Its Dangerous

Yes I know, I was thinking, could you hear the cogs rolling, I swear I do, it is a dangerous pass time for me. To share even a moment of my thoughts would take a lifetime so here’s just a snippet of a moment to start with…..

I have a book that was given to me many years ago, (Humphrey) it was full of empty lined pages already bursting with the promise of things to come.


It is just beautiful to write in, the pages are slightly aged, its like an old office note book. You can see the first section is alphabetically organised. It now holds a great deal of information accumulated over the years. Some tried & tested others, there is dream of the trying & testing. Great rest for my brain, I only wish I had dated my entries, I guess if I start now better late than never.

Ok so here’s what I was thinking a snippet a week, just a snippet of my achievements my findings my tried my tested, now if I do this I must stress that the information I have gathered may not work for you & I will not be held responsible for any outcomes of things you try. I will answer any questions you might have & appreciate any new findings you have.  I cannot stress enough though how important it is that you Please do your own research. 

I am a little excited to share this.


Now I have you all fired up & ready to read I was thinking maybe calling it ….. mmmm

Nope nothing I’m a complete blank the cogs are rolling but nothings ticking…..wait  nope. I’ll get back to you on when I’ll start.

My brain just started singing the Mr Squiggle song & I can picture Mr Squiggle drawing & the lady holding his hand was it Miss Penny? & the blackboard saying “hurry up” hurry up”. You can now see why the title is its dangerous, wait Humphrey!?…….

While thats going on heres a snippet from the patch.

Sometimes it pays to not weed, yes that’s right just leave it alone, we’ve been in drought & the majority of the garden has been bone dry & sad except for here ya go…


A little patch that I was going to let the chooks sort out. You can see there are different types of spinach & a few little lettuce dotted around. No that is not straw placed on top rather dried out grass that grew & dropped on its own creating its own natural ground cover. This is one of the greenest areas in the patch, on a berm with a swale behind & in front completely exposed to the elements that has survived the drought without me going anywhere near it. A little hope & reason to not clear completely. The nasty ground cover grass hasn’t grown through it as the taller grass has choked it out. YAY