How to get the locals talkin….

The air is thick this morning with the promise of rain, my joints are aching & I heard the black cockatoos last night, I think or was it early this morning….. argggg, I cant remember; anyhoo.

Good morning or is it good evening or even good afternoon for you. My beautiful people I hope everyone is well & your families & menageries too.

I had some beautiful family friends drop in the other day, is always great to catch up & typically never long enough as the story goes for many of us. As us country bumpkins do have conversations that would curl the hair of city folk or turn stomachs I was reminded of one oddly hilarious event.

We had an old 4 door ute a few years back, was the best reliable old thing to get around in. The tray on the back was a great size; it was a 4cylinder 5 speed, diesel, manual & it had cup holders that pulled out from the dashboard just below the air vent. But the best thing about it was that you knew we were coming probably 2klms before we got to you, it happily bounced & rattled us anywhere we needed to go.

One evening there was a poor dead roo on the side of the road, now around country areas if its fresh, rather than leave it to rot & decay & stink out the local area for a 5klm radius & beyond. If you have ever driven past a site such as this on a stinkin hot day with the windows down enjoyin the summer breeze, you know the you can never get the window wound up quick enough before it assaults your senses & fills the car with an aroma that would burn not only the hairs in ya nostrils but surround your brain in a stinky fog that will last the whole trip “especially” if you forget to shut the flamin air vents as well.

Ok so now you have a picture in ya mind. I was travelin home the back way one evening & noticed a large roo on the side of the road (fresh hit no suffering). So I tossed it into the back of the ute, & headed off to a mates place where it was disposed of with gratitude.

Now the next day was local voting day for our little town, so everyone travels from a reasonable distance creating a buzzing busy little town.  Town is always packed on voting day.  Its the one day parking may be tricky to find. Mum & I hopped in the trusty old ute & off we went, I got a great car park????

Now after voting we came out & the car parked behind us had gone….so the back of our ute was completely exposed & facing the exit of the voting centre, horrors of horrors arggggg…. what I hadn’t realised was that upon tossing the roo into ute & it being so fresh, I hadn’t thought about the blood. Well my little ute tray had trails of it all through the tray & as if set up for an epic country horror film down the outside edges & the back of the tray & over the rear lights oozing drama & intrigue.

I could not get to the ute quick enough & have you ever tried to speed home without breaking the speed limit “SLOWEST TRIP HOME EVER”. Thank goodness we were not on water restrictions I scrubbed that tray within an inch of its life (pardon the pun)& didn’t go out till I figured the locals had forgotten what my ute & I looked like.

excuse amateur details

From then on I phoned a friend of the location of “potential gratitude” I figured it was less traumatic for well everyone really.