Four in the nest & the other one said…

Cutest thing ever & it never ceases to both amuse & amaze me. I’m pretty sure I blogged this photo before. Just checked; yes I did…. how adorable are they.

20180929_0951471-e1539380552542.jpgThe even funnier thing is they never kill a chick even as crowded as they are, they don’t fight, even after the chicks have hatched they all share the mothering.

Takes a cackle of clucks to  raise a chick.

Look just how adorable are they.



We have 2 yellow/white, 1 black & a mulch coloured one cause it is completely camouflaged in the mulch.


We have had chooks ever since I was little there has never been a time when we haven’t had them & I never ever tire of these moments. Cant wait till they are big enough to try the swing. Oh what fun they’ll have.




Author: workinacresnothours

A woman armed with ancestral wisdom is an unstoppable force. Single Mum living the dream on 5 acres creating an oasis to share with friends and family. With very little money, no machinery it can be done, it has been done,10 years in the making; I have loved every minute through blood sweat and tears. There is no greater joy in life.

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