Material shopping

Make your own bags. When we heard on the news that the big supermarkets were getting rid of plastic bags. Mum had some material so using a plastic bag as a pattern Mum proceeded to make shopping bags for us.


So cute they are great & can be washed. Mum has made a few different sizes so that not too many heavier items are put in one bag. They will break down over time not contaminating & filling up our landfill.

The checkout workers love them, the bags even have the little loops to hang on the bag rack at the registers.


Ironic isn’t it the big stores get rid of plastic bags but the new bags take even longer to break down & still end up in our rivers & oceans & they start packing fruit in plastic that sweats & make the fruit & veg go off quicker.

We try & do our fruit & veg shopping at our local markets as they are bigger now & we have a list of when other markets are on in surrounding towns.  Its so nice to be able to do our bit for the environment & the locals even in this small way.


Walter, teddy, Dennis & Jemima.


These cold nights we’ve been having, really there is nothing better than to have a cuddle with your favourite teddy. Walter has had this teddy since he was a pup, it is the one toy that has survived.

Come for a wander with me I have lots to show you.

I have beautiful friends whom had some bits pieces to get rid of, you know the old saying “one mans junk is another mans treasure” well its this women’s treasure anyway.

I needed to construct a chook tractor but with no extra finances for a fancy pants store bought looking one. not gonna happen. I put my building & constructing brain on & off I went.

20190712_150603A very rusty swing frame with just enough life in it to be repurposed. I was able to thread a bamboo pole through the top to add a bit of weight & reinforce the top. Laid the swing frame on its side & pushed down on each end till the supports at the end bent to the right width. Thus will cover a garden bed & path in width.

The base sides are old metal bed base sides wired through the holes in the base of the swing frame. At each end is tin that I cut to width & length & bent so they slide along the ground without collecting debris.

The whole swing set is wrapped & secured with wire netting & all joins wired together nothing is getting into this one.

On the ground in the background is the plastic nest box an old saucepan & freezer draw. Which I will explain soon.



Hilarious, nothing I ever build or put together is without personality or character it looks like the mini mother ship chook love tractor.


It took me some time to work out if I would put a door on it or not & decided not, as I can move it wherever I need if the chooks lay on the ground & I have cut a door & put a handle on the back of the nest box to access any eggs for collection.


Given the exposure of the area that it will be in I didn’t want tin. I used a big grain feed bag, by cutting up one side it slipped over the back of the frame perfectly¬† & tying it on really tightly with twine useful for amazing array of things.



I wired up the nesting box nice & secure, placing a bit of straw in it for comfort. The little door at the back is completely covered by the bag but I can easily lift it to collect eggs.. It actually adds a little more security.


Wiring the freezer basket to the frame & placing the water saucepan in it, it wont spill & will slide along the ground without tipping or leaving the saucepan behind.


Jamming a flat piece of timber in the wire creating a sturdy perch, round perches aren’t good for chooks feet.

I am really happy with way its coming together now how to move it.



You can see the cover is pretty tight. Perfect I had an old extension cord that was way passed its used by date.

I have tied it in a knot so the chord is shorter & with the rubber coating it is quite soft on the fingers & not too heavy to move. Was so exciting dragging it down to the patch.

The crate for the water worked perfectly.

The measurements are perfect.

Its just perfect.




The first occupants who got stuck into digging & scratching as soon as I put them in they are not related & will breed beautiful little egg layers.

Dennis as he is our biggest silky rooster & Jemima our very verbose bossy hen.

Hopefully we’ll have noisy little butt nugget laying happy hens in the future. All part of slowly but surely building our chicken stocks for meat & eggs.

All whilst they do the hard labour of cleaning up fertilizing & preparing the garden all year round.

On another note we have soil this is at the top of our property another area that was clay 3yrs ago. Dug out a swale, holds the moisture perfectly. Beautiful rich yummy soil.