Where will the water come from next.

The smell of eucalypt hangs strong in the hot dry air its mixed with the smell of burning bushland both near & far, its 8am & the smoke is thick again


We have our home & our livestock & our little family & the fireys are amazing. It is usually fire season for us now, although not with drought this bad, to back it up thus intensifying.


Our poor magnificent gum trees are dropping not just leaves now but many twigs & branches from dry & heat stress. The little seed pods are just gorgeous like little dried flowers straight out of Alice in wonderland.

To make as much use of the water as we can, the dishwasher water goes to the daisy garden & the hose gets moved around the area as needed. I have drilled a hole in the wall for the hose, as to drill through the floor would be too hard to patch if needed & I can easily check for leaks. I didn’t have a straight joiner for the hoses, so this joiner did the job anyway. We keep a little water in the bird bath & shell pool the finches & wrens love it.

IMG_20191206_102643    IMG_20191206_102551


For some time now the shower & bath water has gone onto the back garden that is just below the verandah via a hose that I have attached to the drains under the house. This goes onto sweet potato, mandarin, lemon, passionfruit, mushroom herb & an array of natives all goin mad.

The funny thing is our little council banned the use of waste water on the garden but now we are on level 3 water restrictions its allowed, wouldn’t you think if we were allowed to use our waste water we would be better off as far as our water supply goes. mmm. There are some mysteries we will never solve.




There is you can just make it out, a series of trenches I have dug that take the washing machine water to the fruit tree & vegie patch area. I will plant along these edges as well eventually, for now though it can feed the fruit trees that are looking a little desperate. 





As for our little vegie patch this is one of 3 little patches, (water restrictions) easy to manage this size, I only planted seeds yesterday, so I am excited to see what comes up. 2 buckets every morning I fill at our dam. I have string attached so all I do is toss the buckets to fill & carry them up to the garden, its not far to walk & incorporating it into my morning menagerie feeding, makes it easy to manage.


As you can see below, well below, speaking of low our dam has never been, you guessed it, this low. When things are good this dam is usually up to Walters tip top of his tail, we are still very fortunate though to have water in our dam its pure management really. We have a managerie of wildlife that frequent it for water & for food as there are loads of little fishes & other insects in it.



Still great for a cooling dip, its keeping him out of the house after the swim that’s tricky.


She a little too old & delicate for a swim in the dam now, so digs a hole where she can, no matter the weather she has to be close, our Princess.

We are expecting a little rain next week according to the local                                                                               wildlife & weather bureau.



Author: workinacresnothours

Land living for Living land. A woman armed with ancestral wisdom is an unstoppable force. Single Mum living the dream on 5 acres creating an oasis to share with friends and family. With very little money, no machinery it can be done, working in acres not hours. 10 years in the making; I have loved every minute through blood sweat and tears. There is much to celebrate on the way.

4 thoughts on “Where will the water come from next.”

  1. I do hope you get that rain. You are so wise in your water use. So important! I lived in an RV for a couple years in the desert, and I had a hose attached to the grey water so that I could use it for watering plants. I would like to setup my future house like that. Best of luck with your garden. I hope the smoke stays far away from you.

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