Except for a bee all the rest were happy.

I am sure it looks cleaner & greener already, don’t you think?

Which means, yes we have had rain. Two nights of down pour, I’m not sure of the mm     whos measuring there are puddles & the wheel burrows & barrel are full.

Everything is shiny, clean & sparklyIMG_20200118_073230_0.jpg

                                 Even Mums spider Lilly’s have puddles in them.  IMG_20200118_073230_0

Much to the annoyance of this busy little native bee. We had a chat as he was pointing to the flower as if to say “how am I supposed to get the pollen out of that?”. He seemed very                                                        concerned about loosing his job.




He did move on eventually, after I explained the importance & the need for the rain.


The barrel overflowed, I didn’t have time to set up an overflow pipe so I rested a bit of guttering on top of the barrel with rocks for stability & noise absorption (have you heard torrential rain in a unfixed guttering, ITS VERY VERY LOUD) in contradiction to that it is the best sound ever. The guttering successfully  sent the water towards the dam.

It has been so so dry that it will take a few more days of downpour to actually start filling the dam at the moment all that rain is soaking into & filling all the cracks in earth, some of them I swear go to the earths very core. It will be a while before we see the dam fill up, none the less it is a little cleaner on top & the birds flitting about are loving the abundant feed of insects on the surface.

It is completely hectic I wish I could send you a recording of the bird songs this morning. I can imagine the feather traffic controllers are having a hard time of it. Traffic in the trees sounds completely congested, it is the best sound ever & really their has never been a happier sounding feathered traffic jam.