Budget break throughs.

Pray for rain, please please please we did have a little which was so great,  but alas we are now on water restrictions & with the dam almost empty our poor ponies paddocks are looking very sad. Yes outside the fence line looks great & I was going to put the horses out there then council decided they would spray it all, not just the trees (which is all there supposed to get rid of as they are under the power lines), but also the grass & the Swanson pea which is a native & the horses love it. It is no good now & as you can see everything is drying out & dying off, such a dissappointment. I have tried talking to those in charge but I don’t get much of a response. If the guys spraying wear full protective gear including a mask then what are we all being exposed to. They do not understand our land & what we are trying to do anyway. Frustrating beyond belief. If we could put the horses out there or at least collect feed (which I have done in the past) they wouldn’t need to spray & it would give our horses almost 2 extra acres of feed. Well that’s my rant. Sorry to start with that. We just pray everyday for rain.

pray for rain.

My little old Danny boy eagerly trotting up ready for his mid morning feed. I love his winter wooly mammoth coat & then in summer we have Danny coat EVERYWHERE for weeks haha.

One thing I do love about our town & out lying areas are our markets. I’m not sure why it has only been really the last 2 years that our markets have grown.  We can now work our shop days & budget around our markets. Which we are so fortunate to have. Our shopping was done fortnightly usually at our local supermarket, with our fortnightly shop doubling in less than a year & that’s without meat, $300+ a fortnight to feed a family of 4 eating healthy was becoming out of our reach.

Our markets have improved exponentially we decided to try our fruit & veg shopping at our river side markets $20 bought 2 weeks worth of fruit & vegies & $60 at our local butchers (remembering our little land is in drought)for meat & for the few condiments & necessities from our supermarket was still around $60. We don’t have exact amounts but $150 or there abouts was all we spent on 2 weeks worth of shopping to feed our family of 4 that’s $75 a week. Next fortnight should be less as we had to spend a little to save a lot in the long run. I’ll let you know.


With the extra money we had left over we were able to & with a little extra help from Mum, purchase a bread maker. Watching our favourite Sunday show Landline they had a program about an Australian flour company, PERFECT, our local supermarket stocks it.

It meant that this fortnight we had enough money for extras to improve our selection. The next big market was an hrs drive from home,  with new found enthusiasm I headed off.

Arriving at lunch time I found a carpark easily & off I went. This market is set in one of my favourite areas. The town of my ancestors, Bellingen, rolling hills, beautiful mountain scenery if I was able to pull over & take photos I would have, maybe next time…. I took my time as PTSD does not do well in crowds at all, it was a little overwhelming (I am country) & I  had to constantly slow my thoughts down to concentrate. I was hugely disappointed with the fruit & veg side of things & thank goodness for my sanity I found 2 stalls that are regularly at our Kempsey markets. lol.




I purchased myself a gorgeous little apron with pockets for when I’m gardening & collecting eggs.



Then I found one of our best native plant suppliers, $3:50 each for start ups & everything we have brought from them in the past has grown beautifully, there’s a tip if your buying from a new supplier ask around first or buy 1 or 2 things see how they go, before you commit. Well I went a little nuts, 11 natives & they are beautiful.

Market fun

From left to right: Native Olive, Sandpaper Fig, Green bottlebrush, Yellow Banksia, Brush Cherry, Weeping Lilly Pilly, Native Olive, Sandpaper Fig, Black Sheoak, Magenta Cherry, Black Sheoak. Yes I did buy 2 of a couple of the varieties, as well, I don’t know why, it was fun to be able to & there pretty.

I am yet to decide where to plant but if they can help block out the neighbours dogs barking & provide food for friends & our animals & us that will be great.

The bag in the background was made by an elderly man using plastic packing strips that you see around boxes sometimes. Its a great size can be hosed out washed & will last ages, its soft to handle & saves adding to our landfill. I’m actually hoping to buy more & use them as washing baskets.

20190721_110741.jpgSee it fits a great load of washing & was quite easy to carry to the clothes line & sat up well in the washing trolley & its pretty too. I have to get more & support a dweller of my ancestral land.






Back to  fruit & veg, no need to panic there is a fruit market on the way into Bellingen. I stopped there on my way home & bought some amazing beautiful fruit & veg locally grown. 2 – 3  weeks worth under $40 there is actually a whole bag of mandarines & pears & lemonades. What seeds I can save as it is all organically grown I will save & yes it will take a long time to fruit but the idea of purchasing like this is to be able to now & one day pay it forward.


I am contentedly exhausted & knowing my family is eating well is always a great comfort. As our garden grows & improves there will be less need to buy so much, but that doesn’t mean I wont buy more…..

On an equally wonderful note my fantastic boy bought me a gift from our tender centre. I did shed a tear. Sorry the photos aren’t great.

20190718_163140.jpgPizza oven. The front has the perfect size opening for a pizza & its adorable little chimney & quaint little metal stand. It has taken  huge thought process away about building a pizza oven. The transformation of Little Italy is getting closer & closer to fruition. It is kind of tucked under the barby for now I don’t want it getting damaged in any way.



Wow that was a lot, i hope i didnt verbose you out, but was so much joy to share.






Author: workinacresnothours

Land living for Living land. A woman armed with ancestral wisdom is an unstoppable force. Single Mum living the dream on 5 acres creating an oasis to share with friends and family. With a limited budget, no machinery it can be done, working in acres not hours. over 10 years in the making; I have loved every minute through blood sweat and tears. There is much to celebrate on the way.

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