His majesty & the teeny tiny frog.


See how teeny tiny it is, not much bigger than the grains of dirt surrounding it, the colours are beautiful such a striking little frog.

That absolutely frightened the living daylights out of me.

20190707_104412-1.jpgThe little darling was hiding under the seed trays I was putting seeds into for late winter planting.  It didn’t look scared just indignant that it was disturbed like this. I gently encouraged it into a new hidey hole once my hands stopped shaking & my heart had settled back into my chest where its supposed to be.


20190703_120314So here’s my first ever go at hang on what’s it called wait I’ll have to look it up again.. found it; Propagating or air layering. I did a bit more research into what types of plants are best for this, so the cherry guava & the pineapple guava. It was suggested that these are the best ones to try first.

I also had a go at grafting some citrus onto an established citrus tree. I have a chat to them everyday  letting them know its my first time doing this & if they could take & grow that would be greatly appreciated. So far the grafted citrus are looking good. It is so frustrating & tests your patience, with the propagating I wont know for a couple of months yet probably early spring. I’ll let you all know or take a photo, if it all works out, if not well I don’t know I’ll just try again & hopefully the tree will tell me what I did wrong.

20190716_130852It is bigger than it looks but we have a fire pit now so while we can it will be great to have picnic barbecues & my Girl wants to brew her morning coffee over a small fire. I had to wait for a bit for the ground to soften under a sheet of old lino, the groud was still hard like cement but i was able to dig out the grass & level the area a little.


There is plenty of room for more chairs & it is right near the dam & over looks the patch & the lower gully behind. Surrounded by bird life its going to be so nice.  It looks so inviting.

895ea28d915a4d402954add4a6d417bd.0 (3).jpeg


Finishing on an obvious majestic note is our Edward. He likes to help where he can around the place.  The last float load of bits & pieces from our friendly neighbours Edward decided he would oversee everything for us just in case of … well…. I’m not sure really.

He is gorgeous though isn’t he? if we don’t think he is that’s ok as he thinks he is  & that’s the important thing….