August, Sept?

It has been a little busy here on our little tweet top of a paradise, frolic & feed, selection. I love our families ingenuity if something is needed or needed to be done, we use what we have or search & pray which in combination works very well, I must say.

Here is a perfect example of ingenuity.

flower power      flower power 1                  In case you haven’t met this is my Mum. We spend the majority of our time outside,  home life is pretty peaceful, we try to keep it that way, we cruise along at our own pace a little oblivious, no well, lets be honest, a lot oblivious to what goes on around us. I will in conversation from time to time get “did you hear what happened in town the other day”? to which we reply no! why? & often than not if it’s not a beautiful new life (a birth), a wonderful uniting of 2 people(marriage) or sadly (thankfully hardly ever) a death, information isn’t really that news worthy anyway, do you find that? what you hear isn’t really that news worthy?

Getting back to my original topic, sorry, I’m like that dog on the movie up “squirrel”.

See the rose in Mums walking stick, I love it. Mum gets out in the garden almost everyday its a family genetic thing I think, haha.. Mum had her hands full & we had been watching & enjoying this rose in the garden for a while, we try, just before the roses start dropping their petals to bring them inside so we can enjoy their grandeur & sweet aroma within close proximity. This one was a beauty, Mum with her hands full, found the perfect way to bring the rose inside, as what else are the extra holes to adjust your walking stick for. On closer inspection of Mums walking stick I must brighten it up for her, mmmm what shall I do, for such a clever wonderful Mum?

In our garden here’s a couple of pretty pockets producing, peripheral, prominent priceless, playful grandeur.

hppy plants

Above is the nasturtiums little cheeky happy flowers, they are happy aren’t they?

In the picture below, hanging above the nasturtiums is an abundance of the biggest passionfruit. These ones ripen to yellow & really just one is a meal on it’s own(they are as big as my hand,seriously). Its quite funny when you try to see how many there are, it takes your eyes a minute to find one & when you do they all appear, at the moment the count is around  50.

Passionfruit straight off the vine or make syrup, icing, jelly & cake, what a yummy conundrum to find oneself in, I cant wait to share.

big drop

Quite a while back & really it was quite a while, I challenged myself, to see what I could make out of rubbish. I built a? I’ll call it a living statue! When first constructed it looked like a twisted mess. Ok, so its still a little bit messy, can you see where I’m going with this? please say yes. The frame is slowly being covered with a native wisteria vine which produces the sweetest little bunch of mauve & white flowers. What I can finally trim off now, is actually fodder for our horses, I have to research if goats can eat it?(we try to plant things that are native & usually as result fodder for pets or their humans).  After drought & smoke, ash filled skies, a little rain & “hi ho Silver away”, its off & running, the vine, that is, I would be a little worried if the whole thing started cantering around the yard, although it would be magical, wouldn’t it?

remember when

Last but not least, I am just letting you all know that this will be my last blog for couple of months. I have an over abundance of (never a burden always fulfilling) projects to complete & these will need my complete attention mentally & physically, from dawn till dusk. I will still be reading & keep in touch with my wonderful blogging friends. I look forward to sharing all the antics & the final condition of my new shoes.

best shoes

If you are ever looking for great, comfortable working shoes. For my feet its DC, skate shoes, the last pair I had lasted for years & I wore them everywhere, from trips to town, to cutting down trees, digging out swales & mucking out pens & paddocks, they never failed me. Of course no ensemble is complete without leg warmers. Where ever your shoes take you, I hope its a wonderful world of always fun, endless joy & a belly full of laughter.  I’ll sign off for now with the encouraging words of                                                                                                                     Winnie the Pooh

” you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think”.

Trail tails.

Ok, so these were taken a few years ago & well I’ll start from the start well sort of for our little neighbourhood anyway. I have been around horses off & on since the age of 2 & always learning more & more & more. This time we’ll start from here our home now.

It started with myself watching a bearded man(I’ll call him BB, bearded buddy for short) & his daughter riding past our house nearly everyday. I started saying hello & that was that, they would drop in & nag me to ride out with them. So I summoned up the courage & so it was nearly everyday I saddled up my Danny & off BB his daughter & I would go, exploring our neighbourhood rounding up stray cattle fixing the odd fence & waving to well everyone who had the decency to slow down, 15klms which is the legal speed when driving past a horse & rider.

As time went on my son Wil gained more confidence in riding & had his first ride out with BB. With my son having Autism these things take time & this was a huge achievement not just for him but also for me as Mum letting him go. BB is very camera shy, his horses name is Blinky, was not camera shy at all.

The smile on my boys face says it all Danny looks quite happy too.

1 (16)We met & included more & more locals.  We bought a horse for Wil, “Cranky” a thoroughbred beautiful, but being an ex race horse completely wound up at events, so we sold  him to a friend in the neighbourhood who just wanted a trail riding horse, perfect. Then we found Marlo, quarter horse out of “Acres of Destiny”, we did Pony Club & Cutting & clinics & lots & lots of trail rides sometimes with the whole crew.

1 (66)

We’re missing BBs daughter & another riding buddy in these photos. BB way up front, Wil behind, Cranky & L out on the road & Hip hop & K cowgirl just in front of Danny’s little grey & white ears. This stretch of road we call the “half mile” not a lot of traffic & many an antic were had. Those little grey ears belong to my trusty Danny & he was never far from the horse in front (hip hop) Whom he totally loved & Hip Hops pet (k cowgirl), I’ll call her, K cowgirl started riding out with us at around 14yr old & both Hip Hop & K cowgirl & we joined Pony club, K cowgirl & Hip Hop won many comps & qualified & went on to compete at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney,in sporting events. I think their team came 4th. Very proud.

Our rides would often be for an hour or 2 sometimes just a half hour, sometimes longer but always a great stress relief, the horses all got along as well.

1 (69)There were a few roads we took, we are fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful properties & mountain views.

The picture below is one of our destinations. During the winter there is an orange tree that we could pick from, yum to us & the horses of course. You can just make out the river to the right, BB had an Uncle that used to run the boat ferry that would carry horse & buggies across the river from this little track to the other side of the river, so people could go to town to get supplies, go to work or catch up with friends. There were quite a few stories to be told. I so wish the ferry was still running.

1 (68)

Sometimes it was nice to just get out on our own. This taken about 20mins from home our made up tracks. Yes I need to go to selfie taking school.

1 (6)

1 (59)

The bush land to the right had tracks & trails that we made up as we weaved our way through. I never knew a butterfly could make a horse flutter. Wils horse Marlo was a little jumpy an “Acres of Destiny” renowned trait, a butterfly flew out of the long grass straight up between Marlos eyes & between his ears his whole body seemed to flutter with butterfly & he nearly made himself dizzy, it was hilarious to watch. We had so many great rides out.


With Wil busy working Marlo is at a new home now. Since then we’ve had some shattering news that Wil has a fractured vertebrae, from a fall a few years back. Some dimwits thought it would be funny to let a balloon out their car window which when the car following drove over it apparently let out a huge echoing blast that could be heard for miles,(much louder than a gun shot) causing Marlo to rear, Wil fell hard on his tail bone causing his spine to compact on impact. We had no idea till he went to a chiropractor recently, who asked him to get spinal x-rays, discovering the fracture. Thank goodness really as another hard blow could do his back in completely. We are looking into back braces & quiet gentle rides on my newest, well a little older than new, Zina, whom ground work is going great, I have polished up the saddle & am hoping this weekend will be our first little ride. Of course with Danny on a lead, cant leave him behind.


I hope the rest of your week is full of Happy trail tales.

Stay warm, stay cool, stay YOU.

Its a little chilly here being our winter, -3 the other morning, it doesn’t snow, its just flamin cold.

Pick your favourite possie whether it be that little ray of sunshine on your belly, that helps warm your soul. Turbo, Her Highness, (play on words) seems a little disgusted with the interruption of my conversation with her about her genius comfy place.


Or maybe its by the fire in the early, early morning just before the sun comes up, again the disruption to our treasured Turbo is glaringly obvious. I finished sewing the lounge covers & her possie is no more, thank goodness I got the fire burning, can you imagine the trouble I’d be in.



Is it our very own magnificent sunset view from our back verandah, the beauty over takes the chill that creeps into the air as the warmth of the sun disappears behind the mountains’.



10mins from home after picking up some new additions to the farm, these are the mountains or hills, depending on which country your from & a herd of clouds grazing the vast sky, mimicking the paddocks & livestock below. If you stand in the middle of our property or climb on our roof these mountains can be seen.


The colour on the butterfly this year have just been magical.


                          My son getting to know Vicky & letting her try his glasses on. 


Our new “Vicky the Vacuum” is quiet & gets into all the edges & under the beds it takes her about an hour & a half to vacuum our 4 bedroom, formal dinning room, large loungeroom & entry. If you ever have the opportunity to invest in one I highly recommend it.

Our little garden dome is working beautifully, in the back ground, spring onions, radishes, I now have teeny tiny spinach coming up & garlics, the peas are actually twice that height now & we have rhubarb & I have just planted red & brown onion seeds.


Talk about relief this is actually working. I have some tweaking to do on the greenhouse as a little something found its way into my greenhouse somewhere & ate allllllllll my seedlings. Oh well, except for the fodder tree saplings’, phew. 

We have also purchased a raspberry bush/vine, midgen berry bush x 2 & well last but not least, say hello to Simon(coloured), Judy(dark beak & prettiest blue grey) & Mary(classic white).


I have wanted Indian runners since, well like forever, these are not quite a year old & I have them in, what will be the pig pen, for now till we get better acquainted, then they can go out with the rest of the menagerie. I have so many more additions to show you but that will do for now as I must go & continue to get acquainted with our newbies until we are the bestest of friends.

So to you all my fellow bloggers I hope there are many happy places for you to visit this weekend. Stay warm, stay cool, stay you.




Come on in.

Yeah, come on in, sit down its much more comfortable now. I have almost finished just some tweeking here & there & a good clean. I see no point in cleaning until a job is done of course be clean, but not dirty? oh Im talking myself in circles here which I consider a talent really.

I have had a life shattering week. The one thing that keeps me going is My Faith in God, my family here at home, treasured friends whom I consider family & of course the God given gift that is our home.

Ok so I love a creative mind although if your creative it is really, really hard to walk into any room anywhere & of course admire, sometimes rearrange & get amazing ideas from. I have many creative friends who/whom? fill my life with love, life & happiness. I include my beautiful blogging family in this.

Getting back too what I’ve been up to they used to look like this.


I couldn’t get all the green off the arms, thats a funny phrase isnt it, I love the idea that a chair has arms, like they can hug you when you sit. I love animated movies. lol.


The paint colour is called a touch of lilac, the material is Sheridan & cost $5 I think? it was really, really cheap & there was about 12 metres of it. Didn’t give me enough to play around with to match patterns but the print & colour is just beautiful.


Like I said there is obviously some finishing, tweaking & fluffing squishing to do & I look forward to sharing the complete finished package, a couple of throw rugs a pretty bed for princess our dog as the cat took ownership of what was supposed to be the dog bed & some other bits & pieces here & there to make it us.

I hope your day is creative & playful & full of many animated moments of whimsical fun. 







Trippin, The funny places a mind can go.

No it has nothing to do with holidays. The situation did remind me of an old Daffy duck cartoon, I think it had friar duck in it & robin hood? I cant fully remember anyhow, Daffy duck falls down a hill as he’s singing & then he trips & trip & trip & trip, its hilarious & so often when I trip or do something ridiculous Daffy duck trip & trip & trip goes over & over in my mind.

Wait for it there’s a reason for that little insight.

Ok, so this incident occurred quite a few years ago. We had an accumulatioin of roosters as does happen when you have chooks & roosters together we had sooo many baby chicks. Too much fun to count.

It is taking me ages to work out this new format for wordpress editing images has totally got me a little more clueless than usual, yes that’s possible. Where was I? oh yes! These photos were taken some time back & there were many more chicks around.

If we had too many roosters they would go in the pot & of course to protect the kids from this knowledge they were usually cooked with a flavoursome camouflage, otherwise they wouldn’t get eaten. It also saved money for us in a time when things were a little tight plus way healthier than store bought.

I hated the process of the cull. I had about 3 roosters(dinners) to do on this particular day. With a tree stump set up a sock & sharpened axe. I took a deep breath & got the first dinner. The sock went over their head so they didn’t look at me, cause that would undo me completely, it also keeps them calm.

By the 3rd dinner I was a nervous wreck & had worked myself up into such a tizzy. For some reason this one decided to run, you know the saying “running around like a headless chook” its sooooo true they do! I had always known this & had seen it before but this dinner was a pure athlete. Do you think I could catch it?

I was probably set up about 10mtrs away from the dam, maybe further. This rooster, had me with axe in hand running around after it screaming at it to stop & telling it, you cant go in the dam! no no don’t go in the dam! what are doing? like in some desperate hope beyond hope that it could understand me, but alas it just kept running. I have never seen an animal run on water before, I’m telling you now, it did! I’m still chasing it declaring “you cant go in the dam what are you doing” you cant do that! Finally it stopped by some form of vindication it ended up just out of my reach in the dam. Oh great now what, I’m going to have to drain & dredge the dam & wait for it to rain to refill it. Ok, so I had to tell myself to stop being so flamin dramatic.

I raced & let our dog out, at the time we had a cattle dog, Scruff whom well all our dogs are trained to round up the chooks. Scruff obligingly jumped into the dam & retrieved dinner (now his) that his psycho pet was running around after & yelling at. It was months before I could cull again. You will be pleased to know I now have a safe, easy & much less animated way of preparing future meals.

All through this In the back of my mind as I’m chasing dinner around all I could picture was Daffy duck “trip & trip & trip & trip”.

Flutterbys & peas

Howdy doody. How is everyone today? or this evening? Wherever you are? Here in our little corner of the world, it’s Autumn & raining, we very much need the rain, the days have been just warm enough to keep the paddocks & gardens producing, much to our delight & obviously to the delight of the wildlife around us, fodder for everyone.”yay”

0[1]Peas & butterflies, not necessarily on your plate together, but always a treat in the garden. The peas seeds amongst others, came up beautifully in the newly built greenhouse, as a result I have put in more seeds. Anticipation is torturous isn’t it?0[3] (2)







The butterflies have been stunning, more than what we have ever had before. All varieties, all sizes. This stunning one followed me around all day. There were a number of times we almost collided & if the fluttering of wings were anything to go by, all I can say is, “I’m so glad I don’t speak fluttery”.



Coming in for breakfast after the morning chores; It was too early to take off Walters pjs & Princess flew out the door & being deaf now couldn’t hear me calling her back to get her pjs on, before going out to the freshness of the morning to get the chores done. She’s a tough country little princess. There is an ever so slight mist of rain that catches the sunlight like a sprinkling of diamonds, rain here is as precious as diamonds. The glare of the sun bringing a promise of warmth to help things continue to grow.

IMG_20200518_074513_0 (1)

No its not cemented in yet, the brickwork, not the dogs, haha. Whomever had built a fire place in the front yard(Bless their cotton little socks) used the wrong type of bricks. The top was trimmed with the right type, giving the illusion that all was well, till the bricks started cracking & the structure became very loose, upon closer inspection it was found, that the angels were obviously kept busy, as we were very fortunate to not have had any of the bricks used explode on us, the few times we were able to use the barby. We needed a rethink & here we have it.

0[1] (3) 0[3] (3)

I almost don’t have the heart to fill the space with wood suitable for the gorgeous little pizza oven(my son bought for me) perched on top. Where will the dogs rest while we pot up at the greenhouse or gather with friends at our little Tuscany? Princess scratched & dug & turned in circles, till it was to her precious precise idea of outdoor comfort, to which when she was done, Walter was ever so grateful for the effort. I will redo it & add bricklaying to my portfolio, haha, if I had a portfolio, or is resume’ the right word or is it a cv. I think I’m safer just blogging on.

Its not the most glamorous of photos, but this is my Zina. I started doing some ground work with her yesterday. She is very obliging although is a little pushy at times. She responded really well. I get soft nuzzley kisses & when I’m brushing her mane, she will swing her head around & give me a hug. I’m yet to dust off & polish up the saddle. In the mean time I am working on my core strength & fitness. She is a little woolly coming into our winter, that just makes her more squishy. She has done cattle work & shows with her previous owners & I have ridden her at  a Australian Stock Horse clinic. She did great.

0[1] (4)0[3] (4)




Its a little pixelated, but after her workout & brush down I let her go. She wandered for a bit & then couldn’t contain her excitement anymore & took off bucking, kicking & farting as they so elegantly do. I’m sure, to tell Ole Danny boy of how excited she is about how close Mum is to taking her out for a ride.



Last but not least.

William bought his dog Princess a new bed, well not according to Turbo. Princess didn’t quite fit, but that no skin off Turbos nose. She has a new happy place. Look at that dreamy little grateful face.

0[1] (2)

                                                                      Do not disturb.0[1] (5)




It only takes a couple of tools.

Good morning beautiful people, I do hope everyone is feeling great today. I am a little excited at just how much I am able to get done of lately. Whether it be the fact that I am a little on the agoraphobic side & this staying home business agrees with me totally, (I do feel for those who are not this way) or my age, a smidge over 50 & all that that entails or is it the fact that, “I am getting so much done”. Maybe a combination of all of the above. sorry to start with so much (I).

Today, who knows what will be done. Let me tell you, well show you what was done yesterday.

3 long reasonably straight sticks from the acre woods (its not 100acres, sorry Winnie the pooh). We actually have 5 acres which is slowly providing for us. Where was?, now singing the Winnie the pooh song as I type, “Tubby little chubby all stuffed with fluff”,  oh yes so 3 long reasonably straight sticks. Choosing 3 sticks gave me a spare in case one snapped.

curtain rods

Once you peel the bark off timber like this, it is absolutely stunning, the variations in the timber markings are so pretty. Who knew something called a widow maker could be so pretty. These branches can fall without making a sound, the impact so hard it can penetrate up to 2ft into the ground, believe me I have thought some were small dead trees they were so hard to pull out, that’s how great the silent velocity is of which they land. Hence widow makers.

Its not the best photo, you can just make out how pretty the markings are throughout the timber.

curtain rods 6

Using an electric plane tool, I found this to be the quickest & most gratifying way to get the most out of the pattern in the timber & take off the knots in the wood without cracking it.

Yes I am one of those woman who lovingly receives Bunnings voucher, tools as well as many other blessings that go along with celebratory occasions. My electric plane being one of them I received a few years ago. It doesn’t chip or splinter the wood, making for easy sanding in the end.

curtain rods 7

Have you guessed what I’m making yet? well the next will be a bit of a give away. The hooks. It took me a bit longer to find these, which were eventually found in a pile of firewood timber that had to be moved to make way for the??? That’s another tale to tell.

The hooks are perfect & by planning the straighter longer side flat gives the perfect flat edge to screw to the wall. The idea in doing a project like this is it is never to be exact in size texture or colour rather, allow its unique character to show. Each hook was planed back on it’s longest side, sanded back using my little $20 Bunnings sander, a job that was done after this photo was taken, you will see the difference in the final photos. 

curtain rods 5curtain rods 2

The final product. How pretty do the grains look against the white of the walls. I chose, 1 thick hook & 1 thin hook for each rod. The purpose being that when the curtains are pulled back they are quite thick, by having the thicker hook at the end brings the rod just a little further off the wall allowing for the gathered curtain to sit further back.  The white paint on the door frame is yet to be cleaned off. One day white timber French doors.

curtain rods 8

Now to hang the curtains, “hey, it looks great” the uneven flow of the rods may drive some people nuts, which the previous store bought black rods we had, did have a bow in them & drove me nuts, somehow because it is from nature the flaws add character & the timber colour is soooo pretty its not such a big deal. The timber is so smooth the curtains slide easily. I may cut the back of the hooks down to be in line with the top of the door architrave but I’ll wait a bit to decide, mmm what do you think?

curtain rods 9

Over all I am loving the look & the rods & hooks with the exception of a bit of labour were free, the curtains were another second hand shop find, $15 the lot. I have them draped over the rods, there is enough material & it creates a beautiful dark cosy warm ambience. It will be so easy to take them down when they need to be washed & lets face it if it works & creates less effort in the long run why not.

Had to have a giggle to myself, yes I could have moved the roll of wire that has been there for over a week now, hahaha. I have nowhere outside yet to store it & I was so exhausted after doing this job, I just didn’t have that extra bit left in me to move it. haha

Winnie the pooh,

 Winnie the pooh,

   Willy-nilly silly old bear.


We had a visitor.

We hadn’t had one in a while, a visitor that is. We were all getting ready for bed each of us our own routine. When My William the great, came out of his room a little flustered asking me to come see who was in his room.

This flamin thing was huge we have had bigger but like I said not for a while. Its like take your pick, rats in the house or these huge suckers (rats eat them) I know ewe & ugh.

I had to be the one to get rid of it they don’t overly bother me as long as they are a broom handle length away.  Sorry for the pixilation as these photos were taken rather quickly in dim lighting.

I stayed & kept an eye on it whilst Wil went for the spray & the broom, doesn’t hurt to have reinforcements in these times. Wil & Mum hid in the loungeroom whilst I sprayed (only half a can) & when this thing hit the ground I swear it was like one of the neighbours had dropped a tractor in the paddock, the house shook.

IMG_20200504_190735_9You see now the dilemma was, it had dropped behind Wils bedhead but I could hear it scurrying, yes I could hear it & scurry it did straight towards me of course, I may have to borrow the tractor at this stage to kill this dam thing.  I slammed the broom on it with an even greater thud not to be out done by its apparent show of might. All I can say is I’m glad the neighbours are a distance away as by now it could have been reported as a domestic dispute. ” Wil open the front” my voice had only a slight tone of anxiety with a dash of drill sergeant. I was not messing with thing. With a mighty flick of the weapon, (the broom), the mighty beast was flung out the front door, only to scurry under the house & into the dark.(“really” your kiddin mate). Where I’m sure it is breeding an army to plot out its revenge. At this point I think I may just put the house back up for sale. haha (I laugh nervously).

Wil having seen the enemy flung out the door, declared his room a no go zone & he may have to live in the loungeroom forever….. the one family member that couldn’t be happier about this outcome was Wils ever faithful companion in traumatizing times, his Princess. Sorry for the photo quality my nerves of steel went out with the beast.



To end on a happy note you will be happy to learn that Wil moved back into his room the next night & we haven’t had a visitor since.

Sweet dreams everyone….

Almost original….

It was a poor old ratty thing, faded, torn & thin with tears & holes, it had served us well over the years. Survived many a wild storm tossed to fro only to be stood tall again as if with pride at how truly resilient it was. We bought it from a second hand shop years ago. $40 it cost. Came with a heavy cast iron ornate base, not sure what they cost new but I know the top can cost a couple of hundred on its own. This was a bargain that couldnt be missed. Treasured & well loved it had served its purpose on many searing hot days under our great southern sky. Some things are meant to be kept & appreciated & with a little elbow grease & more second hand shopping (really is there ever enough) brought back to its almost original glory.

Here goes so in the picture below is the top that unscrewed, a relief as ultimately a less tedious completion.  It was quite faded but well preserved with no cracks given the life it had endured, much to my relief as it was going to make the whole process that much easier.

tuscany 3

I’ll show in one full picture. On the floor is the old weathered covering, extremely faded, worn & thin. It stayed together long enough for me to be able to lay it over the new material & cut out the same pattern. Isn’t it a butte, at this rate I’m thinking its almost large enough that if the loungeroom lost its roof this would come in quite handy. Hang on I just have to let the cat in….. ok I’m back. Were was I? oh that’s right, I was also thinking at the time, best fort, cubbyhouse ever.

tuscany 5

The new material is rubber backed curtaining, no hemming needed. “Thank crickey for that”. I did only ouch out loud a couple of times as the pins were well hidden amongst all this grandeur. That’s a lot of material & heavy, but I’ll take a heavy bargain any day, yet another second hand shop wonderous find, all that material for just $15 it would curtain two large double glass sliding doors, it was heavy enough to know there was a lot of material anyway. Plenty of material to do the job & a little left over (cushion covers????, I don’t want to over kill). The pattern & colours are pretty dated, will be a great contrast out in the greenery that is the yard. Stay tuned there’s more.

I could have stitched pockets to slide over the ends but I wasn’t putting anymore pins in the material or me. I’ll just work it out later.

tuscany 6

There it stands with a newly painted red top just to add a little pizazz I may add glitter. Oh by the way note the roll of wire(vegie dome cover), that arrived the day before. It is all slowly coming together.

tuscany 8

And it was placed in its new home & the sun did shine upon it.

IMG_20200505_120701_7It does need a bit more tweeking, (as does the area). The ends were attached by pulling the material over tying it off with black shoe lace & using hot glue gun for that extra added strength. When the finances allow I will spray the base a shiny black & add glitter to the top, cause i just cant help myself.

The umbrella & the pizza oven you see will become the best of friends I’m sure. Why just the other day I moved the umbrella so as to shade me whilst I did some more potting up for the green house & it was just a delightful place to be. Like our own little slice of ?????.


When its all done & the herbs are planted under the fruit trees & the cast iron table & chairs are jazzed up & put in, it will be

“Our little taste of Tuscany”.


A heap of hard yakka.

From a neighbour/friend that we have known for, well the whole time we’ve lived here, you know the old saying, “one mans junk is another mans treasure”.  The cage had taken me months to work out how to get it down their bumpy little driveway & across the road, to our shorter bumpy littler driveway. A lot happened on this day. Here goes….

We took a trip to our neighbouring town, 20mins away to pick up what is now the little feed shed & a chook pen cage & other bits & pieces $100. We took the horse float thinking it should all fit???. Alas, it was not that easy. We got the little shed pulled apart & into the float & 2 rolls of chook fencing, a nesting box, a tin bin for food storage & a couple of other bits & pieces.

We then had to drive home, unhook the float, go to our nearest servo & hire, the car trailer in the photo. Then back to pick up the chook pen, lol, i dont know about you but I’m warn out just reading this.

We got the chook cage dropped off & much to my wonderful sons delight (Did I mention how great my son is & my daughter of course). I decided while I have paid for the trailer we may as well go get, the big cage. 

And a big cage it is, just short of half a ton, thank goodness the trailer had a winch, (not all car trailers do). With timber planks & much pulling & manoeuvring we got it on the trailer & home. To put it where??????

Pig pen

pigpen2 (2)for the blog

We slid it off the trailer & then after a while of course, I needed to manoeuvre it slightly. I had stripped off as much of the wire & tin as I possibly could & got to work on reinforcing some of the joins with metal plates & screws. At least until I get my arc welder going, that’s gonna be fun.

It took me about 3 days to finish. Working out where to put the door & then the shelter for mmmm what will it house?

pigpen3 for the blog

I will be taking off the bits & pieces sticking out of the sides. There you have the door, there is a pipe out the side underneath for drainage, if needed & I have planted arrowroot for extra shade & fodder.(didn’t get a photo of that).

pigpen4 for the blog

Isn’t it the cutest. The wire around the top is only temporary & where the tools are leaning I will put a wire panel in, instead of the tin, just so there is a bit of airflow & view.


Completely reinforced all the way around. I pulled the old chook house off the rusty falling apart old trailer, reinforced that & attached it to the back.

I can get all the way in through the door at the front for cleaning & maintenance when needed. Don’t worry about the tree stump that’ll be moved, not by me.

Can you guess what its going to be for, I know its too easy. PIGS.

My dream will come true I have always wanted to have a go at keeping pigs. I may only have them once (lol, we’ll see) & never again lol, or I may have them forever. Isn’t it dreamy.

It may look funny facing that way, the greenhouse will create a corridor for moving them in & out. Once I have the pigs trained to electric fencing, I have a huge roll of electric net fencing, which will give them an area about 4 times the size of the cage itself. Plenty of foraging room. If they do get out they will only be out in our house yard, to start with anyway.haha

I may put tin panels like sleds under the sides of the cage so as I can tow it anywhere on the property, only if this all works out first.

I am all about the prep, I have watched tones of vlogs on farmers with pigs & read up a lot. I even have an old pig feeder that treasured friends gave me years ago. I have some scraps in the freezer &  fodder growing around the property & there will also be the excess vegies from time to time. I will be putting in heaps of foraging material before I get them. We are on 5acres so there will always be plenty of forage. I know there will be lots to learn when I eventually do get pigs. So stay tuned for more fun to come.

For now, the chooks are quite happy in it, until I build their new pen. Its all coming together slowly but surely.

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Whatever your weekend holds may it be fruitful, fun & full of much frolicking & feed.