A thief & a day at the beach.

I love our lands little surprises you are only limited by your imagination as to where you could be..     1 (153)


Someone was happy about the rain creating a beautiful hair style complete with orange highlights’.


Some might say rubbish but don’t judge till you’ve sat, I have put a piece of old lino that we used to slide into the dam as a ground cover to kill off the grass & hopefully soften the ground underneath to dig a decent fire pit, cant wait to finish.



A thief in broad daylight stole a worm, a precious worm we wont press charges it was just before the rains & all the wildlife was getting closer & closer to the house looking for food & water. We are blessed really.




A day at Forster Beach.  Family are members of the Terrigal lifeguards & every year all the surf clubs get together for the IRB races its a great day & I love that I get to spend it with my family. The weather put on a great show as did the teams of life guards.


It was a long tough weekend for all, sorry for the pic quality.


Next time your at the beach thank your local lifeguards for their time & commitment as soooo much training & prep goes into what they do to keep us safe.