Thrifty is such a fun word

We don’t spend a lot. While $5 at times may not seem like much, other times it is. We are not poor by any means, just thrifty, so we won’t be poor. That’s us. Beyond blessed.

I love that word thrifty, it is such a fun word, isn’t it? It sounds sneaky & cheeky like a little mischief bout to happen…

The last few months have been a little hectic as the putting of the plans into action is finally a reality.

In the house is one project I have pretty much finished.

I love the idea of an unfitted kitchen, a mix mash of character in one room. Whilst it sounds disjointed & non functional. I find it gives everything a place & that place has a specific functionality for the overall process of daily comings & goings, which also in that provides a little whimsical fun. wow that was a lot of words, lol.

Mum & I happened upon some mischief. We manage to peruse(is that spelt right? lol) 1 thrifty shop each trip into town, which is great, about once a month. This thrifty shop we visited happened to have a furniture sale. mmm what do we need, no not what do we want? it’s kind of a combination really.

What to need, want?

We came across this beauty

Dark, foreboding & out dated, in a corner

It has perfect potential though. My creative brain goes nuttier than usual. Here goes…

Taking out the glass(very thin & dangerous), typical of when this cupboard was made.

Cut an arch into the middle exposed shelf & then painted it all white, semi gloss, a much nicer easier to clean finish. Replaced the glass with fine screen door mesh.

Cut out for power points at the back, glued a piece of wildflower print material to the back for an extra touch of sweetness.

Built a plate rack that slid into the top cupboard, stacked plates are not good for us as all our plates are different, plus I like the farmhouse look.

I haven’t decided on the bench top colour yet. I will know when I see something. Maybe an old butcher block or I may even harvest a slab of timber from the property? Something that it won’t matter if you slice the bread on it or put your hot cuppa on it. I think all those little stains & dints & scratches on old furniture is part of it’s character, it’s story. Like us we have dints & stains & scratches, it’s our story. lol.

Here you go

In finishing up for this, it is functional & sweet & kindly & welcoming.

Onto the Outdoors

My prayers & thoughts go out to those horribly impacted by floods. Check out The weedy Gardener, proceeds from his YouTube clip go to the flood victims. Mother the mountain farm also on YouTube is another touch of the reality of it all.

Out in the paddock, for us, I enjoyed a pedicure in the dam, lol, say what?

I built a deck over the edge of the dam in the anticipation that the rain will come & it did & still is, for us fantastic.

You can see the dam is quite low

Now I can fulfill the dream of being able to cool off, not just after but even during a bit of paddock hard yakka. May I say there is nothing quite like slipping off the old gumboots & soaking sore toes in the cool of the dam. Complete with free clean from the fishes….lol

Lets face it I don’t think those posh totty places would even let me in especially dressed in my paddock best. Homemade work bloomers(pattern from an old pair of pjs) I have all sorts of coloured material to use, cause pjs are the most comfy. hahaha

Walter is always with me

You can see from the base of the bottle brush tree how high the dam is now.Of course Walter always keeps me company.

May you find mischievous fun that tickles your soul & your toes, giving you a giggle wherever you go.

Thank you for being you.