Delicate strength.

Good morning beautiful people it’s so good to get back to the little land of blogging.¬† I have been reading everyone’s amazing stories sorry I have had no time to respond.

Life has been a little hectic but all is on its way to wellness. My amazing Mum had a fall & needed shoulder replacement surgery home now we all get to enjoy up & coming Christmas together. Yay

I’m not great with crowds but put me out on the land & I breath. I know there are eyes watching me & all around me there is a busyness that I can almost hear if I am quiet (or the neighbours dogs & trucks are quiet). There is a comfort in knowing that even while I sleep our little land community, committee, council¬† is busy keeping the delicate echo system exactly that, a system each one enhancing the work of the other.

A delicate web of activity.


I love these early mornings, we are very much a in bed, when the sun goes down & up when the sun comes up, kind of people, sometimes just before the sun comes up. Best time.


This morning was no different to any other morning where our little community put on a beautiful show. Really Edward you choose now to groom.(sorry)

There was a beautiful mist & the light was just glorious, with the rain we had last night just shows the strength & resilience of all of these dwellers.



Our land is never overrun with insect & its moments like these we see why. It’s the delicate strength of a fully functioning community keeping the balance of this glorious echo system alive.

I have sooooo much to tell you all & now I’m back in the zone I will endeavour to not overload or be too verbose, I am afraid though there is no guarantee that I wont get carried away.

Prepare for the verbosity.