Humphrey sort of….

Ok so I’ve hit over drive, sometimes you just have to stop I usually try have a day of rest at least one day a week, (the Bible is full of fantastic common sense life lessons).

I tried to copy & upload the Humphrey page for this week but alas I have had trouble coordinating anything & have decided to just give you a simple idea from one of the many pages that is Humphrey.

20190725_082036 Mum wanted to have a browse in our secondhand shops & of course I was more than willing happy & able to oblige after all it is our favourite thing.

Besides a few things Mum found i grabbed these sun visas, paid 50c for the lot. Had the string at home. Simple really just put holes in the corner of the material tie string off making lengths as even as possible & wella.

I had already dried everything on the bottom 3 shelves, I wanted to see how it balanced. I cant put too much on as the weight makes the shelves fold (I could crisscross some wire for extra strength) but I only really have a small amount to dry at the moment any way, which I placed on the top shelf. Its fun experimenting.

Helps to get to the final product which will be a cupboard or old fridge, not sure of size yet covered with gauze & chicken wire (our rats chew through everything) & with gauze or these visas as shelving. Yes I could make the cupboard myself 4 frames screwed together there you go, I have enough major projects at the moment there is a limit to what I have time to do. (haha apparently)

20190726_084412.jpgYears ago I had already made a couple like this using picture frames & gauze, frames from the second hand shops.

I like to try different things out, as if I cant use it for one thing there may be another use for it & if not, clean it up & send back if I can.









What is your latest project?¬† Whatever it is I hope your having fun….