How do you start a post, blog or letter that keeps you reading on, this I have no idea about what I do know is its spring, I love spring, it’s now 6:30am been up since 4am; why? you say, I say “I have no flamin idea” but its cold I have gloves & a dressing gown over winter pjs. I will tell you this though its been raining yes our drought stricken little part of the country is finally being replenished. Its great rain, I know after drought isn’t all rain good? yes! but this rain came on gradually just enough to hold the top soil & give what is alive sustenance to get strength to stand up to the bigger down pours.

Our newly plowed land is soaking up the water beautifully & because it is all on contour the moisture will hold for a lot longer thus sustaining growth & promoting continual health within the soil. (photos pending) I do have a confession to make its tragic & I did show remorse & apologised, I killed a worm, the first sighting of a worm in our newly turned land & I killed it. So no photo moment, was a bitter-sweet moment, ooooh look a worm how cool a worm (probably only very few get excited about having worms) very short-lived excitement, I did thank it for its contribution to our hope in the land & where there is one there is bound to be more, thank goodness.

Nap time in the paddock. With all the rain the horses managed a little lay down in the warmth of the middle of the day, so I took the opportunity to get a little closer to our newest family member Zena, just to see how much trust she had in me, so far she has been very cooperative & the little ride around the driveway the other day was a perfect starter, I led her up to the arena & we had a little run around the tyres, on the ground she is great & responded well to what I asked (never demand) of her. I am so happy with her & my confidence is growing daily, starting to feel like me again.



Our little selection is improving daily.

I had to take a little trip to Port Macquarie yesterday (20mins away) I dropped off a saddle we had sold; anyhow I ask my Cuz & Brett to come with me as I didn’t want to go on my own to an unknown, well we had a great little detour on the way home!

Black Duck no not a new breed of poultry rather an award winning amazing industrial rustic quaint little brewery at the back of the industrial area.


Old crank it up truck parked out the front, the other item I didn’t take a picture of was some-ones Harley parked out the front dream things for our driveway, yes please.


Perfect little bar.


Perfect tasting brew.


There is more….




Author: workinacresnothours

A woman armed with ancestral wisdom is an unstoppable force. Single Mum living the dream on 5 acres creating an oasis to share with friends and family. With very little money, no machinery it can be done, it has been done,10 years in the making; I have loved every minute through blood sweat and tears. There is no greater joy in life.

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  1. Thankyou, Its funny you say that, if I get up any later than 7am I feel like the day is half over haha & I am a little sluggish all day, but between 4am & 6am perfect & I love listening to the birds wake up & the wallabys are usually around then too.


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