Even the cat recycles

This week just gone has been a little different, time does fly when your having fun… G day you bunch of wonderful fun friends.

I had done a lot of cleaning up in & around the dam, to be shown off later. haha. Yes it was a little heavy, but you know me, it’s what I love.

After say about 2 days work slogging it out, chain sawing, dragging branches, cutting up logs, creating piles ready for mulching. I come inside on completing that part of the job. Excited as the next day I get to play with the mulcher, funnerer….

I open the fridge door as the cat & dogs & native birds were asking for dinner. I bend down to get a spoon full of meat, for the inside oldies, Princess & Turbo. BAM!!! I’m done. My lower back grabbed me like a vice with a knife in it. Thus causing the muscles on either side of my spine to go into a complete immobilizing spasm. I’m thinking, great now I have to live in the fridge & I hate the cold….

I stretched through the pain to release the spasming muscles. Who does that? Your kiddin? the job I had just done outside would fill a 1ton truck with debri, but pick up a spoonful of pet meat?????

This is where the human body does baffle me. Anyway don’t panic I have muscle relaxants, crucial to the healing process & the pain killers just for sanity. Without relaxed muscles that joint ain’t gonna budge. I could feel the joint in my lower right side, not where it was supposed to be. I have a back brace that I wore just loose enough to allow me to breathe, as I still have to look after my menagerie. 3 days later, which was yesterday. I did my morning stretches & a very audible clunk, the pain is gone, the joint is back where it should be & I can move a little freer. The area is still a little inflamed, that will settle with lots of comfrey ointment. 3 days behind in my chores but I can function & nothing is permanently damaged. I do so & have always considered myself hugely fortunate & blessed that I am not in pain like that constantly as some people are.

I will continue to take it easy for the next couple of days. I did grin a little though as my back unlocked as local lockdown unlocked as well, haha.

I think I will be finding a lighter jobs to do for a few more days. In the meantime here’s a couple of projects I completed a few weeks back, that wont break your back or your budget.

Did you know a picture frame screwed to the screen door makes a perfect doggie/cat door. You can get as ornate as you like & whatever size you need.

The frames $2 from a thrift shop, a few screws, 10mins of my time & wella.

Turbo assessing her new front door.

The front door was the first one I did, my owners worked it out quite fine after a little disgust at the change, you see this meant that we, their pets, no longer had to serve them by letting them in & out by opening & closing the doors, they can come & go at their leisure, such lazy pets these owners have.

The back door, uninterrupted views.

The back door was the second one, we have 4 screen doors like this, which I will be doing like the back door. I decided to remove the ugly metal piece in the middle, screwed support pieces in the corners, this gave Mum & I uninterrupted views to the world outside. You see if any of our native friends landed on the veranda rail for a chat, we couldn’t see them through that metal piece. By removing it, we can now sit & chat with them all, anytime of day & It’s amazing how much light comes in just by removing that ugly metal piece. The biggest expense was the new screen gauze. I bought a roll off eBay for around $20.

Rolled up doona & pillow case.

Onto the Princess beds, to save the lounges. 2 pillow cases again as fancy as you like. $1 from thrift shop, an old doona insert cut to size, rolled & tied. Tuck the rolled doona into the inside edge of the pillow case, creating a nice little snug surround. Stitch the corners to hold the insert in place & wella a doggie bed not $20 or $50 just $5. Princess approved immediately.

Princess approval.

Don’t worry about any left over bits & pieces you have to clean up. You have to wait till the cat says you can. She’s really the recycle Queen.

You try clean that up….

Thankyou for being you.

Author: workinacresnothours

Hi my name is Linda & Frolicking and Feeding, Land living for living land, with God, Love and a touch of fairy dust it's fun & it can be done. Working a small 5 acre farm with my mother, I am a single Mum with 2 adult children. As a single woman its so easy to doubt yourself. My hope is that my antics give you confidence and insite that you too can achieve your dreams.

20 thoughts on “Even the cat recycles”

  1. I’m so happy to hear your back is better, whew, scary when a thing like that happen! Most of us (myself included) aren’t grateful enough that our bodies actually function as well as they do, despite what we put them through.
    Your cat door is such a wonderful idea. I could see this work as a dog door as well, if sturdy enough. Be safe and take care of yourself. I am sure you can find less straining tasks to take care of for a few days. Thank you for this delightful post ❀

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you my friend I am much better. I hope I didn’t sound too negative, it has always amazed me at how the body just keeps goin. I am looking into getting a rowing machine great for back strengthening, horse riding is best but I can’t do that not for a little while yet. The cat/dog door is working out great. Have a magnificent week ahead. ( :

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  2. Oh my goodness! I know how hard you work and it sounds like you over did things but am happy you are better and you have muscle relaxers to help those yucky spasms. You are sooooo creative, love the cat doors! Very cool! 😎 And the pillow you made for Princess, she looks very comfy! So good to hear from you and stay strong and try not to over do it! Take care my friend! 😍🐴❀️🀠

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I try not to sound like a drama queen, my issue is a high pain tolerance great in one way but not in others. Isn’t it great having critters in our lives. I will hopefully be posting more on the ponies soon, not too soon though. lol

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    1. I am a sucker for a hard days work, Drs can be so quick to hand out the pain killers which I don’t like to take if I can help it, it’s the muscle relaxants that take away pain like that. Thank goodness as I really didn’t want to be stuck living in the fridge. lol. The family luxuries are working out great. Although it was funny watching Turbo cat, glare at us in disgust at the new little door ways. Which I will glam up to just shy of tacky. Have a fantastic week ahead & pat & cuddle ponies for me. ( : ( :

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  3. Ouch! Glad it worked itself out. Yes, keep it light for a little while as you continue to heal. Nice projects you showed us – sometimes these simple ones are as satisfying as the large ones, and far less likely to mess up your back πŸ˜‰

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    1. So true my friend, the smaller project were such fun. It was kinda funny, I did have a laugh at myself stuck at the fridge. I’m know I am a little odd but really a spoon full of pet meat to trip my back. lol. Have a musical outdoorsy fun week, my friend.

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  4. Oh dear! I am glad you back reset itself . I am big on muscle relaxants for situations like that. So far my back is pretty well behaved but my husband has had 2 spasm incidents over the summer. I’m glad you are feeling better now. Take it easy with things that could strain your back.

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    1. Thankyou, It was such a relief in many ways when it righted itself. I feel for your husband it’s horrible & I’m so glad your back is not so mischievous. I mentioned the relaxants as so many people I know reach for just the pain killers & it takes them weeks before they get relief, poor darlins.
      I try to find lighter jobs to do, it feels like being in school detention, lol. Have wonderful rest of the week my friend & give Biasini a pat from me.

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    1. Pain like that is intense isn’t it, thank goodness I am much better now. Thankyou, We have a chiropractor but way out of our budget. I do a lot of research on types of exercises & am very careful how I move. combined with muscle relaxants, I have managed to get right on my own several times now over the years. Not that I would recommend that for anyone, that’s just me. I’m an odd bod, lol. Have a great day whatever your up to.


  5. Oh my gosh! It does seem ludicrous that one would be defeated by a visit to the fridge when you’ve conquered the heavy work! I am so glad you were able to unlock your back – it’s dreadful when body parts rebel! Hope you are taking it easy to fully recover!

    You are so innovative! Potties for feed receptacles, photo frames for cat doors, pillow cases for Princess’ bed …. fabulous!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thankyou my friend, ludicrous it was, The first words that came out of my mouth as I hung onto the fridge door was, “your kiddin aren’t ya”, lol. I love the term rebel body parts. I still feel a little twinge every now & then but I am sooooo much better. Speaking of rebellion I think that is partly where my ideas come from, I don’t understand consumerism & having to pay huge amounts for what seems to be simple products. I will pretty the doors up & put glitter & tassels on the Princess beds cause I just love fabulous. Have a wonderfully fab weekend ahead.


  6. Hi, You have surely been in the wars – mentally and physically. COVID brain is not pretty and the body certainly lets you know if you are asking too much of it. I am glad to read you are getting back into the groove at a sedate pace and you have acquired extra characters to keep you entertained.

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    1. Thankyou my friend , we were out of lockdown for a few days & back in lockdown as of yesterday, as some silly duffa came through our little town from Sydney with covid. I’m so glad our little town has been pretty well behaved, we don’t worry bout it all too much.
      Mum said a little Jenny wren used the new pet back door, came in had a look around & went back out. It seems everyone is happy with the change now. lol. Have a wonderful rest of the week.


  7. you have such a great attitude about these things. I think much of the difference between those who thrive into their years are the ones who love to use their bodies & who see challenges as events to meet head one, whereas others I’ve known seem to have little problem with, almost welcome, becoming sedentary. wishing you a safe & happy 2022 πŸ™‚

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