Kookaburra sits on the blue swing set.

We have such characters in our lives & passing through. It has been proven to me time & time again that people who don’t have animals don’t get it, yes I do look like an absolute flip relaying stories & I’m sure I scare people at times, well if I’m going to be honest its probably all the time but sometimes you have to pull a face or walk a little weird & wave your arms around but if you had our humour & see the character within whom I am portraying you would understand it is necessary especially if you want the full story.

Like when a cat my daughter had “Henry”, would want to come in, I would open my curtains in the morning & as my eyes focused for the day ahead, WHAM there he’d be. Henry would take a flying leap throw himself against the window, splayed out hanging off the gauze, looking at me with such desperation. Once I said my good morning & my heart settled I would go let him in. Now whenever I relay this story it requires almost flinging myself at the poor individual listening & then summoning the best desperate face I can followed by a curt meow, who wouldn’t want to hear that story . You see this is how it is for us & many animal lovers out there.

You see all this for this one little story. I posted on my blog the thief, here he/she is again. I’m sure as it is only the true characters of the world of nature that get this close with this much attitude. A few mornings ago it wasn’t the live in family that greeted me, it was a true local. I had painted my Mums swing & my son & I placed it in the meandering fruit tree area I was wondering as it was so bright if it would frighten the locals away but no, compliments of my daughters fantastic photography skills, the swing has provided a perfect observation deck & with all the glorious rain we’ve been getting everything is alive & the land is full of feed for the locals, especially for this little one apparently.


I needn’t have worried about the brightness or the movement of the windmill the blue of this Kookaburras wing was highlighted perfectly by the swing frame colour.



Isn’t he/she stunning. This was my view from my bedroom & although not as heart stopping as other wake up calls, still a little catch your breath at the beauty anyway.

Aussie song

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree                                                                                          Merry merry king of the bush is he                                                                                                 Laugh Kookaburra Laugh Kookaburra                                                                                       Gay your life must be.