A Mole Chasing windmill

I laughed & laughed like a right nutter at this one. I had to laugh to or at myself is more fun. I saw an add that read, “Windmill, Mole chasing windmill”. Of course being a visual literal thinker all I can picture is a windmill, chasing little moles all over the place, & into Mr Gregor’s garden. I wonder what Beatrix potter would of thought of that. Was the most entertaining add I had read in a long time.

I think I need to get out more?

Anyway seen as we’re having a bit of fun. It was my mums birthday early last month, not sure what happened to last month but that I do remember. Whom ever Birthday it is in our household has always picked dinner & cake. Now we haven’t had take out in probably close to a year now, I think? & just the thought of it made us nauseous. With much deliberation, a home grown rooster, processed into Apricot chicken, slow cooked all day, served with rice. Of course Pavlova made with our own chook eggs & topped with passionfruit pulp, from yep you guessed it home grown passionfruit, the birds got to the Mulberry tree before I had a chance to pick some, so rude.

Mum’s morning was greeted with just shy of a dozen roses, yes from our garden, just glorious odifurous. Also roses came with a Happy Birthday greeting from teeny tiny very loud frog whom plopped out later that evening. Too cute.

Can you find the little party hopper. I so wanted to put a party hat on it.

We have had some much needed rain since & so I waited for a couple of days. Whilst Mum was repotting pots with potting mix a gift from my daughter, amongst other little sweet trinkets (we are not a jewellery, bags & shoes family) . I got to work constructing her other big pressy.

Mums new happy place & Danny seems quite content watching on..

We all have our happy places & Mums is on a swing, it is another place for her to chillax with different view of the property & beyond.

Whatever your view is today I hope it’s pleasant May you always find a happy place & celebrate the small things that surround you.

White lace honey myrtle. Or I call it a fairies loofah.

Author: workinacresnothours

Hi my name is Linda & Frolicking and Feeding, Land living for living land, with God, Love and a touch of fairy dust it's fun & it can be done. Working a small 5 acre farm with my mother, I am a single Mum with 2 adult children. As a single woman its so easy to doubt yourself. My hope is that my antics give you confidence and insite that you too can achieve your dreams.

15 thoughts on “A Mole Chasing windmill”

    1. Thankyou my friend. It was the cutest little frog Mum & I were having a great giggle as I spent probably 5mins chasing it around the lounge room it was so tiny & quick. Then as I took it out the back door it leaped off my hands into the garden where no doubt it bragged to all it’s friends about the party it crashed. Awesome frog.

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    1. Thank you my pony friend. Mum had such fun. Our Old Danny boy, I swear I see him roll his eyes whenever I put something together. he is so over spooking at things, lol. Were would we be without our ponies. Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. What a WONDERFUL fun-filled post! Happy Belated Birthday to your Mum!! ❤️🥳🎉 Sounds like a great time and those roses are so beautiful. How fun to have a happy little visitor, cute little frog!! 🐸 And Danny there looks like he’s saying, what’s happening there? Love that photo with your mum and Danny!! I’ve never seen lacy flowers like that, so gorgeous! I bet the fairies love them too!! Lol 🤣 Have a wonderful week! ❤️🐴❤️

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  2. Mum said thankyou very much, so kind. ( ; . The horses have since reached over the fence & kindly trimmed the roses. haha. I love the looks we get from our Danny, if I am working out on the property he will often come & inspect & then wander off like, “don’t think I’m gonna help”. Too fun. The funky little flower is native to Australia. I am hoping to have all fairy housing accessories growing here. lol, you have a mad fun time with whatever your up to in your pony fam land. ( : ox

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