Nothing to do with the weather.

Now some of you may know that I love my thrifty shopping & since putting the house on the market I have been very good & said no to myself (sometimes out loud ok often out loud) do you know how hard it is to walk away from things that yes I could use now & would fit in perfectly with the asthetics of who I am. Ok yes I know you can hear a but in the sentence coming, I know, I know, ok here it is BUT, this one I could not walk out without you’ll see why…

img_20200110_071945_4.jpg I know right, its heavy its beautiful its in perfect condition. Guess how much I paid for it you’ll never guess????? Ok i’ll tell you so I looked up what this brand & size retails for it averages in at around $300 to $400.

It was just sitting on the shelf in one of our local thrifties for $10 yep. You can see why i was totally justified. But wait theres more.


My Laura went thrifty shopping a few days after & came home to tell me of another find, so we jumped in the car & off we went I couldn’t believe it.

img_20200110_071945_4-1.jpgI know right, so this one was a little dearer & a Crofton still a good brand. Retails at around $50 new.

At $20 near new I was not going to let this go either. I think I will be right now for a while.



I cant guarantee that I wont talk to myself again, maybe.