No don’t worry this is no expose on rubbish & the environment, rather well let’s go see, it’s so cool.

At the moment I think I have mentioned that we have my Cuz & his mate living here now, for a while? its awesome & we had more family visit last week. I had forgotten how blissfully exhaustive fun a 5yr old can be & the dogs had no idea what they were in for it was SOOO much fun. Mei was jumping from side to side & Walter thought this was the funnest fun ever & happily joined in. Mei had Walter sorted out from the minute they arrived if Mei said sit Walter sat, was adorable.


We celebrated 2 birthdays while everyone was here which I LOVE, everyone’s birthday should be celebrated one of the most treasured times to show people they are appreciated & loved.  (cuz Craig cooked seafood, YUMM)

1 (7).jpg

So no there wasn’t a lot to toss that night only scraps to the chooks. Even with the family work on the farm never stops, little Mei helped toss feed to the horses, we even had discussions with the big horse, about taking the little horses feed & of course there were the chooks to feed & no eggs though as they are all clucky & sitting on 6 eggs due soon.


You stick your hand in there & see if there are any extra eggs dare ya. You will be pecked within an inch of your life.

We had the paddock ripped a week ago & then we had our great neighbour come back with the rotary ho on the tractor this time to break up as much of the compaction as possible, dirt dust tossed everywhere. Awesome



The soil was in much better condition than we originally thought & look what we have, all those years watching the gardening shows & they sink their spades into the soil so effortlessly & pick the soil up & crumble it in their hands, well right back at ya sunshine yes there were little pockets that I could do that but now; A WHOLE PADDOCK, do paddock dance now.

You can see the start of the first market garden bed the paths will be lined with sawdust which when broken down can be tossed onto the garden beds & then relayed with new sawdust if we want. One path wide enough for a wheelbarrow narrow paths in-between just for walking around the beds & the ride on with its wagon will fit around the outside & a strip right up the middle between the main garden beds. Much fun will be had.


And look a spade, just look at it sitting there all on its own & the best thing, the best thing I didn’t have to even stand or jump on it to get it in to the soil, nope just gently pushed & it all but sank in on its own. Craig tested the soil & its pretty good we don’t have to make any great adjustments to improve the quality, so it’s a go ahead.


Cant wait to be gently tossing the produce into the little ride-ons little red wagon.

I hope that whoever your tossing around with be it family or friends or friends who are family may you have a great time & feel forever loved & appreciated.












Here we go..

You cannot imagine the sheer joy, well maybe you can. In one of my first blogs I mentioned my Cuz Craig. Well, talk about these shows; garden gurus, gardening Australia, Better Homes & Gardens, Landline. yes all have warranted information from time to time BUT when it comes down to the actual putting into practice what you have learnt & what motivates, what & who inspires & what DOES work.

I’m sorry my Cuz wins hands down.

So a market garden which incorporates permaculture principles is our starting point. I have discussed with Cuz several times now over the last few years or so the benefits & successes of permaculture principles on our selection, a lot of which Mum & I had been implementing through just plain common sense really eg, (run your lines across your land not down your land & you will save precious soil & water runoff) & the pay off is saving us hundreds of dollars in not having to bring in top soil, which is exactly what we found out yesterday. Come take a look with me.

My Cuz Craig & the little blue tractor.


Ok you can see the compaction that has occurred over time, between the newly ripped soil & the flat area.


This being the area where when we had the new septic dug all the excess clay like soil was spread out here. The man digging out the new septic at the time quite a few years ago now, offered to do the start of a round yard for me, which was greatly appreciated but never came to fruition, as to get the land level would have needed too much fill & as it turns out the round yard fits at the top of the property near the arena perfectly.

This has turned out so much easier in being able to let my Cuz go a little permaculturaly nuts on this little piece of our selection; to start with anyway, we have huge plans. I won’t tell too much of his permaculture story as he is going to set up his own website eventually,  but we are like-minded in our endeavours which of course makes a huge difference when making changes such as this.


20180924_123429 (2)

The first ripping.

So I  love tractors it is my dream one day to own a little Ferguson or a walk behind tractor which really would be the best fit for our land size. As you can imagine the excitement of watching our little paddock being ripped was awesome & all this was done only after it had been cleared of all debris & then the land was measured out with lines on the contour, most important. That gave our tractor friend a guide line to follow.


The very prepared man in the picture is Farmer Brett a good mate of my Cuz & considered family now. Some friends just have to be adopted.

The preparation process is crucial to the planning & development of any garden area or paddocks or fodder forests or feed lots it can be implemented in an area as small “as well” ,the smallest yard to an area as big as, well how big is your land, without working on the contour you will have repair & top up the land constantly, thus more money down the drain, literally.

This has been proven over & over again as before we had started our land was deteriorating rapidly & more & more clay was exposed & precious top soil disappeared with every rainfall & wind gust. Taking with it beneficial bacteria & bugs for healthy land.


As you can see there is quite a bit of compaction but the ripper was able to get through quite well,  you can kind of see the dirt marks on the ripper, so there had been very little soil runoff from this area & the main issue was the compaction so the next step will be the rotary hoe on the tractor to really churn things up.


See the black sand pile there we had already moved a few wheelbarrow loads & in comes the tractor with its scoop & in one scoop it was moved if we had of thought about it we could have saved ourselves a lot of extra work. haha.  The ridge where that is being put is going to be the perennial herb garden to bring in beneficial bugs & critters & help hold back the soil, although being on the contour the runoff will be minimal if any at all.


I was so excited we had rain last night & the ripped paddock looked amazing, yes there is a bit more work to go & I can’t to wait to share it with you all.

Even Marlo was a little excited making the most of having an audience.




Much to the disgust of our little mare squirt.



Who ended up rounding Marlo up into the corner, in the end & Marlo really didn’t know quite what to with himself.


We did manage a photo of My boy (Wil) & his horse.

PS Wil said to let you all know the horse is for sale. haha








Our little selection is just humming, buzzing & tweeting with such exuberant anticipation, for our spring has springed. The Macadamia flower has just taken off literally, well I’m sure its about to with the amount of activity. I was able to capture a couple, out of the well what seemed like hundreds, very busy native bees. They are adorable. Some of them were so laden with pollen I only hoped they could make it back to the hive.

20180923_094630 (2).jpg

Isn’t he handsome a wallaroo, its unusual to see them on their own. I love having a little yarn with him, I expressed my concern that he was on his own & yesterday in the late afternoon I caught him showing his girl around our property,  I’ll save those pictures for when the Joey arrives.


How cute is this little teeny tiny stick insect, it will, we hope, grow to be longer than my hand & as the name suggests be the colour of & look just like a stick. They are so cool & in no way bite at all, in fact some people have them a pets.


Okay so if you have never tried one you must a monsterio delicious. We will fight over these if your going to pick them for our household you have to pick 2 or three at  a time, wrap them in newspaper & wait. Otherwise its not a happy household. haha


How cute are they my little starter crop of corn they are a cold mountain corn, will be all different colours, can be grown all year round, its my first time with this particular type, I’m SOOO excited & we had rain last night so they should grow 2 more inches today.

There is so much life & rejuvenation going on this month I could prattle on for hours but I wont well I’ll try not to but just check out my next blog awesome stuff really truly.











Frolic & Feed

The title I think will be the name of our home, as you drive onto our little selection. I have been trying to think of a name for our little plot of land. As we do not slave away or consider it a drudgery of a job, to cultivate & nurture the land back to some sort of health resort like retreat for all flora fauna & human that may come to visit live or dwell amongst us. I’m sorry but yes we do frolic there is much frolicking that goes on & always a feed.

The chooks on their swing, sorry for the blur if I get too close they jump off cause they think I have nibbles.

1 (58).jpgTo the resting dog & his frolicking collection.


To the many feathered, furred or legged local wildlife.


1 (27) 1 (46)



Everyone seems happy to be here, so however you choose to Frolic, whether by dancing amongst the gum trees, meandering through the veggie patch or by sitting back on the verandah with your feet up glass of wine or cup of tea in hand watching the natives frolicking there is no judgement here.

Go ahead fill your joy cup where ever you frolic & feed today.



Everyone is hungry except the birds.

I love waking up early yes I am one of those fruit loops that well I don’t spring out of bed it’s more of a delicate snap crackle & pop stretch & then maybe walk without a hitch, maybe.

Ok so I don’t spring but I love this time of year spring is springed, no not sprung springed, that’s my word for today. Its day 14 of spring & temperature is already in the mid 20s & climbing this week we watched it storm & rain over the mountains yesterday. We did get rain the week before, these photos are from last Saturday, that little weather system was hovering right over our little town, was a great downpour although we do need more. How amazing is that cloud formation.

2018-09-12 10.52.51.jpg


2018-09-12 10.54.23.jpg

So spring has springed & after every rainfall everything goes nuts the animals the bird life & the flora. We had the male koalas grunting late the other evening which was a little unusual, we usually only hear them at the start of the cold weather maybe all the dry we had, had been a bit rough for them as well, not that they drink much water, they are amazing & for something so cute & cuddly they do make quite a racket.

I just had to share what the garden thought of the rain. Now here’s a little something interesting. Most people would think you water your garden to help it grow? you know water sustains life & all that, well not our town water, we can water everyday & things tend to just stay alive, not a lot of growth at all & then it rains & the plants then seem to make up for lost time, you could I’m sure almost sit & watch everything as it grows.

So let’s go nuts in my garden.


The yellow rose vine has never had flower before it is absolutely loaded this is just a small squirt how pretty are they? This darling little Grevillea such a little trooper been there for a couple of years now & produced one crowning glory & there’s another little one on the way.

20180911_091746.jpg 20180911_095604.jpg

Nut tree looks like little pink icicles hanging everywhere yes there is a bird’s nest unused right in the middle, the leaves on this tree are violently prickly. It is beautiful though.



I know don’t judge I need to weed but how pretty & yummy are the nasturtiums, are you getting hungry yet, on closer inspection before I took the photo there was so much activity between the local honey bees im assuming from the neighbours hives & the little black native bees this nasturtiums was a hive of activity.


Monsterio deliciosa yes just as the name describes these fruit are like soooo yum like the texture of a mango but the slightest bite of lime it is a hard flavour to describe, I try & pick one for Mum & I, now I am going to love sharing as my fantastic Cuz & his friend have moved in to help turn our land upside down am so excited, I’m pretty sure Cuz likes the mosterio & I’ll have to see if his friend does too. It’s a good thing the plant has gone mad, you’d have to be to keep up with us. The burn on the leaves is from last summers 47.6 degree day we had flying foxes dropping out of the sky dead.

The monsterio is still growing strong.


Even before they are ripe the anticipation is torture we missed out on a few last season as the chooks kept getting out & our old pony Danny did trim it off (after the chooks had finished), within an inch of its life.


Shiney happy




Not the most vibrant in colour although makes up for it in detail & personality so striking. Don’t you think?


I wasn’t sure how this was going to go it has the most amazing lemon scented leaf. I have planted it right next to the front gate so as it grows & people bump up against it the aroma will send them into a hyper allergenic sneeze fit that will negate the need for a barking dog intruder alert or even a door bell.



Blueberries yes they will be equally shared.





So that’s just a taste of what’s to come I did have other photos (not sure what cyber abyss they ended up in) of the mango & macadamia tree & mandarin tree & ground plum & neem tree & I’m sure there are others I have forgotten. I am so excited.

Hang onto the appetite people its gonna be great.


So I love a big family whether it be large in human numbers or animal numbers, they are all still family. Within this mesh we call family there are many achievements from first steps to first words whether it be Mum, Dad, woof or bark, meow, chirp, cluck or even cockadoodle doo (some of those can be hilarious).  All these moments are precious & we try to capture as much as we can so as we can reminisce on the achievement & the proud emotions that were evoked during these amazing times.

First greeting, note the delicate little white toe tips, the fluffy fur like hair & yes what you are looking at is right, he chose us! Walter at 4 weeks old we brought him home 3 weeks later a week before Christmas last year.

2017-12-01 17.00.10

First car trip to the beach, we were worried about how he was going to travel this is 3 mins into the trip.



At beautiful Horse shoe bay, he was a little hesitant at first



The car trip home, amazing smells in the air when your surrounded by cattle country. That’s his pet William hanging onto him, don’t panic, Walter also had a doggy seat belt attached to his harness.



This was his second beach visit another beautiful beach, Crescent Head.On this day he learnt to dig using his nose, so clever.



His first family portrait, the gate has since been removed & no Turbo hasn’t left home yet no matter how unimpressed she looks, I think his arrival has brought out the mischievous in Princess, blowing raspberries at me taking photos.



His first pet Edward whom if ever wandered away from where Walter thought he was safe Walter wound lovingly carry him, by the back of his head, neck or back, to safety. Edward never cared & was never ever hurt in the process.

1 (231)





First playtime with his big sister Princess,” look out Wil this could get rough”!



Not sure about big sister anymore, let’s go with older & wiser sister, shall we? I think it is fitting for this situation, don’t you?



This would have to be my favourite first ever such a proud moment not sure if this one can be topped, are you ready for it?

His first work of art.


Such a big proud boy 10 months  old & still growing.


Please note the placement of his master piece, no it is not just the first long stretch of wall to rub up against, drenched after bath time & just snuck a shoulder in the dirt then used that very shoulder to be creative.

Its his moment of glory, his contribution to the family wall, so above are family photos framed & arranged & hanging below them are just a few of my amazing daughters amazing photos & then below that is Walters incredible masterpiece using his very own medium of dirt hair & water.


I am not sure how he will ever top this but I can now wash it off. I will be printing a picture of him with his artwork & hanging it here on the hallway wall with the other photo’s.

How could I not.

So proud of my family & all their talents.

Wattle it be today?

No the title isn’t a typo its a word play so come & see how the world around us plays.


We seem to have an endless supply of roses, they have been flowering for what seems like forever. We have 1 rose at the moment although there are more buds coming on. the garden shows say to trim roses now! well that’s all very well we have managed to trim a little, it’s a little hard when they don’t stop budding. Not that we’re complaining at all the perfumes ( this is one time I do wish there was such a thing as a smellomputer button on the internet) are amazing. I have been drying them out & I have researched a little into how to extract the oils, will definitely be something to do on a rainy day.

Just quietly I think we are going to need a lot of rainy days. Cant wait to play.

Another delight is the wattles, we have a few types they just seem to come up on their own grow beautifully then drop, usually after the black cockatoos come around. They get some type of borer in them, (the wattles not the cockatoos) seems to only bore wattles though. We don’t worry too much as the electricity mob come around & chop them down if the borers don’t get them however we do prefer to let nature take its course. So wattle grows, flowers, borers come in, then black cockatoos come in, no more borers, tree dies & the rotting wood creates mulch or fire wood & the whole cycle begins again.

In the meantime we get to play amongst this magical yellow dust.


A little off track look, look what I found at one of our local second-hand shops, so those that know me know I pray & I, no word of a lie am always provided with what we need. We needed pantry doors (remember my pantry story?) look look


we got pantry doors, perfect complete with hinges, guess how much second-hand I haven’t seen doors like this for under $40, wait for it, oh my, drum roll if you please,

$10 not each no, for the pair, for the pair. I scrounged up the change a perfect $10.

Matthew 6:25-34 & Philippians 4:6

Cant wait to finish this project. Such fun

I had to take this quickly as they are so timid, little red-faced finches a whole flock of them just outside our back verandah, we had a little rain the other day it must have knocked off the grass seed or insects as they were so busy & then after their dinner it was time to play in the bath, it was a very crowded bath time it was just the most precious fun moment.



The project I started last week or was it 2 weeks ago I can’t remember anyway this is before.






The flanny in the background completes the picture don’t you think?

Moving backwards towards the house yard gate.




This is pretty much hidden & the last part of the project the rubble will be used as land fill behind my retaining wall ( no-no peeking I’ll share that project when it is finished).  This is the last section of this area to be landscaped. Now we have full access along the fence line. The path will actually slow the runoff down as will the garden edge at the top of the driveway. It is such a pretty spot cant wait to play amongst the lilies. 

All in all not bad for a few days work & we get to watch nature play along the way.