Material shopping

Make your own bags. When we heard on the news that the big supermarkets were getting rid of plastic bags. Mum had some material so using a plastic bag as a pattern Mum proceeded to make shopping bags for us.


So cute they are great & can be washed. Mum has made a few different sizes so that not too many heavier items are put in one bag. They will break down over time not contaminating & filling up our landfill.

The checkout workers love them, the bags even have the little loops to hang on the bag rack at the registers.


Ironic isn’t it the big stores get rid of plastic bags but the new bags take even longer to break down & still end up in our rivers & oceans & they start packing fruit in plastic that sweats & make the fruit & veg go off quicker.

We try & do our fruit & veg shopping at our local markets as they are bigger now & we have a list of when other markets are on in surrounding towns.  Its so nice to be able to do our bit for the environment & the locals even in this small way.


Author: workinacresnothours

Land living for Living land. A woman armed with ancestral wisdom is an unstoppable force. Single Mum living the dream on 5 acres creating an oasis to share with friends and family. With very little money, no machinery it can be done, working in acres not hours. 10 years in the making; I have loved every minute through blood sweat and tears. There is much to celebrate on the way.

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