different greens. I had forgotten what beautiful greens there was, emerald greens, a magical sparkling twinkling land of, wait, listen.


As I draw my thoughts from the distant sounds I follow the cicadas morning song, I hear an intermittent drip, drip, drip, as the last remaining precious rain water drains off the roof, hitting the barrel now over flowing with precious glimmering liquid.

The horses stand drying & warming, as their bottom lips droop succumbing to the warmth of the early morning sun,  it dries & warms their soft squishy muzzles & now shiny manes & backs. Their bellies full of the good green sweet salad that is our land.

A family of Butcher birds sing out to each other, the most beautiful song, the deep whoop of a pheasant coucal echoes from the undergrowth below the trees.

IMG_20200204_180504_0IMG_20200204_180531_5 (2).jpg

As my mind & thoughts move closer to the house, the cicada song follows, & the rooster crows announcing the day.

In fly the lorikeets’ after the sweet nectar that hangs in the raindrops on the grevillea flowers, not such a delicate song but a screech of attitude & fun, they gather for while, then take off in a screeching flurry, (next time your out after the rain shake a flower in your hand releasing natures sweet water, try it).

I am not sure if its cranky, maybe its the gentle morning breeze, swaying the droplets of water from the early mornings storm off the leaves, interrupting its morning sunlit forage. Who knew a little bird could have so much song, with so much volume & attitude(fortitude?). Its a battle of tiny delicate proportions, soon won by the loudest of the smallest most delicate of feathered miracles.

IMG_20200219_083221_9 (2).jpg
On the blue crate it won
IMG_20200219_083113_1 (2).jpg
Chasing off little Blue Wren(top left) & his Jenny(couldn’t catch her pic)

The air is sweet with the smell of the drought recovering good earth, the hard hot crunch & ensuing dust of the earth is taken place by…I take off my shoes for the first time in years(don’t judge the glare) & feel & squish the soft green rain drenched grass in my toes, my soul is quenched with all its goodness, once again giving me a new sense of energy & hope for the weeks & months ahead.


Life is good on our little slice of paradise, & it is just that, “our little slice of amazing God given paradise”.


Our climate is never boring!

So this is the dam roughly 2 weeks ago, note the fallen branch.


This is yesterday.

IMG_20200209_103408_7         It filled a little & then over night over 95ml of rain & run off, to this. It has been                               roughly 8yrs since the dam has been anywhere near this full.


Beyond excited it is overflowing & ebbing slowly down & around the property as I had                                             originally redirected the water flow about 8 yrs ago.


The garden is holding the water, a lot of water, it is ebbing away beautifully, no loss of top soil, not sure what seedlings will survive with this much water but the seedlings are still there just under water as everything is at the moment.




I’m a sucker for a Pav…


I love my pavlovas I found the recipe a few years back in a Country style magazine I have made one every year since. This one is 3 layers of meringue, bottom is white middle is pink & top green, layered with cream & berries & cream & berries & sprinkles on top. I try to do a different size & shape every year meringue is great for that.

Yes I am one of these people who love Birthdays every body should celebrate their Birthday, as everyone is worth celebrating. I had the best day. Yes it was my birthday yesterday. I don’t do parties or have friends over (I am way to awkward in a crowd) I am more than happy spending it with my fam. As I only have 1 close friend that lives near by we get together when we can & celebrate as her birthday is close to mine. I get Happy Birthday texts & phone calls from my extended family friends whom live far away & that I do treasure.

As our livestock are really our family I feel any loss deeply so to loose nearly all our feathered family to Fox & Hawk our little feathered flock was lacking so look what I was spoiled with for my birthday.


My Girl sewed up a beautiful gardening apron for me complete with pouch that the chickens will fit in perfectly when I go outside to garden they can run & play with me. I was given 3 chickens originally & my Mum gave me money so off we went for more chickens I couldn’t help myself. They are chickens after my own heart looks like their racing for the chocolates from my Boy & the wire cutters my hands had been screaming for, for quite sometime as my cockatoo tool had gone blunt from over use. As you can see spoilt beyond spoilt.



Ok I am no master at group selfies or any selfies really. lol

I was spoilt beyond ridiculously as always. My treasures took me to my favourite café in a little town not too far away called Gladstone (best cookies & smoothies & milkshakes).



IMG_20200206_091753_1There happened to be a thrift shop open just up the road from the café cause that’s a must visit any day really but especially on your birthday. We are trying to collect things to make a perfect table setting for special occasions (Christmas, Easter & birthdays) with a chook jug(Italian made) & a rabbit leaf bowl (a little tacky almost but very cute)Easter is set now. As for the little horse ornaments I haven’t seen these since I was a little girl, we didn’t have a lot of money when I was little & my love for horses one of the most expensive pets, it was little ornaments like these that we could afford & I treasured. A must have.

All in all a beyond wonderful day, I look forward to sharing the names & antics of our newest family members. I hope your day is as wonderful as mine was whether its your birthday or not.  Oh & we’ve had rain for a few days now, yay.


Teach the Goose to swim! WHAT?

I was reminded the other day…hang on let me show you this first, I took this yesterday with my phone. I had actually filled this shell pool for the wildlife during this drought, we have the dam but not everyone likes it. After the rain it was sprinkled with flowers. Obviously Eloise wasn’t keen on the dam this day. She just looked so pretty floating amongst the flowers, Don’t you think?


Where was I? A few years back before we moved to our little 5acre lot. We were given a goose from a family friend living in suburbia neighbours were complaining of its noise, so with this paddle pool which Bella, (did I mention her name was) Bella, had in her pen since she was a gosling she settled quite well with us & moved to our new 5acre plot with us.

Meet Bella.

Bella paddock

We had no idea if Bella was a male or female, never saw an egg & she was rather dominant. Any how she was so great, she didn’t like anyone else but me & followed me everywhere on the property, loved a snuggle

Bella & i were close

& if I ran fast enough she would fly beside me. Im sure somewhere there is a photo of the two us taking off together.

Bella used to run up the paddock with me

If I were to call the kids or any of the pets in the yard, at the exact same time I would call out, she would squawk drowning me out completely & unbelievably always on cue. With me yelling at her to shut up (while laughing) just added to her intensity.


One thing I could not work out is if we ever went in the dam she never came in past her knees, it took me ages to work it out then I realised. If I tried to make her swim out on the dam she would go into an absolute panic every time. Now she had only ever swum in a paddle pool never in deep water so the poor little darlin when she couldn’t feel the dam under her webbed feet she’d panic. So we started with the swimming lessons, yes you read right swimming lessons. We had an old 6ft soft board (many a happy wave caught at the beach) it was ideal in the dam so I started off sitting on that & I would hold Bella beside me level with the board so she felt safe & over time I would lower her little by little in the dam & as time went on she stopped looking at me with absolute panic in her eyes & she relaxed & realised that she wasn’t going to sink if her feet weren’t touching the bottom of the dam. Low & behold she loved it & when she realised she could swim she was in the dam with us all the time. Never if we weren’t out there as well. I guess she was safety conscious.

IMG_20200124_083655_7  Sadly it was quite a few years later I found her down the bottom of the property not sure if something had bitten her or if she was just old. But it was very sad when she died & very quiet.

Natures way & a bubble bath


Wow look at all that soil. It is about 1ft deep against the timber. With all that rain we had if I didn’t put that timber there it would have run off our land all together. This is actually the bottom corner of one of the horse paddocks, you can see the difference in the quality & health of this little patch compared to the land behind it, as we still have the house on the market I am going to leave it, to show prospective buyers the purpose of my crazy ways. It is a very simple concept that requires very little effort at all on any sized land.

IMG_20200118_100006_6 Journey to the centre of the earth, I watch too many movies I’m sure of it. The more I looked into the earth the drama increased in my imagination to, bubbling lava way way down deep, if I called out would someone from the other side of earth in some far off land hear me, a cave of earth fairies, you know the ones that undo the knots in the soil & are friends with the worms. Well lets just say I traveled for quite sometime its like a little earth smile telling us the rain will be here soon.


The next picture be warned has spider content. I was removing a black clip from a star post saw a suss web, unusual for where it was & my intuition combined with spider senses were right. Its a female red back, pretty poisonous extremely painful. Glad I disposed of this one before it disposed of me.



This is so cool, I love to have a wander in the rain on the property, check fencing, check runoff, look for any wildlife that may be caught in the deluge plus its just plain fun & my skin & hair are so soft after. I call this part of nature its bubble bath & it was only at the base of some trees.


Can you see the little white dots through the deluge. Our poor land, with the drought the trees drop lots & lots of leaves & branches due to stress, so next job will be clearing the thickest areas so as the grasses can come through. But it is very pretty.





I know! I was surprised this vine is about 4 years old & true to its nature is roughly on time to produce. We grew this from seed a dear friend & farrier & gardener gave us. This one seed not only survived but flourished. Once you see one then there’s another so far.


Flowers with the promise of more fruit.


Except for a bee all the rest were happy.

I am sure it looks cleaner & greener already, don’t you think?

Which means, yes we have had rain. Two nights of down pour, I’m not sure of the mm     whos measuring there are puddles & the wheel burrows & barrel are full.

Everything is shiny, clean & sparklyIMG_20200118_073230_0.jpg

                                 Even Mums spider Lilly’s have puddles in them.  IMG_20200118_073230_0

Much to the annoyance of this busy little native bee. We had a chat as he was pointing to the flower as if to say “how am I supposed to get the pollen out of that?”. He seemed very                                                        concerned about loosing his job.




He did move on eventually, after I explained the importance & the need for the rain.


The barrel overflowed, I didn’t have time to set up an overflow pipe so I rested a bit of guttering on top of the barrel with rocks for stability & noise absorption (have you heard torrential rain in a unfixed guttering, ITS VERY VERY LOUD) in contradiction to that it is the best sound ever. The guttering successfully  sent the water towards the dam.

It has been so so dry that it will take a few more days of downpour to actually start filling the dam at the moment all that rain is soaking into & filling all the cracks in earth, some of them I swear go to the earths very core. It will be a while before we see the dam fill up, none the less it is a little cleaner on top & the birds flitting about are loving the abundant feed of insects on the surface.

It is completely hectic I wish I could send you a recording of the bird songs this morning. I can imagine the feather traffic controllers are having a hard time of it. Traffic in the trees sounds completely congested, it is the best sound ever & really their has never been a happier sounding feathered traffic jam.