Grab a cuppa, put ya feet up & rest.

I am sitting at the table in the room we like to call the library, its my morning coffee place, looking out the window at the smoke fog filled tree line, the sun is just hitting the tree tops reflecting a reddish hue on the white limbs of the gum trees that seem to stretch taller & taller everyday as if searching the sky for any sort of precipitation, there’s a intermittent twang as the morning gives your senses a little hope as the dew drips from the roof line of the house hitting the gutter reminding us there is still moisture out there. A large flock of black cockatoos screech its way over the tree tops announcing the promise of rains to come & the weather reports have announced the arrival of rainfall in next couple of days. I pray someone got it right, we tend to trust the wildlife, their weather announcements’ are pretty accurate.

As my thoughts come back inside the room, the library, though the sense at the moment is there is not much of the air of the intellectual literate scholaring going on in the room. Most now know we have our house on the market & everyday I pack another little piece of our soul. Its quite funny how on our selection, I think especially when there is a deep sense of connection with the land, not just the house, becomes so much a reflection of who you really are, our selection homes 4 of us, packing 4 personality types no small feat that’s not even including the whole menagerie. No we’re not having a garage sale as so many do, i’ve seen toy story i know the trauma the toys go through. A few things have gone to goodwill & one of  my besties. I have almost finished painting all the walls in the house & am almost up to tidying up the house yard. I can say I now know every muscle in my body, I don’t know the names of them all but we are getting acquainted. I haven’t ridin the horses in months & my joints & soul are feeling it.

I have no idea of where our next selection will be exactly although we have a rough idea. We are not worried as when the time is right our belief is that God has it all under control. Our selection will be just that, “Our selection”.

For now here’s a little snippet of life here on our selection at the moment & it’s still blooming great.

img_20190902_170907.jpgOur back garden is kept thriving from the shower & bath water.









Say  Good Morning Elouise!











One of four new arrivals.







One of my best friends feeds the birds sorry for the picture quality it was blowing gale force winds but you can make out the glorious colours.




Must remember to shut my bedroom door throughout the day as you can see he doesn’t even have the decency to lay on his blanket at the end of the bed when I am not in the room.


Cant stay cranky with him too long. Having a chat with his new found friend Lewy the fly, they chatted for ages, kind of grossly cute. Scary guard dog.

Hope you all are happy & well, I’m going to have another coffee how about you.