Walter, teddy, Dennis & Jemima.


These cold nights we’ve been having, really there is nothing better than to have a cuddle with your favourite teddy. Walter has had this teddy since he was a pup, it is the one toy that has survived.

Come for a wander with me I have lots to show you.

I have beautiful friends whom had some bits pieces to get rid of, you know the old saying “one mans junk is another mans treasure” well its this women’s treasure anyway.

I needed to construct a chook tractor but with no extra finances for a fancy pants store bought looking one. not gonna happen. I put my building & constructing brain on & off I went.

20190712_150603A very rusty swing frame with just enough life in it to be repurposed. I was able to thread a bamboo pole through the top to add a bit of weight & reinforce the top. Laid the swing frame on its side & pushed down on each end till the supports at the end bent to the right width. Thus will cover a garden bed & path in width.

The base sides are old metal bed base sides wired through the holes in the base of the swing frame. At each end is tin that I cut to width & length & bent so they slide along the ground without collecting debris.

The whole swing set is wrapped & secured with wire netting & all joins wired together nothing is getting into this one.

On the ground in the background is the plastic nest box an old saucepan & freezer draw. Which I will explain soon.



Hilarious, nothing I ever build or put together is without personality or character it looks like the mini mother ship chook love tractor.


It took me some time to work out if I would put a door on it or not & decided not, as I can move it wherever I need if the chooks lay on the ground & I have cut a door & put a handle on the back of the nest box to access any eggs for collection.


Given the exposure of the area that it will be in I didn’t want tin. I used a big grain feed bag, by cutting up one side it slipped over the back of the frame perfectly  & tying it on really tightly with twine useful for amazing array of things.



I wired up the nesting box nice & secure, placing a bit of straw in it for comfort. The little door at the back is completely covered by the bag but I can easily lift it to collect eggs.. It actually adds a little more security.


Wiring the freezer basket to the frame & placing the water saucepan in it, it wont spill & will slide along the ground without tipping or leaving the saucepan behind.


Jamming a flat piece of timber in the wire creating a sturdy perch, round perches aren’t good for chooks feet.

I am really happy with way its coming together now how to move it.



You can see the cover is pretty tight. Perfect I had an old extension cord that was way passed its used by date.

I have tied it in a knot so the chord is shorter & with the rubber coating it is quite soft on the fingers & not too heavy to move. Was so exciting dragging it down to the patch.

The crate for the water worked perfectly.

The measurements are perfect.

Its just perfect.




The first occupants who got stuck into digging & scratching as soon as I put them in they are not related & will breed beautiful little egg layers.

Dennis as he is our biggest silky rooster & Jemima our very verbose bossy hen.

Hopefully we’ll have noisy little butt nugget laying happy hens in the future. All part of slowly but surely building our chicken stocks for meat & eggs.

All whilst they do the hard labour of cleaning up fertilizing & preparing the garden all year round.

On another note we have soil this is at the top of our property another area that was clay 3yrs ago. Dug out a swale, holds the moisture perfectly. Beautiful rich yummy soil.




Humphrey & I

A page from Humphrey.

Obviously was a little rushed but you get the gist, double the width stairs so there is more sitting room to enjoy the view, tyres bolted together to make a fun way to climb back up as well as keeping joints & muscles agile & strong & just for fun a slippery dip at the end. I have the slippery dip ready & waiting now all I need is timber for stairs & tyres.


The full page reads….

20190712_075035-1.jpgUse an old coloured gumboot as a vase if the gumboot has a hole place a glass or tall glass bottle inside the boot as a vase, then you don’t have to worry about spillage. Only limited by your imagination. An empty can or milo tin placed inside the boot you can screw the boot to a board or screw 2 boots together fill with a bit of sand or pebbles for stability use for an umbrella stand or a jar or vase for flowers.





An accident avoided.

1 (5)This is the East facing side of the house. I had already started to remove the railings when I took this picture & this is the only time of day, mid morning, that sunlight ever reached.

It had been frustrating & worrying me for some time as this was the only access to & from the verandah from the yard, there are of course verandah doors on the house but to go out to the yard just always seemed an effort, it just didn’t flow. The stairs were quite often wet & slippery, this only added to the weight of what to do.


1 (6)Stairs moved the landing pulled down or rather just fell down & already much more light & I felt like I could breath, immediately opens up access down the side of the house. It was one of the most nerve racking things to start. Just so you know when you’ve had a lifetime of abuse to be able to think for yourself & make decisions can be terrifying. This was one of those moments, I will say though once starting on a project the adrenalin that ensues makes you super human.



1 (7)It pays to go with your intuition no matter the demons you battle in the process. If I hadn’t of done this I wouldn’t have found that whoever built the stairs & the verandah used the wrong screws. The fact that I had to turn all the decking boards over should have been a give away as they were upside down & the wrong nails had been used. (The smooth side goes up the rough side down it helps with keeping the boards dry). The bolts & screws were all rusted, the main bolts holding the landing up were rusted down to a pin thinness in some places, truly was an accident in the waiting.


1 (8)I know this looks really bad & the original cut out at the top of the stairs is wrong for this set up & believe me stairs weigh a ton. Thank goodness whom ever built the stairs got it right though, no rusty screws bolts or anything nasty.

The cement slabs at the base of the stairs are the old ramps to the shed that were of no use. Its amazing what you can move with 2 round logs & a long crow bar took a bit of fussing not much lifting though rolled into place beautifully.

As you can see the stairs are still a bit short, what to do? what to do?

1 (9)I wouldn’t recommend this but I had a couple of car ramps in good condition that I just don’t use, well haven’t had a need for yet. They are the perfect height for the stairs. Sorry the picture isn’t too clear. This photo as taken a few years back its all much tidier now. The very top step is a little deeper still legal height for stairs though. I will say it opened up the verandah immediately & accessing the yard became more enjoyable. 




Now there is a beautiful place to sit where the stairs used to be a positive warm welcoming vibe.

Bench seat at the end is made from an old bed head & end.

The bench seat from old stair balustrades for legs then timber I had left over from the kitchen build.

The table & chair was free from our local community markets they know us well.


















Kookaburra sits on the blue swing set.

We have such characters in our lives & passing through. It has been proven to me time & time again that people who don’t have animals don’t get it, yes I do look like an absolute flip relaying stories & I’m sure I scare people at times, well if I’m going to be honest its probably all the time but sometimes you have to pull a face or walk a little weird & wave your arms around but if you had our humour & see the character within whom I am portraying you would understand it is necessary especially if you want the full story.

Like when a cat my daughter had “Henry”, would want to come in, I would open my curtains in the morning & as my eyes focused for the day ahead, WHAM there he’d be. Henry would take a flying leap throw himself against the window, splayed out hanging off the gauze, looking at me with such desperation. Once I said my good morning & my heart settled I would go let him in. Now whenever I relay this story it requires almost flinging myself at the poor individual listening & then summoning the best desperate face I can followed by a curt meow, who wouldn’t want to hear that story . You see this is how it is for us & many animal lovers out there.

You see all this for this one little story. I posted on my blog the thief, here he/she is again. I’m sure as it is only the true characters of the world of nature that get this close with this much attitude. A few mornings ago it wasn’t the live in family that greeted me, it was a true local. I had painted my Mums swing & my son & I placed it in the meandering fruit tree area I was wondering as it was so bright if it would frighten the locals away but no, compliments of my daughters fantastic photography skills, the swing has provided a perfect observation deck & with all the glorious rain we’ve been getting everything is alive & the land is full of feed for the locals, especially for this little one apparently.


I needn’t have worried about the brightness or the movement of the windmill the blue of this Kookaburras wing was highlighted perfectly by the swing frame colour.



Isn’t he/she stunning. This was my view from my bedroom & although not as heart stopping as other wake up calls, still a little catch your breath at the beauty anyway.

Aussie song

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree                                                                                          Merry merry king of the bush is he                                                                                                 Laugh Kookaburra Laugh Kookaburra                                                                                       Gay your life must be.


Its Dangerous

Yes I know, I was thinking, could you hear the cogs rolling, I swear I do, it is a dangerous pass time for me. To share even a moment of my thoughts would take a lifetime so here’s just a snippet of a moment to start with…..

I have a book that was given to me many years ago, (Humphrey) it was full of empty lined pages already bursting with the promise of things to come.


It is just beautiful to write in, the pages are slightly aged, its like an old office note book. You can see the first section is alphabetically organised. It now holds a great deal of information accumulated over the years. Some tried & tested others, there is dream of the trying & testing. Great rest for my brain, I only wish I had dated my entries, I guess if I start now better late than never.

Ok so here’s what I was thinking a snippet a week, just a snippet of my achievements my findings my tried my tested, now if I do this I must stress that the information I have gathered may not work for you & I will not be held responsible for any outcomes of things you try. I will answer any questions you might have & appreciate any new findings you have.  I cannot stress enough though how important it is that you Please do your own research. 

I am a little excited to share this.


Now I have you all fired up & ready to read I was thinking maybe calling it ….. mmmm

Nope nothing I’m a complete blank the cogs are rolling but nothings ticking…..wait  nope. I’ll get back to you on when I’ll start.

My brain just started singing the Mr Squiggle song & I can picture Mr Squiggle drawing & the lady holding his hand was it Miss Penny? & the blackboard saying “hurry up” hurry up”. You can now see why the title is its dangerous, wait Humphrey!?…….

While thats going on heres a snippet from the patch.

Sometimes it pays to not weed, yes that’s right just leave it alone, we’ve been in drought & the majority of the garden has been bone dry & sad except for here ya go…


A little patch that I was going to let the chooks sort out. You can see there are different types of spinach & a few little lettuce dotted around. No that is not straw placed on top rather dried out grass that grew & dropped on its own creating its own natural ground cover. This is one of the greenest areas in the patch, on a berm with a swale behind & in front completely exposed to the elements that has survived the drought without me going anywhere near it. A little hope & reason to not clear completely. The nasty ground cover grass hasn’t grown through it as the taller grass has choked it out. YAY






A thief & a day at the beach.

I love our lands little surprises you are only limited by your imagination as to where you could be..     1 (153)


Someone was happy about the rain creating a beautiful hair style complete with orange highlights’.


Some might say rubbish but don’t judge till you’ve sat, I have put a piece of old lino that we used to slide into the dam as a ground cover to kill off the grass & hopefully soften the ground underneath to dig a decent fire pit, cant wait to finish.



A thief in broad daylight stole a worm, a precious worm we wont press charges it was just before the rains & all the wildlife was getting closer & closer to the house looking for food & water. We are blessed really.




A day at Forster Beach.  Family are members of the Terrigal lifeguards & every year all the surf clubs get together for the IRB races its a great day & I love that I get to spend it with my family. The weather put on a great show as did the teams of life guards.


It was a long tough weekend for all, sorry for the pic quality.


Next time your at the beach thank your local lifeguards for their time & commitment as soooo much training & prep goes into what they do to keep us safe.

Inspector Clueso the cat.


let me go back a few days, those of you who read my blog, thankyou so much by the way I do appreciate the moral support greatly greatly, greatly. I am inspired by you all. As you know my whole thing is land living for living land. My hands & knees were aching & paining so bad so I knew rain was coming, the joints are never wrong. Don’t think that that stops me working though if anything it just makes me a little more determined or is it panicked I think it depends on the day, anyhoo….

In part preparation for the rain, I say in part as to do everything that needed to be done well lets not go there as overwhelmed I will get. I just do what I think will make the most impact as I go in that moment. The dam was the lowest we have ever seen it in the 14 or 15 yrs we’ve been here sorry I didn’t get photos. I’m 5ft9 & in the middle of the dam when swimming if I touched the bottom & raised my hand my fingers would only just break the surface, with the drought it is waste deep, so really really low.

I had noticed that the path around the top side had actually eroded a bit & was starting to slope away from the dam this definitely had to be remedied so donning my army; chainsaw, block splitter, spade & rake. To work I went.

The dam is to the left where the bottle brush is hanging over the pathway, so I started by breaking off the overhanging bottle brush so it wouldn’t take an eye out while working.

20190622_141621       20190622_141630

By working out where my edge was going to be & it is quite slopped & bare at the moment to the right of the path, for safety I dug in a few short posts. I will build a stick log wall along out of the old wattles that I had to cut down. The root system of the wattles could damage the wall of the dam.

In the photo on the right you can see I dug out along & put back (this was actually the top soil) that had drained away with the rains over the years. I will be planting smaller shrubs of fodder trees in this ridge & the trick here is you don’t want too much slope into the dam as creates the same problem all top soil would ebb into dam loosing the path again. Now it is reasonably flat & over time we will get a bit more build up along the fenced edge & in the mean time no drastic flow & loss of top soil.

20190622_154231  20190622_161654

You can see how badly we needed rain. Thats all for the moment for that project, its enough to start saving the land. I will continue to plant ground covers & small shrubs over the hill side & steps throughout for ease of access for maintenance.

Getting there bit by bit.

Out of the corner of my eye as the sun was going down I caught glimpse of a slight red glow, the fir tree was in flower so cute. I did have a better photo but goodness knows where in cyber space that landed.


This tree is actually great fodder for horses & goats & its cute.

Other news I don’t know if I showed you the swing set I built Mum for her 70th (3 years ago) well I can tic another project off the list, its finally painted. Our community market had half a tin of paint & a few other bits & bobs cost me $20 for a few amazing bits & pieces. I had no idea of the colour but it was outdoor paint & around 3litres of it.

Check this out for colour.


As you can see we wont loose it, ever, & the little windmill on top is just another adorable  gem of a find at the local markets 2years ago.

But wait there’s more.

As I had left over paint & I didn’t want to throw it out. what to do, what to do, sitting near the swing set so from drab to some sort of on the way to fab, the little hen house is now too cuterer, I know it was going to be white with pink trim, I do have another one to paint & there will be more markets. The fab will continue.

On the local front my Boy now grown up just bought his very first new, brand new that is, car a Toyota Yaris, the fella he had helping him out was so great I would’ve adopted him. Home we went high on that new amazing new car smell. That’s the car in the background all parked & shiny ready to go. He’s so clever & he has given his old car to his sister they have their own financial agreement. Love that they look out for one another. So proud I am.

Finishing with the funny.

Mum & I got take out the other day(I know don’t judge) whilst in town & stopped next to our Woolworths, there is a little car park that overlooks a small grassy area surrounded by beautiful trees. There are pretty little pockets everywhere around our town, anyway. Mum happened to glance out her window above the fence top & we suddenly felt very uncomfortable. Inspector clueso of the feline world, we weren’t trespassing or maybe I don’t know ok so we shouldn’t have had take out were sorry. I think we ate a little quicker than usual & left.


The moral is never give up, Love your family, find the joy in your surroundings & always be aware that someone could be watching.


Manner from Heaven.

We have Puddles People.


We’ve finally had rain & rain & rain not enough for flooding but almost 2 years, not as bad as some farmers, but no decent rain well it has poured for the last 3 nights & off & on throughout the last 3 days & good soaking rain. Everything seemed to hang on to every drop for as long as possible.


The sun reflecting the promise of warmth & nurturing.


During the rains it was a time to snuggle in front of the fire with your favourite pet so Turbos favourite pet is her human William.


When the suns out theres a mischievous glint in everyone’s eyes. Its time to play & stretch.

Henry stretching off to the dam instead of pooping at the front door.



Whatever we could find to collect the precious rain was put out.


We never stopped praying & preparing & with hope & promise it rained.