Nothing to do with the weather.

Now some of you may know that I love my thrifty shopping & since putting the house on the market I have been very good & said no to myself (sometimes out loud ok often out loud) do you know how hard it is to walk away from things that yes I could use now & would fit in perfectly with the asthetics of who I am. Ok yes I know you can hear a but in the sentence coming, I know, I know, ok here it is BUT, this one I could not walk out without you’ll see why…

img_20200110_071945_4.jpg I know right, its heavy its beautiful its in perfect condition. Guess how much I paid for it you’ll never guess????? Ok i’ll tell you so I looked up what this brand & size retails for it averages in at around $300 to $400.

It was just sitting on the shelf in one of our local thrifties for $10 yep. You can see why i was totally justified. But wait theres more.


My Laura went thrifty shopping a few days after & came home to tell me of another find, so we jumped in the car & off we went I couldn’t believe it.

img_20200110_071945_4-1.jpgI know right, so this one was a little dearer & a Crofton still a good brand. Retails at around $50 new.

At $20 near new I was not going to let this go either. I think I will be right now for a while.



I cant guarantee that I wont talk to myself again, maybe.





How to get the locals talkin….

The air is thick this morning with the promise of rain, my joints are aching & I heard the black cockatoos last night, I think or was it early this morning….. argggg, I cant remember; anyhoo.

Good morning or is it good evening or even good afternoon for you. My beautiful people I hope everyone is well & your families & menageries too.

I had some beautiful family friends drop in the other day, is always great to catch up & typically never long enough as the story goes for many of us. As us country bumpkins do have conversations that would curl the hair of city folk or turn stomachs I was reminded of one oddly hilarious event.

We had an old 4 door ute a few years back, was the best reliable old thing to get around in. The tray on the back was a great size; it was a 4cylinder 5 speed, diesel, manual & it had cup holders that pulled out from the dashboard just below the air vent. But the best thing about it was that you knew we were coming probably 2klms before we got to you, it happily bounced & rattled us anywhere we needed to go.

One evening there was a poor dead roo on the side of the road, now around country areas if its fresh, rather than leave it to rot & decay & stink out the local area for a 5klm radius & beyond. If you have ever driven past a site such as this on a stinkin hot day with the windows down enjoyin the summer breeze, you know the you can never get the window wound up quick enough before it assaults your senses & fills the car with an aroma that would burn not only the hairs in ya nostrils but surround your brain in a stinky fog that will last the whole trip “especially” if you forget to shut the flamin air vents as well.

Ok so now you have a picture in ya mind. I was travelin home the back way one evening & noticed a large roo on the side of the road (fresh hit no suffering). So I tossed it into the back of the ute, & headed off to a mates place where it was disposed of with gratitude.

Now the next day was local voting day for our little town, so everyone travels from a reasonable distance creating a buzzing busy little town.  Town is always packed on voting day.  Its the one day parking may be tricky to find. Mum & I hopped in the trusty old ute & off we went, I got a great car park????

Now after voting we came out & the car parked behind us had gone….so the back of our ute was completely exposed & facing the exit of the voting centre, horrors of horrors arggggg…. what I hadn’t realised was that upon tossing the roo into ute & it being so fresh, I hadn’t thought about the blood. Well my little ute tray had trails of it all through the tray & as if set up for an epic country horror film down the outside edges & the back of the tray & over the rear lights oozing drama & intrigue.

I could not get to the ute quick enough & have you ever tried to speed home without breaking the speed limit “SLOWEST TRIP HOME EVER”. Thank goodness we were not on water restrictions I scrubbed that tray within an inch of its life (pardon the pun)& didn’t go out till I figured the locals had forgotten what my ute & I looked like.

excuse amateur details

From then on I phoned a friend of the location of “potential gratitude” I figured it was less traumatic for well everyone really.



A sort of poem, Merry Christmas.

It’s almost Christmas & all through the house there’s cockroaches & spiders & mozzies to slap. The cicada’s are deafening as they scream out their crescending song & fly’s as big as horses to bite ya, well wherever they want (repellant is at a loss). As we saddle our horses before it gets too steamy or windy dry hot or wait for the cool of the evening to ride off as the sun sets behind our blue smoky mountains. There’s sunblock & hats & packed sandwiches too, melting ice cream to clean up or wash off as you do, the hot trot to your favourite sandy beach spot. The cool salty water rolls up to your toes & as it recedes sucks your feet as if to pull you below, or literally out of the blue a huge wave will cover you from head to toe, your drenched, salty & sandy all the way to your bones. Through blood sweat & tears we dodge holiday makers who meander around as if lost or sedated we bump into & as we focus we realize its a friend to catch up with & in a short time a shop aisle block is created

I love this time of year I really do that time of gift giving & spending too much but is it too much when it says to your closest that you my dear people are who I love mostest.

So a prayer of comfort & love go out to the homeless & war weary, I pray somewhere in this season you find something or someone cheery.

As the sun goes down on another Aussie sticky hot day that draws us ever closer to this years Christmas Day. May a Wallaby stop on its way bouncing by & give you Christmas smile as her Joeys exploring its new surroundings. May it rain on your houses filling your tanks & out on your land so the crops they will sprout. May your rivers run but not overflow just enough to bring life back to your soul. May the wrens & galahs bring you much entertainment & the koalas curled up in the swaying eucalypts trees give you a wave with their soft fluffy ears. A possum, goanna, Echidna or whatever you please, may all Aussieness help make your Christmas full of great cheer.

Their predicting rain those weather reporting Id rather rely on the Kookaburras & black cockatoos as they laugh or cooee our native rain reporting. Lets cross everything & down on our knees & pray to our heavenly Father oh please.

To all of my readers both near & far wherever you are this wonderful time of year may you have peace & joy & love both now & all through the coming new year.

Saturday, Sunday then there’s Mon, Tues

                                          That’s enough days in the week don’t you think?                                    Hop in lets go for a drive….

Oh I wish….


car rally 4

My Wil                                                              A classic dacdac.. Cause that’s how they sound.

car rally 12     car rally6

Our little town put on a show, on the weekend with night markets & Carols by the river which is just what all the town needed to lift our spirits. Call me old fashioned, how beautiful would our streets be with cars like this, amazing cars that I must say would also look very good in our driveway.

My beautiful Girl a lady of taste.


car rally9

Such artistic talent in design.  There was a great atmosphere & while we didn’t make it to the night markets or carols by the river, it was so nice to know that our town was enjoying the season.




The Baby Shower, Sunday

My girl & I took a little road trip to a baby shower, My bestest Friend in the whole wide world is soon to be a Nana. Her daughter is due in 9 weeks we are beyond excited. You know that one friend you have in your life that has been a part of your life for so long they morph into family. I truly am blessed to have all the friends I do have.


I am sorry I don’t have any photos of the actual party. I haven’t asked yet if I can, there were boy & girl balloons, Blue & pink cupcakes & lollies. A watermelon carved out to look like a pram full of delicious fruit. We played games & there were lots of old friends to catch up with & new friends made. Made me feel a little old as some of the young people I hadn’t seen since they were little & they just grew up & got married.                                                                                                        Which I so wasn’t ready for.


The Christmas tree, Monday

I love putting up the tree. Some Christmases we have tossed the chainsaw in the boot & gone for a drive, as there are often Christmas trees growing on the side of the road. Roadwork guys would cut them down & toss them. This year we couldn’t as its too dangerous starting machinery with the drought & fires. It is always fun putting up & decorating the Christmas tree no matter what shape or form it comes in. We have used fur trees & Gum tree branches in the past, your only limited by your imagination really.

IMG_20191206_094948 IMG_20191209_182752



A Treasure in Heaven.

Not to be morbid but something treasured to share. Back in 1997 I had a little boy who passed away not long after his birth. We named him Caleb & every year we take turns in hanging this little ornament with his birth year & name engraved on it & thank God for the gift of having him even if it was only for the shortest time.



Tuesday not Wednesday

My girl & I went to see an art show that is being held in a little nearby town called Gladstone. Having no idea that the day was actually Tuesday not Wednesday,  we got there & it wasn’t open. oh dear, what a shame we were forced to find a gorgeous little café where we had home made chocolate biscuits, a banana/cocoa smoothie & Lime & lemon frappe & a fun game of connect.



Hope your week has been full of fun. Its not even over yet.












Where will the water come from next.

The smell of eucalypt hangs strong in the hot dry air its mixed with the smell of burning bushland both near & far, its 8am & the smoke is thick again


We have our home & our livestock & our little family & the fireys are amazing. It is usually fire season for us now, although not with drought this bad, to back it up thus intensifying.


Our poor magnificent gum trees are dropping not just leaves now but many twigs & branches from dry & heat stress. The little seed pods are just gorgeous like little dried flowers straight out of Alice in wonderland.

To make as much use of the water as we can, the dishwasher water goes to the daisy garden & the hose gets moved around the area as needed. I have drilled a hole in the wall for the hose, as to drill through the floor would be too hard to patch if needed & I can easily check for leaks. I didn’t have a straight joiner for the hoses, so this joiner did the job anyway. We keep a little water in the bird bath & shell pool the finches & wrens love it.

IMG_20191206_102643    IMG_20191206_102551


For some time now the shower & bath water has gone onto the back garden that is just below the verandah via a hose that I have attached to the drains under the house. This goes onto sweet potato, mandarin, lemon, passionfruit, mushroom herb & an array of natives all goin mad.

The funny thing is our little council banned the use of waste water on the garden but now we are on level 3 water restrictions its allowed, wouldn’t you think if we were allowed to use our waste water we would be better off as far as our water supply goes. mmm. There are some mysteries we will never solve.




There is you can just make it out, a series of trenches I have dug that take the washing machine water to the fruit tree & vegie patch area. I will plant along these edges as well eventually, for now though it can feed the fruit trees that are looking a little desperate. 





As for our little vegie patch this is one of 3 little patches, (water restrictions) easy to manage this size, I only planted seeds yesterday, so I am excited to see what comes up. 2 buckets every morning I fill at our dam. I have string attached so all I do is toss the buckets to fill & carry them up to the garden, its not far to walk & incorporating it into my morning menagerie feeding, makes it easy to manage.


As you can see below, well below, speaking of low our dam has never been, you guessed it, this low. When things are good this dam is usually up to Walters tip top of his tail, we are still very fortunate though to have water in our dam its pure management really. We have a managerie of wildlife that frequent it for water & for food as there are loads of little fishes & other insects in it.



Still great for a cooling dip, its keeping him out of the house after the swim that’s tricky.


She a little too old & delicate for a swim in the dam now, so digs a hole where she can, no matter the weather she has to be close, our Princess.

We are expecting a little rain next week according to the local                                                                               wildlife & weather bureau.



Crazy Days

Hello beautiful people, well I don’t know for some reason I’ve woken up on a high today. Loads of energy I have no idea why. Probably a combination of things really, life has been pretty hectic, well…. ok….. so…. for the last I don’t know how many years. Recently I guess has been a little more so. Having PTSD doesn’t help. Often after a shock, trauma or stressful time their is a euphoric high time, which I think is where I am now. It is very important for me to take it easy during this time as I have a tendency to go flat out like lizard runnin, or the squirrel on Over the hedge is probably more accurately my kindred animal at this time.      thWe had gale forced winds yesterday & of course i did a whole lot of clearing the day before, Lol. To turn a negative into a positive if i didnt do that bit of clearing & ended up sick with heat stroke there would be twice as much clean up to do after the winds. Dont you agree?


This picture doesn’t do much explaining of the amount of work I had done, but the berms are about 2ft deep & the space between is as wide as a fire truck. For obvious reasons.

There are little shoots of grass where once there was just clay & soil lots & lots of top soil naturally provided not bought & trucked in, so as a result lots & lots of beneficial bugs & wait for it more & more…..



No not baby brown snakes which is what I thought first (which we have had here) ok so I need to get glasses….

IMG_20191129_120425I had accidently raked up a herd of worms, or whatever this many worms together are called a wormaville?. We are on level 3 water restrictions but we still got worms. I apologised for the disturbance & promptly placed them in a new location to continue to live & grow from a wormavillage to a wormanation.

I wonder what their flag would be?

Their neighbours the Dragon lizard sunbathers are a constant companion to all who enter the woods & give me such a look of gratitude for their smorgasbord of meals.


I have much much much to do today & with no winds so far now is the opportune time to get out & recover what top soil I can that blew off yesterday & plant vegies. A new way I have never tried before I promise to keep you posted. Whatever you do today may it be full of love, life & maybe just a few worms & a sunbaking lizard.