If an animal eats a red bug does it make the animal hyperactive?

You can tell the tanks are low when the birds attack the house & cat starts licking the sheets.

Not sure where to begin today, give my brain a minute it may or may not flow into some sort of sense.

We need rain again we’ve had dribs & drabs just enough to keep the 9000ltr tank just above half full. Are you a tank is half full person or a tank is half empty, when comparing to life? That’s about as deeply philosophical as your goin to get from me about life there is too much fun to be had.

Not the best selfie but I had fun.

So it’s hook the little red wagon up, a gift from one of my besties & her husband, fill it with containers & buckets. The reason for this is the pump at the dam isn’t working, admittedly it’s been a couple of years since it was needed. I wonder if farmers in drought affected areas are having the same issues with their pumps? I’ll keep at it. For now it’s off to the dam on the trusty old Greenfield mower, Betty Boop, cause she goes boop whenever we hit a tree stump left by the power line guys, followed closely by the little red wagon.

A welcoming wander waiting.

Once at the dam I unhooked the wagon & mowed a path right around the dam, the grass was so thick, awesome issue to have. When mowing grass like this in our area you need to be cautious of snakes as they will actually skim out & over the top of the long grass in fright. A mate of mine had a snake skim across his lap whilst he was mowing, stories like this are common in our area. Anyway so no snakes freaked, not that I saw.

I did notice teeny tiny jumping things in the grass. On closer inspection, oh no! I hoped they hopped out of the way quickly?

I stepped down to the dam with the containers ready to fill & wow that’s an odd worm? UH, No, it was the cutest little baby brown snake, by the time I got my phone to take a pic it had slithered off. Too cute, hang on, mmmm where’s the rest? I only ask this question as a few years back I walked into a nest of baby browns, maybe about six or seven, if I include the adult, I managed to sneak away without us all freaking out. I know flamin nuts right? No more snakes to see but the dam was alive with

Teeny tiny fishes keeping mozzie larvae away.

Little bugs complete with their own oars.

Sweet little Kermit cousins.

Many more hovering buzzing things, too quick to pic.

Where was I? oh yeh, all those containers of water are for the menagerie, horses, chooks, geese & dogs. I love my life, there is never a dull moment always something to admire, be in awe of or freak out at.

From the garden.

I almost missed it, first rose off this plant just stunning, can you smell it? Ok so we can’t scratch & sniff yet, but Dreamy right?

Little Paris carrots, grow in any soil, first ever purple carrots not full size but too cute, teeny tiny beetroot, lettuce & our morning eggs. Even without enough rain they still grew! Tiny but grew none the less. We do have very considerate chooks. Give us 3 eggs for brekky & 3 or 4eggs for dinner.

Oh yeh, as for the cat cleaning the sheets. Is her latest thing as we settle for bed, silly kitty we’re not that grotty.

At $20 a pop to use the large washing machine at the laundromat(more than what the sheets are worth)lol. No biggie I’m not a complete grot no matter what the cat thinks, I managed to do a load of sheets & it’s way cheaper to take the cloths to the laundromat when needed.

She doesn’t look too distressed, really?

Todays adventure is trying to find a water cartage company that delivers real water to top up our tanks. For the sake of the cat is all.

Author: workinacresnothours

Hi my name is Linda & Frolicking and Feeding, Land living for living land, with God, Love and a touch of fairy dust it's fun & it can be done. Working a small 5 acre farm with my mother, I am a single Mum with 2 adult children. As a single woman its so easy to doubt yourself. My hope is that my antics give you confidence and insite that you too can achieve your dreams.

24 thoughts on “If an animal eats a red bug does it make the animal hyperactive?”

    1. Next time you’ll have to pop in the wagon I’ll take you for a spin, lol. I do so appreciate everyone that follows my often oddly wonderous life. Thankyou my friend. I hope you get rain to keep your beautiful flower towers going.

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  1. We can use rain here too as we head into a dry summer season and drought conditions. Your rose is beautiful and I can almost smell it (wouldn’t that be awesome if we could!) All your photos are wonderful, love the selfie ❤️ and the plate of grown goodies and fresh eggs!! Cuddly Kitty and I hope you can find a delivery water source soon. Happy to hear from you my pony friend!! ❤️🐴❤️

    Liked by 6 people

    1. How cool would scratch & sniff computers be. I hope you get afternoon storms to cool you all off. I ain’t no beauty queen but then again who is when ya been playing in the paddock. Its always fun to hear? read? from you. Happy days to you my pony friend.

      Liked by 3 people

  2. I liked going along with you for this adventure of yours- you notice all the wildlife and flora/fauna living their own little lives all around you. I laughed at the scratch and sniff comment. For all the wonders of the internet, it can’t do that (yet!). I’ve lived in the desert and in the swamp- too little rain, too much rain. Both can be awful in their own ways. Hoping for more rain balance for you in your corner of the world soon.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. How fun would scratch & sniff computers be. As for the weather it is so very unpredictable the frustration at the moment is it has been overcast for the last 3 days but the clouds are too high so no rain. This morning lol blue skies & not a cloud in sight. Thankyou for the rain wishes. Pats & carrots to your ponies have a magical weekend my friend.

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  3. How lovely to see you! And well done on saving the little frogs, and no yucky brown snakes. I hope you get rain really soon, Linda.
    Btw, I am a tank half empty person, a realist by another name. Are you troubled by the mice?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hello my realist neighbour friend, rain predicted for today hopefully the weather crew got it right. lol. We don’t have any more than usual thank goodness, nothing like the poor people south west of us. I just hide baits around most baits now are not as poisonous for the wildlife if they catch a poisoned rodent. I hope your area rodent free.


    1. Yes I feel sorry for people who have to use the laundromat constantly. It’s $6 dollars to use a normal machine & if your not there to take it out as soon as the load has finished, there’s a charge for them taking it out & they hover, so you have to be quick. If we got desperate there is a part of the river I could take things to wash that the river flow doesn’t go to watering livestock or humans. I Just wouldn’t go anywhere in winter as I ain’t washing in a freezing river. haha. ( ;

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      1. around here they don’t charge a fee if you take too long to take out your laundry but someone might throw it on the floor… wishing you the best, dear ❤

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  4. I’d love to live in such a nature-filled area. I hope that you’ll get some proper rain soon, we’ve had no shortage of rainstorms over here in The Netherlands. Aw, I love teeny tiny fish like that! When we go swimming in the sea there’s usually a bunch of them and tiny crabs around at the shallows so I usually bring underwater goggles with me and watch them dip in and out of their little rock homes. Wow, that is a beautiful rose 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You & your family would be welcome anytime. We are pretty blessed. We had a dribble of rain last night better than nothing. In the summer I love to go out in the rain get absolutely drenched such fun. The funny thing with our little dam fish, is that people pay hundreds of dollars to stick there feet in tanks for the fish to exfoliate we can do it for free. lol. I love the beach also, it is so cool exploring the underwater world. I’m glad you like the rose it would be great to have scratch sniff computers. ( ;

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  5. Your positive attitude is inspiring! I hope you get all the rain you need sooner than later. Smart to find a water company to top off the tank, if that is a possibility. Some people are complaining about drought here as well, I understand the scare of it being less water than it used to be 50 years ago. And yes, I am worried about climate change, but we still have plenty of water in Sweden compared to many other places. There are lakes and rivers all around, the grass is green, the foliage is green, everything is growing. I think a lot about everyone that is really affected by drought, in warmer climates than mine. Several of my old friends in CA are in the line of the ongoing big forest fires in the north. Keep sharing your positive post. You are very inspirational!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello sweet friend, I missed you. We had a sprinkling of rain last night it was great to here the water flowing into our tanks. I found a water cartage company but sadly it is illegal for any cartage company to pump up from any sort of natural source, understandable at least we have one tank full now & I kept the other tank with what we had for drinking water. I pray all your friends are safe from the fires. Love that it is full of greenery in your homeland. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. We have finally had a few days of rain & drizzle, which is great. I totally understand the security of town water but it was making us sick. When I was in Melbourne with my daughter I remember the tap water tasted 10 times better than ours, I couldn’t smell the chlorine. I hope your garden is very happy & bringing you much joy. Have a wonderful weekend my friend.


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