A see ya later, A welcome, A friend.

See ya later Squirt, our little Shetland has gone to a new home on 40acres with plenty of grass an old companion horse & a beautiful new pet to call her own. Squirt was wrecking our fences & we are in drought with very little feed, yet! (self sufficiency doesn’t happen overnight). Funny story sort of on the way we had to stop as someone thought it would be funny to loosen the wheel nuts on the float, so we pulled over tightened those on the way & then further up the road we had to come back for the spare tyre that had fallen off the float & rolled into a nearby paddock thankfully not hurting anything or anyone.

Doesn’t the start of this road look like a great way to a new life.2019-06-02-12.15.50.jpg

Our newest rooster club, for the gentlemen of the species. Well the names don’t match but they are gorgeous & will increase our flock beautifully, let me introduce you, so on the top your left side is Denise (the menace), next down is Ginger meggs & at the bottom not that he is in the bottom of the flock by any means is Simon. So imagine what the offspring will look like from one of the gentlemen with glorious Greta, cant wait.

20190529_093833.jpg 1-8.jpg

Next we have; we have the sweetest little markets at a local hall & grounds, once a year. We walked in saw these 2, I don’t remember much else as the whole time I was procrastinating, yes? no? maybe? should I? yes? no? Well my Mum did for me on the way out, we bought them.  Meet Victoria, the pretty caramel on the ground & Albert on the pallet, they are adorable & just behind Albert you can see their swimming pool, (not the frying pan lol) they will eventually be introduced to the dam, but for now I need to organise Henry & Eloise (our other drake & duck) & make sure everyone is happy & safe.20190611_123513

Sunset through the trees from the                       Forget the flamin trellises winds                   verandah.                                                                  & lazy me not getting enough                                                                                                              ready. Small posts & string it is!

20190603_172611.jpg             20190529_101154.jpg

I know by designs I have looked at & read about compost bins can be made rat proof but out here there really is no point as our rodents go underground for access or chew through wire. So here it is. It will have 3 sections, so the first section you see there is faze 1 & I’ll add to it as we accumulate. You can see in the background well & in front how dry it is at the moment.


I love the coziness of winter I am never cold, apparently more importantly neither are the animals. Snuggly warm Walter & his pet cat Edward.


It can even hang a gate. Never doubt twine. Having bought round bales for the horses for the last few months, yes mould can be an issue, we found a lovely fussy man & if we get a mouldy bale he replaces it for free which we haven’t had to do yet. Anyway its rolled & tied with twine, as is a small bale of hay. Here you see it can; & I will use it for anything. Its great if you are not sure the placement of something is going to work or not. If not cut the string if so replace with permanent fixtures. Even a gate.


I have done it….. My whole life & I think if you have never made one you have not lived. I made a scarecrow, yes my first I had so much fun & I’m not sorry that I may have conversed a little too much whilst in the making. With a touch of character & a bit of whimsical fun.


Hitchin a ride                                                     Chasin the ride


Or dancing in the field

Just a warning to yall, once in place every time you see it out of the corner of your eye you may be susceptible to fits of shock & fright as my son & I did for quite a bit whilst wondering in the patch.

Sorry to the little field mouse that fell out of the boot, hope you find a happy dwelling again, as really where else would you want to live, but here.