Bee Cheer

It’s gonna be tricky today. I have been a little absent & am late to all you treasures & your wonderful talent & beautiful lives.

You see, I deleted Microsoft edge from my computer & it took it me three days to work out how to get internet search back. Those that know me, know, I am a little challenged in many ways. As you can see I did it. I worked it out & my computer is running better than ever. Well with the exception of the back space key & the number three not always working for me, lol.

Reads more like a dysfunctional Sesame Street episode. Shout out to my favorites Snuffleupagus & Cookie monster. That show rocked when my kids were little. I found myself watching it when the kids were at daycare while I did the domestics. Not just Sesame, also Bananas in Pyjamas’, oh & Bear in the Big blue house, ooohhhhh. FUN.

Today lets get onto other fun things

Wait first the not so pretty but amazing.

Can you see them

Ok so it’s a little gross I know but look closely can you see those teeny tiny black dots, too adorable. If Nemo was a frog this is how his life would of started. Instead of sharks(Bruces) it would be (Barry)butcher birds.

Teeny tiny tails

Now tadpoles. (We keep it covered in chicken wire to keep out the Barrys). Soon they be frogs. Fantastic little croakers disposing of mozzie larvae in all water storage & keeping demolition garden bugs (can you imagine the demo bugs with little vests & safety hats)to bare minimum here on the farm.

Lets have a flick throught some of the flowers so teeny tiny sweet

I hope your not sneezing cause it’s gonna be turned up a notch. Check out the Jasmine. The aroma was heavenly. As the humidity soaked through the air, it sent the scent along the verandah & all through the house.


Mum & I ventured down behind the dam where the Pom Poms are. The bees were so busy. I’m sure these were the cheer squad bees as they were loving the Pom Poms. It was very athletic.

Cheering for the Bees

Last but not least, the only surviving sweetest little treasure.

I have more little treasures but that’s for another telling tale.

Here on Frolic & feed Farm where we work in acres not hours & where we hope you feel appreciated & loved, just the way you are.

Author: workinacresnothours

Hi my name is Linda & Frolicking and Feeding, Land living for living land, with God, Love and a touch of fairy dust it's fun & it can be done. Working a small 5 acre farm with my mother, I am a single Mum with 2 adult children. As a single woman its so easy to doubt yourself. My hope is that my antics give you confidence and insite that you too can achieve your dreams.

17 thoughts on “Bee Cheer”

  1. Ah, natures way of getting rid of of bugs may be the best way – I’m still a little boy at heart so still love frogs 😉 The flowers all look lovely. I hope you are havign a wonderful week working your many acres 🙂

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  2. I’m so happy you figured out your computer stuff! YAY! I’m not sure what I’d do sometimes without my son when navigating computers. 😁
    I Love the tiny tadpoles and a great way for nature to stay balanced and all once they become frogs. 🐸 The flowers are beautiful and so are the bees!! 🤩 Love how you and mum stay busy on all the land you have and that precious treasure in your hand is ADORABLE! ❤️ Have a great week! 🤠

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    1. Computers are a little mind confusingly traumatizing contraptions. lol . I was a little camera happy doin the morning chores clicking like a tourist in my own yard. Nutter. The little chick just melted in my hand so lovingly, has lost it’s fluffy already but is so full of personality already. You have a fantastical rest of the week too cowgal kindred .

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  3. Such a sweet post my friend. You have lots of good things going on. It looks like you had some rain as well. I can smell the jasmine all the way over here. When I was little my parents had a house in Spain, and we used to visit often. There was a huge jasmine bush further down the street that you had to pass by to get to our house from the parking space. I loved the scent so much that I planned on naming my first baby girl Jasmine (this was when I was 5 years old.) I do not have a girl named Jasmine, but still 🙂

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    1. Ooohhhhh thankyou. Delighted to send the joyous aroma your way. I love that you have such a sweet childhood memory, Jasmine is such a pretty name. At 5 I was busy helping my neighborhood friends collect snakes, frogs & lizards. lol. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

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  4. So glad you’ve worked out your tech issues – I would be tearing my hair out!

    I love Sesame Street – not only when my kids were watching it, but even when I was growing up. Cookie Monster & Oscar were my favourites – they really cracked me up!

    Ran past some jasmine bushes the other day … I remembered their scent as I read your post full of lovely blooms! (that pom pom is my favourite!)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Pull out weeds is what I do when technology challenges me, it’s a wonder there’s any weeds at all, lol. How fun did kids shows used to be, I forgot about Oscar, so cool. Love that you get to enjoy Jasmine as well. Aren’t the pom poms awesome they are like natures Christmas baubles, funny though for something so cool they have no scent. Hope your having a awesome week.


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