Humphrey & I

A page from Humphrey.

Obviously was a little rushed but you get the gist, double the width stairs so there is more sitting room to enjoy the view, tyres bolted together to make a fun way to climb back up as well as keeping joints & muscles agile & strong & just for fun a slippery dip at the end. I have the slippery dip ready & waiting now all I need is timber for stairs & tyres.


The full page reads….

20190712_075035-1.jpgUse an old coloured gumboot as a vase if the gumboot has a hole place a glass or tall glass bottle inside the boot as a vase, then you don’t have to worry about spillage. Only limited by your imagination. An empty can or milo tin placed inside the boot you can screw the boot to a board or screw 2 boots together fill with a bit of sand or pebbles for stability use for an umbrella stand or a jar or vase for flowers.





An accident avoided.

1 (5)This is the East facing side of the house. I had already started to remove the railings when I took this picture & this is the only time of day, mid morning, that sunlight ever reached.

It had been frustrating & worrying me for some time as this was the only access to & from the verandah from the yard, there are of course verandah doors on the house but to go out to the yard just always seemed an effort, it just didn’t flow. The stairs were quite often wet & slippery, this only added to the weight of what to do.


1 (6)Stairs moved the landing pulled down or rather just fell down & already much more light & I felt like I could breath, immediately opens up access down the side of the house. It was one of the most nerve racking things to start. Just so you know when you’ve had a lifetime of abuse to be able to think for yourself & make decisions can be terrifying. This was one of those moments, I will say though once starting on a project the adrenalin that ensues makes you super human.



1 (7)It pays to go with your intuition no matter the demons you battle in the process. If I hadn’t of done this I wouldn’t have found that whoever built the stairs & the verandah used the wrong screws. The fact that I had to turn all the decking boards over should have been a give away as they were upside down & the wrong nails had been used. (The smooth side goes up the rough side down it helps with keeping the boards dry). The bolts & screws were all rusted, the main bolts holding the landing up were rusted down to a pin thinness in some places, truly was an accident in the waiting.


1 (8)I know this looks really bad & the original cut out at the top of the stairs is wrong for this set up & believe me stairs weigh a ton. Thank goodness whom ever built the stairs got it right though, no rusty screws bolts or anything nasty.

The cement slabs at the base of the stairs are the old ramps to the shed that were of no use. Its amazing what you can move with 2 round logs & a long crow bar took a bit of fussing not much lifting though rolled into place beautifully.

As you can see the stairs are still a bit short, what to do? what to do?

1 (9)I wouldn’t recommend this but I had a couple of car ramps in good condition that I just don’t use, well haven’t had a need for yet. They are the perfect height for the stairs. Sorry the picture isn’t too clear. This photo as taken a few years back its all much tidier now. The very top step is a little deeper still legal height for stairs though. I will say it opened up the verandah immediately & accessing the yard became more enjoyable. 




Now there is a beautiful place to sit where the stairs used to be a positive warm welcoming vibe.

Bench seat at the end is made from an old bed head & end.

The bench seat from old stair balustrades for legs then timber I had left over from the kitchen build.

The table & chair was free from our local community markets they know us well.